It's been weeks now since President Snow's execution. The Capitol is scared. My family is scared. I am scared.

The districts hate us. The new President hates us. Katniss Everdeen hates us.

We are going to be punished. That much is inevitable. Just weeks have passed and the district people have already taken over our television screens. The scream into cameras and microphones, they curse the Capitol and all we stand for. Parents proclaim the unfairness of their child's death in what they say we called entertainment. They yell profanities at us for crimes we never meant or knew to commit.

Travel between the districts is no longer prohibited. They are here, thousands of them. They seek revenge, they yell obscenities in our streets and destroy anything and everything they come across. We are scared to leave our homes. My brother, Alcander, tells me there have been murders, violence. Father denies it, he tells us they would not hurt us but Alcander says he knows they would.

I heard screams last night. They were so near that I think they came from the building across the street from ours. All of us heard them, I counted at least three different voices. Father told us to stay in the backroom and we did. For two days I hold my eleven year old sister Lisette as she cries herself into fitful sleeps as Alcander writes in his journal and Father keeps his eyes glued to the television screen. Listening to the stories of people that give fuel to the hatred of my people through their long withheld grief.

On the first night, I cover Listette's eyes as the television shows us one of the housing buildings being set aflame. The screams of my people are just barely audible over the roar of the flames. A woman jumps from her high story home with closed eyes and my own eyes fly shut. Alcander begs Father to turn off the broadcast but he does not respond, eyes even with the sickening image. Alcander snatches the remote from his shaking hands and the screen flashes to darkness along with the dim lighting of the room. The fitful murmurs of my family prevent sleep from claiming me as the screams and flames envelop my mind. That night I do not sleep.

Light fades in from the high windows and slowly my family awakens. We do not speak, for fears that the district people will choose our building next. We do not move for fear that the floor may fall from under our feet into a hungry cove of fire. Instead we wait, Father hands us packages of food so that even our stomachs make no sound. I do not feel hunger, but I eat so that there will be something to busy my mouth lest I try to speak and bring forth discussion none of us wish to partake in.

Father turns on the television and activates an earpiece for each of us. I take one for myself and one for Lisette, delicately fitting hers onto her tiny ear before fastening my own. I prepare myself for what might be shown; another building on fire, floods from torn water pipes, a half-hearted case study of a murder they never tried to prevent. This time, though, when the television screen flickers to life I do not see any of this. Instead I see the familiar scene of the front of the President's mansion. My heart leaps out to the screen, remembering the declaration of war that came just months ago from the lips of our beloved President Snow. The memory is not even one of pleasantry, but rather familiarity. The President was a symbol of Panem's prosperity, so long as he was present and well we knew everything was alright. We knew that anything that could harm us would be swiftly dealt with and in that we found peace.

A figure comes into view from behind the white doors and every ounce of calm inside of me has vanished. It is not the aged white hair of our great President but a different one. The name hits me like a bullet of grief, President Coin. The replacement for our deceased leader, and the one who has allowed all of this to happen.

"Good morning citizens of Panem. I come to you today with what I believe will be the end of turmoil between the districts of Panem and the Capitol. The Hunger Games ended many months ago, but with it did not bring the peace that was expected. Instead came civil war, unrest within our nation. I now stand before you to offer a solution to bring peace and prosperity to Panem once more. A committee of surviving past Victors has been hard at work to develop a solution. To deliver this verdict, I present to you Katniss Everdeen of District Thirteen," President Coin's voice remains calm and even, eyes flashing up to us at the proper intervals. No one moves from within the crowd before her, no sound comes even as her bony frame steps away from her podium and a familiar face appears in her place.

No one could mistake the distinct appearance of the one the districts have nicknamed "The Mockingjay". She was a celebrity during her two consecutive years as tribute, but now has become spited for her role in destroying the people who adored her. The rebels of District Thirteen stole her away from us, corrupted her to despise us and everything we stand for. Turned something that we had moulded into a beautiful creature into a monster that would stop at nothing to destroy us all. Driven by a revenge that should never have even been thought of.

She wears the signature jumpsuit costume that has become infamous among my people. Black and white, arms that look like elegant wings. Brown hair braided to mark her as the star crossed lover that no one can forget. Nothing else but her hair is the same as when she was a tribute, even her face seems to have hardened. Grey eyes stare into the camera remind me that she is indeed a monster. That she is the one that fuelled the rebellion that killed so many of my people and hers as well. What more could they possibly have asked from us? We protect them, govern them, and force them into prosperity that they would never know without the Capitol's guidance. The only thing they had to pay was their loyalty, and a small insurance fee. Two tributes once a year for a showing of solidarity. A reminder that we are indeed powerful but yet we do not destroy them. A showing of mercy that we allow one to live in luxury for the rest of their days. They could not pay the price of perfection, and now all of us must suffer. Both through whatever "solution" this monster has decided upon and through the prosperity that we will never again see. Everything had been perfect, and now it was anything but.

"For seventy-five years the Capitol forced twenty-four district children to fight to the death in the name of entertainment. For seventy-five years children had to live in fear for their own lives and those of their friends and siblings. Early, unfair executions each year at the hands of the Capitol. Worse yet, the Capitol created enemies between districts, so that we would never come together to fight for our freedom. Our children killed other children, you made it so we could never trust each other. But the prospect of freedom overcame the iron grip you had taken on us. We overcame it, and now the Capitol must own up to the pain you have caused in my people, their families, and their children. Punishment must be dealt so that we can ensure nothing like this will ever happen again to my people. The punishment must fit the crime, and so we have determined that the most fitting response would be to hold one more Hunger Games," she reads this entire declaration with her eyes glued to a piece of yellowed paper. Her face is plastered with a blank look and I am unable to read her expression. I hold my sister tighter to my chest, my fingers interlacing with hers as the final words are read out. The Mockingjay's eyes moving up to stare directly at the camera, at every Capitol child that is watching and every parent watching with them. Her eyes are hardened into a look that tells me she doesn't care, that she wants this to happen. She wants to destroy my people like she believes we tried to destroy hers. "The final Hunger Games, with the Capitol's children as tributes."

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