AU. Mix of Final Fantasy (particularly FF Type-0, FF10/FF10-2, FF13/FF13-2) and Kingdom Hearts universe. Yaoi. Sora x Roxas.

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Roxas was staring at the textbook in front of him, but his mind was completely blank. Nothing really registered into his mind though he had been reading for an hour or so. Even though the written test that was going to take place tomorrow was critical for their final grade, he just couldn't bring himself to 'study' all those empty talks in the books. To him, book knowledge was of least interest, he had no interest to become an armchair strategist. He'd rather spend his time practicing his battle skills at the training center.

Right, even if he got full mark on all the written tests, so what? Would it guarantee him of becoming Agito then?

Agito – Savior of the World. Roxas was pretty sure that it was hardly likely for whatever god was out there to choose a bookworm to be the world savior.

He yawned for the N-th time of the day. There were only three people in this private library that was dedicated only to Class Zero. That made the whole atmosphere even more sleepy. Well, Class Zero only had thirteen students to start with, unlike the other classes in the Peristylium of Light, the capital military academy. Talented teenagers were chosen and divided into thirteen classes in the capital Peristylium based on their potentials. Though theoretically, all the young trainees in the Peristylium were candidates of Agito, everyone knew that only those who were chosen to be a Class Zero member were deemed to have the real potential of becoming Agito. Because only those teenagers were chosen by the Keyblade. Only Class Zero members could wield the Keyblade, a mysterious but extremely powerful weapon. Roxas, was one of them.

But right now, he had to struggle for the damn test first. Apparently, he was not the only one who only studied right before the day of test. The other two persons in the library, Eight and Seven, a guy with flaming red hair and another with icy blue hair, were sitting together at the other end of the room. Looks like Seven was here to help his best friend Eight who, like Roxas, wasn't very fond of reading books. Seven himself seemed to be a flawless straight A student.

Not like Roxas knew much about them. He couldn't even recall what their real name was. Class Zero was special in every sense. The students in Class Zero don't use their real name but rather refer each other using a number, a number representing the order of being selected to this class. Roxas is No. XIII, the thirteenth and the last member of the class for now. Everyone was calling him 'Thirteen', not many people knew him by 'Roxas'. But that was the same for everyone else in the class.

One of them was hoped to become Agito one day. Guess whatever their real name was didn't matter.

However, no body ever made it crystal clear to him - what is Agito? And exactly what do you have to do to become one? Looks like not even those Keyblade Masters who were training them knew the exact answer. Everyone was saying that only Agito could wield the ultimate keyblade – X-Blade that had been sleeping and hidden somewhere in the Peristylium of Light. It was said only the X-Blade could truly completely defeat the Darkness what was invading their world and end this War between Light and Darkness that was started since who knows how many thousands yeas ago. Well, at least that's what they say.

Though sometimes Roxas couldn't help but wonder how come none of the existing Keyblade Masters had become Agito to wield the X-blade, they all seemed to be very powerful, so what did they lack? What could make them, the younger apprentices, to surpass their masters, to eventually accomplish this goal? People living in the Realm of Light were all in desperate, hoping to end this seemly endless War against Darkness.

Roxas frowned slightly at this thought, he flipped over one page and continued reading. That was the reason why he had to study hard for the exam, no matter how much he hated book knowledge.

He wanted to become Agito. He had to.

So first thing first, he had to secure his place in Class Zero. He definitely wouldn't want to be kicked out just because he failed some stupid written test.

Right…but keeping reminding himself of that still didn't help much. His eye-lids were turning heavier and heavier, eyes all dried and glassy. Yawning again, Roxas finally gave up and threw himself onto the desk. He so wanted to take a nap…

All because of those weird dreams!

He had been having those strange dreams recently. Every night he would wake up from the dream exactly at 3:13 am. But what was even stranger was that he couldn't remember a thing from his dream.

However, even though he couldn't remember what happened in the dream, he still got this glimmer of the ominous feel that the dream brought onto him, which, he had to admit, really bugged him.

Was it possible…by the slightest chance, that he's got the same 'ability' as his twin sister Namine does? The ability to see 'Visions'…?

But only the Seeress of the Farseers could see the Vision. And in this age, that was his sister, Namine. Not him. Despite he had the same ancient Farseers' blood running in his vein, he's a male, he could never become a 'Seeress'.

…Maybe the dream had nothing to do with that. It's just him thinking too much.

Roxas finally closed the book and stood up. He decided to change the place to read his textbook. Place like library could only accelerate the speed of falling asleep.

But, where exactly he should go so that he wouldn't succumb to the sweet temptation of sleeping?

Roxas was wandering aimlessly on a lonely path in the Peristylium garden. Not many students would visit this part of the Peristylium at this time. Now he just had to find a peaceful place where he could nap, no, read…Dang, so sleepy…Zzzz

The same moment Roxas thought he would finally submit to his desire of sleeping, a loud 'Bang' and a sudden sharp pain from his forehead immediately dragged him back to the realm of consciousness.


Books dropped to the ground, Roxas had to cover and rub the spot on his forehead with both hands because of the unexpected pain. Geez, a proud member of Class Zero just bumped into a lamppost, thanks god nobody saw him! That'd be so freaking embarrassing.

Or that was what he thought.

"Wohahahahahahahah, that looks hurt. Are you okay?"

Fate is, most of the time, a bitch as you can say. Whatever you wish to avoid would most likely smash you right onto your face. Roxas angrily looked up to see who dared to laugh at him. What the hell! He never at once met anybody on this lonely path that he was very fond of walking through because of its solitude. Why the hell it had to be today, had to be the moment he bumped into a lamppost that another person showed up and saw his most embarrassing moment? Despite the fact the stranger had asked him whether he's okay, Roxas still felt that there was more mocking than concerns in the stranger's tone. Because he's laughing! That really hurt his pride. How dare he laugh at him! I'm gonna…

But, whatever avenging plan Roxas was thinking all died out as soon as he had a clear look at the stranger. He was shocked.

The boy. It was him! He was the boy from his dream.


Roxas asked.


A/N: A new story inspired by many things. First of all, FF10/10-2 HD Remaster was officially announced for North America. Yes! But it's kinda sad that there's still NO news about the localization of FF Type-0. I personally have beat the Japanese version of the game but I wish more people could get a chance to play this awesome game (gameplay-wise, not story-wise though). Anyways, to those readers who never played these FF games, I hope I could make things clear enough in this story itself. Let me know if you're still confused by those specific terms. Hopefully as the story goes on, it'll make the concepts more clear.

Also, special thanks to ProfessorofFiction. I'm very grateful I got encouragement from him and hence here comes this story. I always wanted to do some more plot-heavy stories but chickened out most of the time due to my diffidence in my English writing skills. Let's see how it turns out for this story.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you think I should continue with it.