It started out as a mission to clear Hollows from England. Ichigo was killing them around a thousand feet above the city of London, just as usual. It was just past 2 o'clock when the hollows appeared, and so it was too dark for any spiritually aware to notice him even if they looked up. But just after he killed off the last one, he was suddenly hit squarely in the chest by a flashing jet of red light. His first thought was that it was a cero, but that was quickly proven wrong as there was no burning pain. Then he found he was unable to move, and plummeted to the ground, unable to keep his hold on the air.

A binding Kido? He thought as the buildings of London rushed closer and closer to him. The air whistled past him sharper than knives an d howled in his ears. He poured his energy into breaking the spell, whatever it was. The ground was dangerously close no w, too close, not enough time to break-

Crack! He was caught before he hit the grey cement. He winced at the abrupt stop of his fall. When he looked up, he was surrounded by strangers. They were all dressed in purple robes, and held wooden sticks at him like guns. When he looked around to see who had caught him, his mouth almost dropped open. Like a puppet, he was suspended in the air, a few feet from t he ground. He shot another look at the group and their twigs. How can they even see me?

But then his eyes fell onto the sticks. The sticks, they're channeling energy somehow, increasing their spiritual energy . Is it their zanpakuto? But why a stick ? He briefly wondered before looking at t he people before him. Their eyes reflected fear and curiosity at the teenage Reaper. Ichigo scowled. He had seen the same type of eyes in the 12th Division, and knew that what was going to come wasn't pretty in the least.

They were murmuring to each other, never taking their eyes off Zangetsu.

"-floating in air-"

"-strange magic-"

"-contact Minister-"

They whispered to each other in English, and Ichigo strained to understand their words. Although he had learned decent English in high school, he was never as good as Ishida. But he caught the part ab out magic. He mentally scowled. Was that what they called reiatsu in Europe?

Then a man entered Ichigo's line of vision and observed him with wide-eyed glee. The newcomer was obviously the leader a s the other robed people backed away respectfully. He was portly and kept spinning a lime green bowler hat in his hand. For a moment Ichigo followed the rotation of the hat, distracted by the loud color and its motion. Then he moved his gaze to the man's face. His eyes held a wicked gleam and Ichigo knew he had plans in store for him, ones the Substitute would hate.

"Interesting, very interesting. Take him to the Ministry and run some tests on i t," said the fat man. That was the last thing Kurosaki Ichigo heard before he was knocked out.

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