Head Gamemaker Neb

It's that wonderful time of year again, the Hunger Games. My months of work and preparation will finally pay off as the world watches in awe the masterpiece I created. The masterpiece that is the 88th Hunger Games.

However, in a few moments, 24 lucky children will get to play in the beautiful wonderland I created, so I mustn't be late.

I hurry down the confusing halls of the Lab. Whoever made the layout for this building clearly wasn't thinking straight; I've walked these halls at least a billion times and I still have no idea where I'm going.

I turn a corner and- oh no, not her. What does she want now?

"Excuse me, Sir," she says calmly. Just the way she speaks pisses me off. I want to fire her, but she gets shit done. If we didn't have her, the Games probably would be delayed by a few years.

"What is it, Damara?" I ask unenthusiastically. She is such a nag.

"I need you to fill out the final form for mutt 413."

I sigh and place my hand on her shoulder like I would with a young child. "Damara, darling, we don't have 413 mutts, we only have three at the most. I think you need to take a little break. You're going crazy."

"No, but it's for all th-"

"Shh, Damara, I don't have time for this shit. I have to go watch the reapings. We can do this later," I say and stomp away. Some people.

Finally, I make it to the TV room. When I enter, I only see Eridan, another useless employee. That's strange; I thought everyone was getting together to watch the reapings...

"Eridan, where is everyone?"


One thing I like about Eridan is his attitude; he's sassy like me.

"Everyone should be here for the reapings, though," I say.

"The reapings were hours ago, Sir. You missed them."


"But we recorded them, so watch them whenever you want." He speaks almost as unenthusiastically as me as he leaves the room.

Well, at least there won't be anyone to bother me while I watch the reapings. I sit down on the giant couch, grab the remote, and turn on the TV.

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