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A/N: This is it! My loooooong story! Yay! And this prologue is REALLY short. You wanted a proper summary, right? Well the main jist of it without giving too much away: Ash and Misty broke up bitterly 2 years ago, and Misty swore she could never face Ash again. But she's forced to when they're reunited at a popular summer vacation spot. The consequences of what follows test their faith, sanity and loyalties. Full of drama, it's not 29 chapters long for nothing! Well I'll shut up now and give you more notes at the end cos I know you're sitting there telling me to shut up. So here we go!


My story is not one anyone, lest of all myself, would be happy sharing. But my sisters have threatened that it could soon be spreading quicker than measles in a boarding school, and I believe them. They're still so ashamed of what I did that they would happily sell my story to some eccentric talk show host. And twist it to make them look like the victims.

Don't get me wrong, they were affected by it. My whole family was, and still is. But my sisters just have this delightful trait of exaggerating when necessary to make the world cast its sympathy eye on them.

So before they start ringing up Ricki Lake and whatnot, I am going to tell you my story the way it's meant to be told - accurately. It starts out simple enough, but you can expect that to change. Don't say I didn't warn you when I say that this is a 100% accurate, uncensored description of a very confusing and demanding time in my life.

Oh, please don't go thinking I killed anyone or anything! Lord no! And yes, I can actually see the relief on your faces as you realise this isn't an autobiography by a psychotic killer on death row.

No, this is an extended yet true description of a very important piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is my life. A piece that could very easily be bent outta shape.

Keep an open heart, and open mind, and two open ears as I tell you this. For this is the beginning of my new life as can be told by the only person who knows it best.


A/N: Was not joking when I said it was short, lol. Well I have posted the next one with this so it can kinda get the ball rolling. More notes to point out - it's long, no kidding, so I'll hafta put a couple of chapters up at a time if I want to get this all up before my holiday. I wanted to put up one every couple of days but I've run out of time to do that. And something else…I'll be rating it R a couple of chapters down the road, so if you don't approve or reading R rated stories then you should probably stop reading around chapter 8. Otherwise please read on! Thankies!