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Higurashi Kagome, the most popular girl in St. Blossom High school. She's sweet, beautiful, kind-hearted, and smart. With wavy, long black hair, gentle blue eyes and a nice personality, almost every guy gave her a love declaration after they met and talked. In either sports or school subjects (except Math of course), she was always on the top of everything she did.

Tsuga Inuyasha, the troublemaker from class E. He has unusually long silver hair and amber eyes and almost every girl in school wanted to be his girlfriend. He and Kagome never met each other before, but the moment they met, they became enemies.

First Kiss

Chapter 1: The First Meeting

By: Lafine

Beta-read by : Lilfoxgirl

Today was the beginning of the new semester. All the students were lined up in the gym room, listening to the principal's speech. And like what usually happened, the principal droned on and on about a student's obligations, rules, teachers, blah blah blah. Let's not go into that.

Kagome was trying very hard not to yawn. She was in the second row from the front so anything she does would be seen by the principal. Her friend, Jitaiya Sango, who stood behind her yawned heartily before she nudged Kagome and whispered,

"Oi Kagome, when will he finish?"

"Don't ask me. He could say the same thing over and over in one day and wouldn't be tired."

Sango groaned, but not loudly this time. Her feet were already stiff like a plank of wood from standing for 1 hour and listening to the boring speech the principal always said. She observed the back of Kagome's head, wondering if the girl was really listening to all that crap.

"Hey Kagome."


"How was your vacation? Was it fun?"

A smile appeared on Kagome's lips even though Sango couldn't see it. She felt like giggling and shouted "Of course." Then she told Sango everything she saw and did when she was at Indonesia. Stealing a glance to see her friend behind her and almost telling Sango the story , that was when the principal noticed all the chattering students in the other line and shouted to the delinquent students.

"Inuyasha, Miroku, stop talking!"

Then the principal launched on the other subject like how student should pay respect when their elders were speaking. He spent half an hour on the subject before the evil dude dismissed them to class. All the students sighed happily.


"You went to Indonesia?" asked the surprised Sango. "Where did you go? Bali? Borobudur temple or Jakarta? And the most important question, did you bring me back a souvenir?"

"Relax, Sango. I went to Bali for just five days. And yes, I bought a souvenir for you and you can pick it up at my house after school."

"Yes, I love you sooo much, Kagome." Sango patted her friend's shoulder happily. "Ah it's my class. See you after school, Kag. I'll pick you up okay?"

"Okay okay. See you later!" Kagome waved to Sango who in turn entered her class 2-B casually. Sango waved back before Kagome started walking again.

After that, Kagome entered her own class 2-A. The students at this school were divided by their performance in school. Class A was the best class with class E as the worst. All the students in class A were a teacher's favorite while class E was the other way around.

Kagome looked around the class to try to find a familiar face. She found one and bounced to the person happily.

"Kikyou, you're here already."

Mikotonashi Kikyou, looked up from her reading material. Her face almost looked the same as Kagome's, but hers was filled with elegant beauty while Kagome's was full of life and filled with innocence. She and Kagome had been friends since third grade and they always did everything together. Until Kagome met Sango that is, and since then the duo had become a trio. Kikyou smiled softly at Kagome.

"Hey, Kagome."

"Whatcha reading?" Kagome put her bag on the table beside Kikyou's.

She showed the book's cover to Kagome and Kagome squealed happily.

"You got the newest Touga Shou's romance novel. Can I borrow it? Can I, can I?" Kagome put up her puppy eyes, looking all adorable and cute, making all the male population in the class go into la-la land, dreaming that her expression was for them. Kikyou was unaffected.

"No." was Kikyou calm answer. Kagome pouted.

"Come on, Ki-chan. Let me borrow it." Kagome pleaded her calm friend who went back reading. "I'll treat you to ice cream."

"No, Kagome." Kikyou looked at the dejected face of her friend and smiled. "At least not until I finish reading this book which I will finish in about two weeks."

"Two weeks?! That's too long."

"Deal with it, Kag-chan."

Kagome pouted again. But before she protested to her sometimes-cruel friend, the teacher entered the class. All the students sat in their seats and the lesson began.

(Since nothing interesting happened and this author doesn't want to remember and type all those boring lecture, let's just skip that.)

The school bell rang and all the students happily went out of their classes. Kikyou picked up her bag and was going to go out of the class like the other students when Kagome stopped her.

"Hey, Kikyou, come over to my house today. I got souvenir for you."

"Sorry Kagome, but I have to go to my part-time job."

"Oh, then I'll bring it tomorrow."

"Kagome, Kikyou let's go now," Sango said from outside. "Hey, Kikyou you'll go to Kag's house too, right?"

"No, I got a part-time job."

Then all the girls chatted about their vacation, oblivious to the other students walking by. They were on the stairs when someone ran into them; the person collided with Sango, making the girl tumble slightly.


Houshin Miroku grinned at Sango and slapped her butt playfully before running again. "Sorry ladies, I hafta go now," he said that before Sango had the time to hit him. He was already at the bottom of the stairs now.

"MIROKU!!!" Another person screamed Miroku's name at the same time as Sango. The girls looked up to see the source, which happened to be a fuming Inuyasha.

"I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Can't catch me, can't kick me!" was Miroku response before he ran down the hall.

Inuyasha ran down the stairs taking two at a time. But unfortunately for him, his foot slipped and he crashed right into Kagome. Kagome was surprised and wasn't able to hold onto the sudden weight. She grabbed the nearest thing to her, which happened to be Kikyou's uniform's sleeve. The sleeve was ripped and Inuyasha and Kagome tumbled down the stairs together in a very ungraceful way.

The scream "Kya" and "Argh" could be heard from the rolling-down-the-stairs duo.

"Kagome!!!" Sango and Kikyou screamed their friend's name. Then Kikyou had to add, "don't ruin my uniform again!"

Kagome hit her head hard at the floor and grunted slightly. 'This guy is heavy' Kagome thought as she ignored the warm feeling on her lips. She opened her eyes to find golden eyes staring down at her and then began to take notice of the something warm and soft on her lips. Kagome's body turned rigid.

'Oh God, please don't be it.'

Sango's and Kikyou's eyes were wide as a plate. Kagome and an unknown guy were on the floor in a very compromising position.


"Oh. My. God." was all Sango could say.

End chapter 1