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Chapter 24: Icons

Alcatraz Island April 1st 2314 hours

Sylas grinned as he watched Professor Ivo get to work on new projects for the ORDER. The professor was now a redeemed man. He had seen the light, and was now doing the greater good, only for the ORDER this time. Ivo chuckled as he looked up to his new boss. "Sylas, I assure you, with the technology I make, the ORDER will be unstoppable." Ivo promised. Sylas chuckled as he looked down to Ivo's current creations. "You're doing a good thing here, Professor." Sylas complimented. Ivo grinned as Sylas soon walked away.

In another room, the Terror Titans and the ORDER generals were waiting for Sylas to walk in to talk to them. Even though they had managed to kidnap Ivo and bring him to their side, the main boss was still upset by the way the mission had gone. Prowler looked over to Falcon and grinned. "Thanks a lot, Bird Brain." She spat. The devilish version of Robin looked over to the evil archer with a scowl before he heard Silver Martian speak. "We're all gonna get it from Sylas just because of your actions." She remarked. Falcon was about to argue, but at that moment, Sylas walked into the room.

He looked down to the kneeling Titans and generals with an anguished scowl on his face. "The reason I assembled the Terror Titans was so that ORDER could have its own covert Team." Sylas started out. The large group continued to look down as Sylas spoke on. "I wanted successful soldiers, not fraudulent failures." He added on. Black Widow looked up and sighed. "It seems that we need to be more assertive over our enemies." Barriss stated. Sylas looked down to her with a vexed glare, causing her to gasp and look down again. Sylas looked back up and scoffed. "I believe you might be onto something here, Black Widow." Sylas said. Barriss looked up and gasped silently.

Sylas then looked down to Xanadu, Prowler, Silver Martian and Ultraboy. "Stand up." He ordered them. The four Terrors gulped and stood where they were. "He might not ask again." Silver Martian thought to herself, as well as spreading it to the other three Terror Titans. Sylas looked down to them and stomped his foot, causing them to gasp. The four stood up, with Falcon snickering. Sylas looked to Falcon and sent him a glare. "Falcon, get up on your feet." He ordered. Falcon gasped as he stood up. The rest of the Titans and the generals looked to the Titans nervously as Sylas sent them all glares.

"For the past months, you five have failed me over and over again." The headman resented. The five tried to hold back their nervousness as Sylas began to circle them. "I will not tolerate this any longer!" he yelled suddenly. At that moment, he extended both of his hands and shot out fire and lightning. Xanadu and Falcon yelled as they were attacked with the lightning bolts as Silver Martian, Prowler and Ultraboy fell to the ground in flames. Everyone gasped as Sylas looked down to his Titans as he continuously and mercilessly kept attacking them. "You will bring me results, and there will be no more failures!" he demanded. The five looked up and nodded. "We won't fail you!" Xanadu yelled with tears coming out from her eyes. Sylas looked down and sighed.

"For now, you five are clear, but only if this team starts to make some actual progress instead of more failures. Do I make myself clear?" he growled. The five got up with help from one another and nodded. Sylas sighed and walked away from them as he neared Alakshmi and Victor. "Don't forget; that goes for you two as well." Sylas ordered to Syrena and Striker. They both nodded as the two started to look to their traumatized teammates.

After that was done, Sylas looked to the rest of the Terror Titans. "I expect more to come from all of you, even you, Barriss." Sylas started out. The room was filled with silence before Sylas cleared up his throat again. "Be sure to make no more failures." He added on. Blood Bane looked over and gulped. "We will make sure that there are no more failures." The dark Atlantean swore. Sylas nodded and looked over to Black Widow. "For now, you are all dismissed. In the meantime, train or rest for the night." Sylas ordered. Everyone saluted respectfully as they walked away into the secret catacombs of their fortified stronghold. Sylas sighed as they left, and he soon walked away to prepare for his press conference for the next day.

Dakota Union High April 2nd 0734 hours

Raquel Ervin led Saw Gerrera throughout the halls of her high school. Many of the students walked by and widened their eyes when they gazed at the Onderon soldier walking by them. Frieda Goren, the school reporter, looked to Saw and twiddled her fingers at him. "Hey there, Saul, how's it going?" She greeted. Saw looked to her and grinned. Raquel just rolled her eyes as they walked to their lockers. "Just to ask, why was the name 'Saul' chosen for me? Serra goes by her real name in Gotham Academy." Saw asked. The young brunette looked to Saw and sighed. "There are some names that would just stand out too much, so Saul was the closest thing that we could get to your real moniker." She explained.

Saul nodded as he looked to the clock. "Class is about to start in sixteen minutes. I'll go on ahead." He stated to Rocket in disguise. Raquel smiled and winked. "You go ahead. I just need to go." She said. Saul nodded, knowing what she meant as Raquel ran to the restroom. He took his books and walked to their history class, not knowing that Enola, under the alias of Erin, was watching them. She chuckled as she watched Raquel come out of the restroom. The dark-toned girl gasped as she took notice of this and turned around. She started to run to class as Erin walked behind her in tow.

In the history class, Raquel and Saul stood next to each other. The Onderon soldier looked to Raquel after noticing a distressed look on her face. "What's wrong, Raquel?" Saw asked. Raquel squirmed and directed her eyes behind her. Saw turned around and looked to see Enola sitting right behind them. Erin sat down and gave a smirk to Saul, causing the Onderon soldier to turn back. "I get what you mean now." He stated. Once the teacher entered the room, this day would be off to a very rough start.

Mr. MacGill taught his class everything he knew about what was going on in the world right now. Saw became very intrigued by the way the world used to be. If it weren't for Washington, Kennedy, or Nixon, then I wonder what everything today would be like now. Saul thought to himself. His train of thought was interrupted when the teacher started to speak up again in his monotonous voice. "So you see, class, ever since the United States was formed, people have tried day after day to improve the world we live in." The teacher summed up. Raquel and Saul nodded as the history teacher started to pull down a projector screen. "Now, we shall watch a broadcast of this century's greatest global improvers, the ORDER." He informed the class. Both dark-skinned heroes looked to each other nervously as the television report started with Iris West-Allen in San Francisco.

"This is Iris West-Allen reporting to you live from San Francisco, where the headman of the ORDER, Sylas, will make his public broadcast." Iris announced. As soon as she walked to the front of the crowd to get a better look at the experience, the entire class began to get excited as many of the students started to whisper to one another about what they thought of the ORDER. "I feel safe since the ORDER executed the KKK and the Nazis." Omar told Alicia softly, in which she replied, "I don't care if those organizations changed their ways. I just care that they're gone for good." Another student, named Ryan, started talking to his girlfriend, Daisy Watkins. "Maybe the ORDER will do something about every civil war." Ryan whispered. Daisy chuckled. "Maybe the ORDER could do something about the vigilantes going around every day. I mean, did you hear about that dark magician going around Miami a couple of months ago?" she replied back. Both Rocket and Saw felt some great discomfort about the propaganda ORDER was giving to the people.

At that moment, Iris turned back to the camera. "It seems that the meeting will start in five minutes. In the meantime, I bring you another story." Iris informed the audience. The students looked around as Erin started to scowl silently and clench her fist. "Two months ago, mysterious soldiers attempted to kidnap me for unknown reasons. I was about to be taken to who knows where until three figures appeared and saved me." Iris spoke. Saul started to squirm in his seat, catching the eyes of Raquel and Erin. "One of them appeared to be a Jedi, only human, unlike the new hero, Ahsoka. The other two were males. One was dark-skinned with military-soldier attire and the other was short with ragged clothing. As of now, no one knows who these two are, but I do know that they are on the side of good." Iris explained. Rocket smirked and glanced over to Saw, who just chuckled softly. Erin, on the other hand, gritted her teeth at the rebel.

Soon, Sylas came onto the stage. Many of the people at the live conference applauded him greatly as Striker followed him as his bodyguard. Sylas smiled and soon stood behind the wooden podium. "My fellow Americans, as leader of the ORDER, I vow to make this world a better place." Sylas announced. Raquel looked over to Saul and scoffed. "Someday, this guy's gonna show his true colors to the world. That's a day I can't wait for." Rocket remarked. Saul nodded as Sylas gestured his hand to the side.

"I now introduce to you all the ORDER's newest recruit, Professor Anthony Ivo, redeemed of his work and alliance with the Light." Sylas introduced. There was the sound of scattered applause as Ivo walked onto the stage with an ORDER uniform. "I cannot thank you enough, Sylas, for this grand opportunity of being a part of this great organization. The League of Shadows and the Light may have had their ways of getting things done, but now that ORDER has revealed itself to the world with intentions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of those who endanger it, I will now devote all of my work to the ORDER!" Ivo announced. The crowd went wild at that moment while Iris and Denny walked up onto the stage to meet with Sylas.

"Sylas, I am Iris West-Allen of Channel 22. Tell me, what is your take on everything happening right now, like what are you planning on doing something about all poverty and oppression worldwide?" the female reporter asked. Sylas chuckled and straightened up his suit. "Iris, I assure you, the ORDER has many plans for the world. Currently, we have made ties with Rhelasia stronger, and we are sponsoring the struggle going on in Qurac." Sylas explained. Many of the students started to ooh and awe in interest as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

"Sylas, I am Clark Kent of the Daily Planet. Recently, there have been several critics of the ORDER. Do you happen to know a man by the name of Maxwell Lord IV?" Clark asked. Sylas looked around and grinned. "This is definitely my first time hearing of him." Sylas replied. Clark looked to the headman and nodded. "Rumor is that he's holding a party in Paris, France. You could meet him there later today; his party starts at 1600 hours, and he will be giving a public announcement about everything there is to the ORDER that the world may not know yet." The Man of Steel in disguise explained. Sylas chuckled and shook hands with Clark Kent. "It's been a pleasure meeting with you, Mr. Kent." Sylas stated as Mr. MacGill ended the broadcast the minute the bell rang.

At lunch, Raquel and Saul looked for some place to sit. "We need to find a place far away from Enola." Raquel whispered. Saw nodded and started to look around. "Where do we go?" he asked. Just then, the dark-skinned girl turned her head to see a girl her age and ethnicity wave at them. Saw looked at the scene in confusion, but Raquel smiled and pulled on Saul's shirt. "Don't worry, Saw. She's a friend of mine, and a really good one at that." She explained.

The two walked over to the friendly girl and sat down in front of her. The girl wore a cyan half-top with grey jeans, as well as blue flats and a bandanna across her head. "I noticed the nervousness, and something had to be up." The girl explained. She then looked to Saw and chuckled. "Who's the boyfriend?" she asked curiously. "Or is he a protégé, considering you were the one who convinced Icon to become a hero in the first place?" the girl asked. Saw gasped and prepared to take out a hidden taser until Raquel stopped him. "He's a new member of the Team, and he's just a friend, Darnice." Raquel explained. Darnice nodded as Saul leaned in closely.

"How does she know about us?" he asked. Raquel looked back to Saw and rolled her eyes. "Saw, this is Darnice. We've been friends for a long time. So long, in fact, that she's been able to help me with my powers. She's a good person, so Icon and I have entrusted her with our secrets." Raquel explained. Saw nodded as Raquel turned back to Darnice. "That girl, the one who looks just like me, her name is Enola." Raquel explained. Darnice listened in closer as Raquel sighed. "Listen, the ORDER's not what everyone thinks they are. Everything's just a ruse, but Sylas seems to have blinded everyone with this stinking propaganda!" Raquel explained. Darnice gasped and nodded. "I'll do whatever I can to help you." She said. Raquel smiled and hugged her friend. "Try to find out as much about ORDER as you can." She told her friend. Darnice nodded as she stood up and left. Raquel looked to Saw, and the two smiled, knowing that they just might have an advantage over the ORDER after all.

Mount Justice 1439 hours

Recognized Rocket B-0-9, Saw Gerrera B-1-4 the computer announced as Raquel and Saw entered the cave in full uniform. The rest of the Team was assembled as Batman and Icon stood there, waiting for them. "Sorry we're late, but Enola was at school and keeping us up." Rocket apologized. Aqualad and Ahsoka smiled at them in response, in which Raquel and Saw did the same. Icon then cleared his throat as the Dark Knight pulled up a holoscreen. "As you saw in the news, Maxwell Lord IV is holding a party in Paris, France." Batman explained. Ahsoka looked to Serra and rolled her eyes. "It's not like we're attending the party." She mused. Serra looked to Ahsoka and nodded. "I'm just curious about the mission." She replied back.

Batman looked to the Team and said, "I have looked into Maxwell's files and from my deductions, I believe him to be a member of the ORDER." The Teal looked to the records of Maxwell and nodded. Jaybo walked up and looked up to the screen. "Are you suggesting that the ORDER is planning something in Paris? Sylas may want to rally more people to his cause." Drol hypothesized. Batman looked down to Jaybo and nodded. "You may be onto something, Drol, which is why you need to investigate the activity there." Batman informed the Team. Aqualad and Ahsoka nodded before Batman went on. "Icon will be assisting you on this mission." He added on. Rocket looked to her mentor cheerfully, in which the alien did the same. Ahsoka just examined the hero carefully, unsure about him.

Alcatraz Island 1456 hours

Enola returned to Alcatraz and stretched her arms out. "Man, what a day at school." She said to herself as she rejoined the Terror Titans. Sylas looked to his secret Team and nodded. "As you saw in the news report, someone by the name of Maxwell Lord IV knows some things about the ORDER." Sylas reported. Black Widow looked up to the screen and narrowed her eyes carefully. "He may be a threat to the ORDER's operations." She deducted. Sylas nodded and looked to the Terror Titans. "Your mission is simple. You are to find Maxwell Lord and take care of him immediately." Sylas ordered his Covert Team. The Terror Titans saluted and ran off to their ship to head to Paris.

Paris France 1618 hours UTC

Robin and Artemis walked into the large art museum of Paris known as the Louvre. Artemis wore a green dress with her hair down and black flats while Robin donned his usual civilian attire. Ahsoka, Lux and Icon, in his own civilian attire under his corporate persona, Augustus Freeman, entered soon after with Saw acting as his bodyguard. The six looked to each other and nodded before walking up to the guard. "I'll need to see your invitation, please." The guard said. Augustus just rose up his badge and opened it up. "I'm here to attend the party, as well as have a meeting with Mr. Lord for some business." Icon stated. The guard looked to them as Ahsoka silently performed a Jedi Mind Trick on the guard to let them in.

The guard nodded and unhooked the leather bar. "Have a nice party, Mr. Freeman." Said the guard as they all entered the hallway leading to the party room. Robin looked around under his sunglasses and nodded. "Maxwell sure knows how to throw a party in this fancy place." He remarked. Ahsoka and Lux rolled their eyes as they all entered the room where the party was being held place.

Artemis looked to Ahsoka and nodded. "Robin and I will see if there's anything unusual over there." She informed the Ex-Jedi, pointing to a nearby window with a view of the City of Light. Ahsoka nodded as the two non-powered heroes walked over. Augustus then looked over to the rest of the Team and nodded. "Let's go find Mr. Maxwell." He ordered. The Team nodded as Ahsoka Jedi held her hand up to her head. "M'gann, do you copy?" Ahsoka asked through the Psychic Link.

Outside of the Louvre, Miss Martian and Superboy floated over the Eifel Tower's third level. "You're loud and clear, Ahsoka." M'gann replied. Serra, along with Aqualad and Drol on the ground, nodded as they looked up. "Nothing gets past us!" Serra stated. Kid Flash ran around the lakes and then placed his hand to his head. "There's no sign of anything unusual where I am." Wally reported. Zatanna looked around as she did a public magic performance on the streets. "So far, the ORDER hasn't shown up yet." The mage reported as she pulled a card from out of her sleeve, which gained some applause from her audience. Rocket flew around and groaned. "The ORDER's nowhere to be found!" Raquel exclaimed. Before anyone could respond, her gauntlets started to glow. She gasped as she looked down to them. At that moment, she caught sight of the Terror Titans' ship!

Back inside, Maxwell Lord IV was speaking with head of Alva Industries, Edwin Alva. Artemis and Robin eyed him suspiciously as the archer took a sip of punch and the Boy Wonder played some roulette. "There's something wrong here." Artemis said as Robin turned to her. "The ORDER's gonna show up sooner or later, but right now, we need to focus on what's important." He whispered. Artemis nodded as she looked to the game. "Go for the Red 16." She suggested. Robin nodded in agreement as he threw his ball down onto the spinning circle. The man he was playing against, Remy LeBeau looked down as he lost his gambit and groaned. "I'll get you next time when I have more money, little boy!" the French man exclaimed. Robin chuckled as he watched the trench-coated man storm off. Artemis grinned at the victory, but then groaned as she removed one of her shoes. "High heels kill me!" she cursed softly.

Meanwhile, Edwin had just walked away until Augustus Freeman and Saul walked up to the businessman. "Maxwell Lord, I am Augustus Freeman. I would like to discuss with you about a partnership." Icon explained. Maxwell mumbled happily before he turned his attention to Saw. "What is he?" he asked. Augustus turned around and chuckled. "Saul is my bodyguard, just in case someone tries to kill me for being an innocent lawyer." He joked. Maxwell chuckled impressively as he extended his hand towards Freeman. Icon shook it and smiled. "I'd like to ask you about the ORDER." He said.

Meanwhile, Robin was playing Old Maid with Artemis. "How is everything outside?" Artemis asked as she looked to her deck. Robin then looked up and smiled. "I'm aiming for a Black Jack of Clubs." He said. Artemis shrugged and chuckled, clearly stating that she didn't have the card. Robin slouched back in his seat as Artemis then said, "Red Ace of Spades." The Boy Wonder groaned as the archer took the exact card from him. Depressed, the Boy Wonder took a sip of punch, in which the archer did the same. Just then, Rocket's voice came in and interrupted the game. "The ORDER's already here!" Raquel exclaimed to everyone. Robin and Artemis both spat out their drinks at each other, causing many people to look to them. Dick looked around and chuckled. "It's sour." He lied calmly. Everyone chuckled and turned back to what they were doing. Icon and Maxwell laughed as they went back to their conversation.

Outside, Falcon stood with Xanadu nervously. "We can't fail!" Xanadu exclaimed very anxiously. Falcon looked to her and scoffed. "That's why we won't." He replied back. At that moment, he took out a tube and flipped the cap off. "I'll let the sparks fly." He quipped. With that, he pressed the hidden button and it happened. The Team turned around in shock as the sounds of explosions filled the air. "It's a trap!" Connor yelled mentally.

Back in the Louvre, everyone gasped to hear the sudden explosions. "What was that?!" Edwin Alva exclaimed nervously. Augustus turned around with a surprised expression as he dropped his wine glass. Maxwell started to pant as he soon ran away and out of the building. Robin and Artemis started to give chase, with Saw, Ahsoka, Lux and Icon gave chase.

On the outside, Rocket looked to see Maxwell getting into his sports car and getting away. She then looked down to the others and flew down as Maxwell desperately tried to make his getaway. "I'm in pursuit!" Rocket yelled as she flew after the businessman. Ahsoka looked to Rocket before flying off with the Force after her. "Serra, take care of the Terror Titans and hold your position!" Ahsoka commanded through the Psychic Link. Icon looked at the scene and flew after the latter with Saw getting on a motorcycle and driving after them with Lux in tow on another speeder.

Maxwell drove his car as fast and as far as he could until it broke down at Notre Dame. Rocket then flew in front of her as Ahsoka circled behind, with Saw and Lux surrounding him. "Stop running and you won't get hurt!" Raquel calmly warned. Just then, there was a blast from behind the heroes. Ahsoka gasped and jumped over Rocket to deflect it. The Team turned around as Enola descended from the tower. "You took the words right out of my mouth, girlfriend." Enola quipped. Rocket snarled as Enola just laughed. Her laughter soon ceased as she turned her attention to Maxwell. "Mr. Lord, on the behalf of the ORDER, your partnership is terminated, as well as your life, effective immediately!" Enola darkly remarked. Maxwell screamed as he tried to find cover.

Icon then arrived and looked to Enola. "By Judas!" he exclaimed, looking to his evil protégé. Enola laughed as she dived in to kill Maxwell, but Rocket acted first by shooting energy constructs at her. "You'll have him over my dead body!" she exclaimed. Enola laughed and started to caress her cheeks. "Girlfriend, that's just what I was about to say!" she quipped back. Rocket recoiled in nervousness as Enola created a sword construct. Rocket made her own sword and the two started to fight. Ahsoka and Lux activated their blades and fire arms and charged into help. At that moment, Black Widow flew in and activated her lightsabers. "It's time for a rematch!" Barriss exclaimed. Ahsoka was about to clash with her until Rebel shot a round at her. Barriss looked to Lux angrily as Saw joined him. "We'll take her. You go help Rocket." Rebel ordered. Ahsoka nodded as Barriss went in and charged at the two rebels.

Icon then flew over to Rocket as he sent a powerful punch towards Enola. The evil Rocket groaned as she was sent back. She then looked up and growled as Icon stood aback. Rocket then looked over to the silhouette of Maxwell and nodded to Icon. Icon placed his hand on his protégé's shoulder and nodded back. "Be careful." He cautiously advised her. Raquel chuckled before Icon ran off to get the wealthy businessman. Rocket smiled and turned around to attack Enola. Suddenly, she gasped to see that Enola had disappeared! "Where'd you go?!" Raquel asked out loud. At that moment, Enola reappeared right behind the heroine and sent a punch to her waist. Raquel gasped with pain before falling into unconsciousness. Enola smirked evilly as she picked up Rocket by the chest. "What a wonderful body you've got, girlfriend." She sadistically stated.

Meanwhile, Barriss broke off of the two rebels and charged at Ahsoka. The Togrutan turned around and shot an energized arrow from her arm-mounted crossbow, causing Black Widow to fall back. Ahsoka smiled and was about to assist Raquel until she saw Enola carrying her on her back. Ahsoka growled and shot an arrow at the evil clone of Rocket, but Enola touched Raquel's breast with one hand and created a shield with her other. Ahsoka gasped as Enola chuckled and stroked Rocket's hair. "I feel it in her vibes, Ahsoka. I'm not just a clone, I'm a parasite." She retorted. Ahsoka once again growled as she then threw a blast into the sky, revealing the real Maxwell Lord.

Icon turned to who he thought was Maxwell Lord and grabbed his hand. Suddenly, he disappeared! Icon gasped as he turned to hear Enola laughing. He gasped even further to see that she was holding Rocket captive. "I'm giving you two choices here, Augustus." Enola mused. Icon growled, not at her knowing his identity, but for holding his protégé captive along with an ORDER operative. "You can save one, but the other has to die." She exclaimed. Icon stood, ready to attack, until Enola shook a finger at him. "If you attack, I'll kill this gorgeous, beautiful-minded, adored sidekick of yours!" she threatened. Icon stood still, unsure of what to do. At that moment, Barriss got up and pointed a lightsaber to Ahsoka. "Don't go any further." She threatened. Ahsoka growled as she watched Icon try to make a decision.

As Icon was thinking, something caught his eye. He looked to Enola, and saw that Raquel was still conscious! He gave a small smirk after she gave him a wink, and then turned back to Enola. "Give me Maxwell, Enola. Rocket means nothing." He calmly lied. Enola gasped and stepped back. "You're so heartless!" she exclaimed with shock. She dropped Maxwell as she started to stutter. "How do you sleep at night?" she asked anxiously, not knowing whether killing Rocket would be the best decision since it would lead to her own suicide. Raquel then got up and cracked her neck. "Do you sleep better than him?" she asked. Enola gasped and turned around. "Get away from my mentor." She threatened. With that, she sent a punch to Enola's face.

Ahsoka saw this as her cue and started to glow with the Force. Barriss gasped as she was suddenly thrown over by Ahsoka using her blade. Ahsoka smirked and then she activated her lightsabers once again. Rocket then joined her as Enola rolled over to her leader. The two heroines grinned and charged straight at Barriss and Enola in tranquil fury. Rocket made a shield big enough to reflect a stun blast from Enola back at her while Ahsoka clashed multiple times with Barriss's blades. "This is for Rocket!" she yelled, tossing away one of her blades. Black Widow growled as she attempted to fight with the other. "This is for Icon!" she yelled again, throwing away the other blade. Black Widow gasped as she and Enola went back to back. Rocket then rejoined Ahsoka as they both nodded. "This is for us!" the two yelled, sending blasts towards the two girls. Barriss and Enola gasped as they were sent back into the tower of Notre Dame, falling to the ground unconscious soon after. Icon flew up to them and smiled. "You're not too bad, Ahsoka." He confessed. Ahsoka smiled and held her hand up. "Not too shabby yourself, Icon." Ahsoka replied back. Both Icon and Rocket laughed as they held hands and shared the moment.

Mount Justice April 3rd 1529 hours

Ahsoka and Rocket trained with each other hard as the day went by. The Team was having a day to relax, but they wouldn't know when the ORDER or the Light would strike next. The two were having fun training with each other, because both girls were so experienced in battle.

At that moment, Icon came in and clapped. "Very well done, girls." He complimented. Both Raquel and Ahsoka stopped to look to Icon, who was smiling at them. "Batman had a talk with Maxwell. It turns out that he lost some of his memory during yesterday's fight and now knows little about what the ORDER was up to." Icon explained. The two girls sighed and rolled their eyes. "So, I guess the mission was for nothing." Ahsoka remarked. Icon stepped forward and shook his head. "Not exactly a failure, Ahsoka. You and Rocket proved to be very admirable on the field, more than I had ever expected." Icon explained. Ahsoka and Raquel looked to each other happily. After a while, Raquel turned to her mentor. "I think I'm staying here." She said. Icon chuckled as the three walked off to meet with the rest of the Team.

Alcatraz Island 1600 hours

On Alcatraz Island, Enola screamed in pain, much to the shock of the rest of the Terror Titans. Fire and lightning continuously barraged her as Sylas circled her quickly. After five minutes had passed, she fell to the ground in pain, whimpering as she looked up to Sylas. He gave her a disgusted look, and sent it again to the rest of his generals and Terror Titans. "I have had enough of your failures!" he yelled. Barriss bowed on the ground as Blood Bane helped Enola up to her feet. "We will not fail you again, Sylas." Barriss promised. Sylas shot Black Widow a glare and growled. "Indeed, which is why all of my generals, and the Terror Titans, are on probation." He remarked. Everyone looked up to Sylas and gasped as he unsheathed a gold and black lightsaber hilt. "I will deal with the Team… myself." He stated, walking out the door and into the open. Lightning struck and thunder roared as Sylas was now about to take matters into his own hands.

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