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Hugo Bernard Weasley

1. Hugo thinks his name is absolutely hideous.

2. Hugo never liked Scorpius until he started dating Rose. They finally had something in common: They both loved her.

3. Hugo befriended Benjamin Goyle and Blanche Nott immediately on the train. After writing home to his father about his new friends however, he was shocked to learn how hateful his father was towards formerly death eater families.

4. He and James didn't get along. Hugo thought he was obnoxious.

5. Hugo and his grandmother have always gotten along famously, because he truly enjoys Celestina Warbeck.

6. Hugo began developing feelings for Blanche in their fourth year, but didn't ask her out until their seventh year because he was always afraid that Benjamin liked her.

7. Hugo loved music and wanted to be a composer.

8. In his sixth year, Hugo formed a choir at Hogwarts, performing choral pieces by both wizards and muggles.

9. Hugo and Rose always fought about whether or not it was going to rain.

10. After graduating Hogwarts, Hugo was hired by the school to be the choir director and eventually became the school's first music professor.

11. Hugo hated quidditch, especially the Chudley Cannons.

12. Hugo proposed to Blanche on a rainy Tuesday after she got off work. He was playing her a sonata he was currently working on, when he suddenly stopped and asked her to marry him. Years later she asked him why he chose that moment. He replied that he realized the piece was absolute crap and that she had been listening without complaint, completely supporting him.

13. Hugo once tried to ask Professor Trelwaney to the Yule Ball on a dare.

14. Hugo and Blanche had three children: June, Noah, and Daisy.

15. He always loved crupps.

16. Hugo's patronus was a jack russel, just like his father.

17. He always joked about becoming the head of Hufflepuff, but was terrified to accept the position when it was actually offered to him.

18. Hugo wouldn't give up being a Hogwarts professor for the world.

19. When Ron first met Blanche during Hugo's third year, he refused to say her name correctly, calling her 'Bea' the entire holiday. Hugo grew attached to the nickname and never called her Blanche again.

20. Hugo told Blanche he loved her on her 18th birthday, to which she laughed and said, "What took you so long?"