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Sakura sighed sitting on the top step in the reservoir room of the ruins. She gazed at the water, her head held up by her hands with her elbows resting on her knees. Today was her birthday and she decided to escape the castle for awhile to be away from the hustle and bustle of the celebration preparations. She liked waiting in the ruins and being with the water that loved her, but she always had this longing to see Syaoran and everyone else. She wrapped her arms around her knees and rested her head on them. Why can't they came back today.

Then all of a sudden, the water swirled around in the center of the reservoir. Sakura sat straight up the wind formed whipping her hair around. A large familiar magic circle appeared on the surface and a large white shape appeared. Sakura felt tears fall down her face. A light blasted through the room a there was a large splash.

"GET OFF ME!" Kurogane yelled at the mage who had landed on top of him.

"Ah, I'm sorry Kuro-tan~" The mage rolled off him and landed in the water with a splash. "Yay, it's so refreshing!"

Syaoran had landed on his butt and was sitting in the water. He rubbed his eyes and stood up, looking around. "Hey we're—"

He was interrupted by the princess who had jumped on him and was hugging him. They fell back down on to the water. "Syaoran!" she cried wrapping her arms around his neck.

Syaoran was surprised by suddenly being attacked, but he smiled and hugged her back, "I missed you too Sakura."

"Me too Sakura!" Mokona jumped onto Syaoran's shoulder.

"Moko-chan!" she hugged the white creature. She looked up at the others who were watching with a happiness of seeing her again. "Oh! Let's all go to the castle, you guys will be able to stay for awhile won't you?" She grabbed Syaoran's hand and led the others out of the ruins and to the Clow castle.

"It sure was nice of Watanuki to send us here, but what price did we pay him?" Fai said.

"Who knows, but it's good cause those two are happy," Kurogane muttered looking at the smiling Sakura and Syaoran.

Syaoran noticed that the servants were working hard to prepare for something. "Sakura..." he asked and the princess turned to him, "What day is it today?"

"It's April 1st."

"EHHH?!" Syaoran was shocked, "I-i'm sorry. I-i didn't know. I-i would've prepared a pres—"

"It's okay, just having you here for awhile is a present enough." She smiled at Syaoran which made him blush a bit.

"Don't mind us, just do what you guys want to do. We'll just watch," Fai grinned.

Sakura's cheeks became red when she realized what she said which also made Syaoran even more red. She let go of his hand, "A-anyways the feast should start soon, so let's go to the dining hall."

They came to a large room with a long table in the center filled with all kinds of foods. Touya was sitting at the head of the table talking to Yukito.

"Ah, Princess Sakura, please sit down. We'll be eating soon." Yukito gestured to the seats.

Touya looked at the group behind Sakura. His eyes narrowed and said "Why's the brat here?" in a gruff voice.

Sakura sat down and motioned to the others to sit down as well. She took the seat close to Touya with Syaoran next to her and Mokona, Kurogane, and Fai sat on the other side across from them. "Itadakimasu," they all said in unison before digging in to the savory meal before them.

After Sakura was full with food she sighed and leaned back in her chair. She felt a light tap on her shoulder. She turned "What is it Syaoran?"

"Um...I think I have a present to give you. It was Fai-san's idea," He turned a little red. "Uh...here." He leaned towards her and kissed Sakura's forehead. Sakura felt the blood rushing to her head and her whole face was red. "Happy Birthday Sakura."

Fai and Mokona were laughing while Kurogane looked at the laughing duo while sighing.


"TOUYA NII-SAMA DON'T BULLY SYAORAN!" Sakura yelled at her brother then started laughing and Syaoran and her brother started a death match of glaring at each other.

It really is a very happy birthday. Sakura smiled before she hugged Syaoran much to the horror of Touya.

Happy Birthday to the Syaorans, Sakuras, and Watanuki.

The story takes place after the events of the Tsubasa manga and is immediately after the chapter in Xxxholic when the gang visits the shop which Watanuki runs.

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