Kurt and Blaine watched silently as Sebastian was escorted off of school property. From what he'd heard from Mercedes and Rachel's many texts, the same thing was happening at McKinley with Karofsky.

Recovery had been a long and arduous process, but he was sure he would never have been able to get through it without Blaine by his side. Kurt's ribs were still tender, but he was healing.

Blaine was leaning against the wall next to Kurt, glaring daggers as Sebastian was hauled off, swinging his cast-wrapped leg back and forth, "Piece of shit." He growled, "He should get more than expulsion."

Kurt nodded in agreement, letting his fingers intertwine with Blaine's, "Let's go back to our room." He suggested, tugging Blaine along. Blaine gave one last glare in Sebastian's direction before he grabbed his crutch and slowly made his way alongside Kurt.

His physical injuries were healing faster than his emotional issues, but he was getting a lot better with talking. Kurt still wouldn't talk around school, but he'd say a few words or so with his friends now. He almost talked to his family as much as he talked to Blaine, much to his father's pleasure. Kurt could still remember the proud, elated smile that had lit up his dad's face when Kurt had voluntarily struck up a conversation with him. Blaine had squeezed his arm in encouragement before leaving him to talk alone with his father. They'd talked for hours about everything and nothing. Both felt better for doing so. Finn and he would joke and banter just as they used to. Everything was slowly coming around for the better and he had Blaine to thank.

"Babe?" Kurt shook himself from his thoughts when he realized they had made it back to their dorm room.

"Sorry," He apologized, "I was thinking back over these past few weeks." He explained as he went to the bathroom to take one of his prescribed pain pills. He took off his Dalton uniform and was standing in front of the mirror in only his charcoal boxer-briefs, eyeing the white bandaging around his ribs, binding them in place. He pressed lightly along some of the bruises that adorned his skin, pleased that they were starting to disappear altogether.

Blaine came in behind him, wrapping his arms lightly around his torso while resting his chin on Kurt's bare shoulder. Kurt looked in the mirror at himself and Blaine, a blush creeping on his cheeks when he realized Blaine wasn't dressed in anything. "Your ribs acting up?" He questioned, kissing from below his ear along his shoulder then back again.

"T-they're fine." Kurt stuttered, arching his neck slightly and letting it fall back onto Blaine's shoulder.

Blaine hummed against his skin, his tongue poking out and licking at the skin of his neck, his teeth grazing and teasing his flesh, "Then I suggest we celebrate."

Kurt glanced into the mirror, meeting Blaine's lust blown orbs, "What exactly are we celebrating?"

"Those bastards getting out of our lives for good."

After Kurt was well enough, he'd written down his statement for the police and Blaine had told his side of the story. Luckily, no one pressed any charges, so no one was arrested. Though with Kurt's statement and many of his friends plus his family backing him up, Kurt was able to get a restraining order placed on Sebastian and Karofsky. It would also protect Blaine seeing as they weren't planning on being apart anyway.

Blaine trailed his hands down Kurt's sides until they were resting on his hips, his thumbs flicking at the elastic waistband of his underwear, "I like to celebrate in this way." He pressed his body closer, letting Kurt feel his hardness against him.

Kurt turned around in Blaine's grasp, tangling his fingers through the shorter boy's curls before letting their lips come together in a tender kiss. Kurt could tell Blaine was being extra careful for which Kurt was grateful. He might have lied when he'd said his ribs weren't bothering him, but he didn't want to miss out on the celebration. Kurt pulled away slightly, resting his forehead against Blaine's, "I'd like to celebrate you." He breathed.

"Me?" Blaine asked.

Kurt nodded against Blaine's head, "Yes, you." He reiterated, "If it weren't for you…" He trailed off, not able to come up with the words he needed to say. Instead, he just kissed Blaine fervently, attempting to convey his feelings through touch, "I love you." He said when they broke for air a moment later.

Blaine smiled, taking his hand and leading him into the bedroom, "I love you too, Kurt."

It takes time for emotional and physical scars to heal, but when you have someone that truly loves you, time won't matter. Love will heal all wounds, or so they say by word of mouth.


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