"Heh, your tip is too dull," Aomine taunted the nearby crayon.

"I'm supposed to be you idiot, look at my brand! Crayola kids. As in, kids that should avoid pointy edges as much as possible."

"Guess that explains why your nickname is tiger orange."

"Aomine-kun, please stop trying to taunt Kagami-kun. The kids worked him hard today during arts and crafts class."

"Tch, Tetsu, are you siding with him?"

"I am merely trying to be civil. Anyways, don't you have a meeting with Kise-kun today?"

"Of course. The only one who can be as pointy as me is me. I need to remain in top condition."

("Or work himself into a stub early," Kagami snidely whispered to Kuroko.)

Kise was waiting, hole wide open for Aomine when the pencil rolled over to their part of the desk. "Aominecchi! You're here!" The pencil sharpener greeted enthusiastically, wiggling to his side to inch closer to his partner.

"Aa. Ready to service me, Kise?" Aomine whispered, circling his tip around the edges of Kise's hole in an experimental fashion.

"Mm, of course Aominecchi, I'm always here for you. But…why do you smell like pizza? I thought Midorima was the only scented pencil on on our table."

"Heh, the kids were having pizza but they took me with them today because I'm their favorite, obviously," said Aomine as he plunged in without further delay, grinding furiously from the start.

"A-ah, Aominecchi! Not so fast!"

"Didn't you say you'd keep up with me Kise?"


"Come! Show me your grinding skills."

"A…AH! Ao-Aominecchi!"

And then Aomine felt it. The pinnacle of sharpness. "Ah," he sighed in relief, pulling out. "That felt good."

"Geez Aominecchi, I think you're dulling my blades. You're particularly impatient today."

"Well, then from now on, only service me. Then your blades won't go dull as fast."

Kise tilts slightly, an amused curiosity radiating from him despite his exhaustion. "My my, feeling a bit possessive today?"

"Maybe," Aomine stalls, and he rolls away. Kise sighs, but smiles fondly as he waits for his next session with the pencil he had fallen in love with.

Author's Note: ...happy april fools day this is the only rated M fic I will ever publish lololol