Chapter I : The one who wants to kill

"I won't beg you, girl." My dear 'father' spat out, looking straight at me, though I'm sure he did gaze a fleeting second at the corpse, sprawled on the floor with a hole in the skull, of his wife and my dear 'mother'.

"I hope you don't, it would be disgusting to see." I retorted as I pointed my gun towards his head. One second and one less bullet in my barrel later, he went down too, expression of anger plastered on his face forever, as his blood on the walls.

It would have amused me normally, but it had to dirty our family photo on my now deceased sire. Sigh. I took it, and showed it in my pocket, but Onii-sama bloodied face stayed on my mind until I was in my room with nothing better to do than think. The blood unintentionally brought me back to another events.

Onii-sama... Why? Why did you forget me?

I have always been with you...and thus you were always with me. Don't you remember our childhood? We were so happy when we were simply fooling around in our garden. Now that I think about it, we were really innocent, naive of the world, blissful in our ignorance. Our world was simple: the garden, nee-sama, father, mother and the laboratory.

Is that why you went away? Sure, the needles were painful, mother and father weren't always kind and nee-sama was often with that Shinonono, but I was there too. That had to count for something.

So why did you follow nee-sama? Why do you love her more than me?

I still don't understand the last words I heard from you. "You will be happier without me. And.. Don't forget; be yourself." Your voice wavered at that moment. Was it emotions? Did you already known you were going to leave me in the dust? Did you felt remorse? I don't think so. After all, you smiled so gently, trying to calm my cries, ruffling my hair and murmuring sweet words of home. Strangely, I was not disgusted by your hands dirtied by blood. I was happy... Why was I happy? Maybe because I knew that my Onii-sama killed for me, only for me.

You sighed in relief when you were assured that these men did not hurt me. Then you did a thing I never though you could do; you hit my neck and I knew no more. When I woke up, you were not in the warehouse the kidnappers led me to. I was alone, surrounded by corpses you killed with your own hands.

You were incredibly cruel, don't you think?

You saved me, killing 5 grown up men -by the way, I don't think I've ever looked at a steel bar the same way-, and then you proceeded to leave me all alone, in the middle of nowhere, with corpses as only company.

I don't think I ever felt happier to see our parents.

They made me sit down and then, they demanded what I remembered of that nightmarish day. I said everything I remembered, except the last words you told me. I don't know why, it felt too personal, like a secret between us. What shocked me beyond all was that our parents didn't seem surprised nor act panicked before that situation. In fact, they seemed to be annoyed when I stopped to talk, as if my tale was boring... or as if they already knew all.

I was little when all that happened, but I can say with assurance that I wasn't neither am an idiot. Some things were too big for me to do not see them.

It was only years later that I'd know the truth about our existences. We are Chifuyu's clones.

Our 'parents' are Chifuyu-nee's biological parents and the scientists that 'made' us. They explained me that I've been created to serve an organization, Task Phantom, as a spy. The day after that, I was shipped to some facility underground -all about it screamed 'BAD!'-, but you weren't here to save me and their electric yokes were really painful. I got tired of trying to escape, to hope for nothing, so I kept a low profile until I became an IS pilot. Seemingly because Chifuyu-nee has great genes for IS or some shit like this.

Anyways, you, Onii-sama, were created to be the greatest soldier, the best humanoid warrior. You had to have it all: good regeneration, reflexes, intellect, etc.

And that explains why we often in to the laboratory when nee-san didn't go at all. We weren't sick, they made us sick so they could continue their experiences in peace. Bastards.

Then, after 10 years, a decade as Task Phantom soldiers and pilot of an IS, 10 years of pain and disillusionment, I saw your face again on the TV. I couldn't approach you as I wanted, Task Phantom was a pain in the ass to deal with, but I always watched you from afar. You became the first IS male pilot and you went to the IS Academy. Girls started to turn around you, as bees with a honey pot. It's pretty normal, you are my brother after all, so kind, so beautiful, so gentle... Exactly like in my memories.

I accepted to work with Autumn to attack IS Academy just to see you.

I even met you on our birthday, yet you had the gall to call me 'Chifuyu-nee' with that crunched face, as if you were seeing a ghost of the past. That time, I really heard my heart broke... you forgot me, Onii-sama. Worst, you forgot who you truly are.

You became weak.

That's why, my dear 'brother', I will 'kill' the person that you are now -Orimura Ichika, Chifuyu's brother- to bring back your true self -Orimura Ichika, my brother-.

And nobody will succeed to stop me in this quest, I promise.