Chapter IV: The one who searched a hero

Orimura Ichika, my hero.

This man is an enigma that make unknown feelings rose in my chest.

I want to resolve this enigma in front of me.

'I know why I ran from him, the first time.' I thought. 'He... Ichika-san had the smile of nee-san.'

My nee-san was the person I was terrified of, that I tried to hate the most. And her smile... I never knew what she was thinking or what were her emotions when she had that grin, back then we were still close.

I should have run from him like I did with my sister, not permitting him to pass my barriers, but his behavior took me by surprise. He was kind, yet strong and around him was always that aura of coolness; just like a super hero. A flawless one. A powerful, strong, kind, unwavering and upright partner who would follow his own justice until the end. That surprised me so much that I did fall in love with him.

I even confessed my feelings after Automated IS attacked, even if I believe he didn't understand.

My life was great during several days; I finally found my hero who succeeded to set things right between my sister and me. I had new friends/ennemies. Life is good for me, better than I'd expected it to be.

Yet... During Cannonball Fast, when M attacked, Ichika seemed so troubled. And so I am now.

Plus, I sneacked on him when he was in the infirmery, to see how he was. Laura was already with him, and it seemed like an interrogation to me. Laura was asking- no demanding what was his relationship with M. Ichika told her he didn't have a 'relationship' with her and that he wanted to sleep a bit before Orimura-sensei came.

Laura seemed to want to continue asking him, but when Orimura-sensei was mentionned, she tseked and got out of the room.

I was also going to quit but something caught my ears. "I'm sorry, Madoka." he murmured.

The rest, I'm not sure if it was my imagination or the realty, but I heard that. "Wait a little more, Imouto."

I have the strange impression that I should forget what I heard that evening, 'cause it gave me more questions than answers. Wha a coward... I'm afraid of the thruth.

'Who is truly Ichika? What are his connections with M and Task Phantom?' I thought constlantly.

I should really forget all that, but I can't.

But that isn't that important. I, Kanzashi, won't be crushed as long as I have Ichika.

I finally found a hero, someone who had a bright smile. The inexplicable drive rose up within my chest.

Courage—Perhaps that's what people call it.

"Orimura Ichika."

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