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First Year (1971-1972)

The paintings hung around the hallowed halls of Hogwarts saw everything, and remembered it all –albeit not very clearly– on occasion.

The portrait of Ira the Wondrous, a rather austere-looking witch on the first floor saw them arrive into the entrance hall, bickering as eleven-year-old children are prone to do. Their voices rose above the din of the crowd of first years, and the dull roar of students slowly began to fade. Soon their argumentative shouts were all that could be heard in the entrance hall.

"How dare you, Potter?! What is wrong with you? You should have just kept your stupid mouth shut! But no, you just had to keep hurling insult after insult at him, just to amuse yourself and your stupid little friends. I can't believe you!" The redheaded girl's face matched the colour of her hair as she glared furiously at the dark-haired, bespectacled boy in front of her.

Said boy stayed silently smirking through her onslaught of words, waiting for an opportunity to calmly retort with a "I wouldn't have insulted him if he wasn't such a slimy Slytherin. Besides, wouldn't you rather be in my company than his? He's a Slytherin, for Merlin's sake! I, being a Gryffindor, am far better." He finished his statement with a cocky grin, an expression that only served to further infuriate Lily.

"For your information, James Potter, I'd much rather be around Sev than you! At least he isn't a conceited, stuck-up jerk!"

"Evans, you wound me." James put a hand to his heart, feigning an offended expression.

A mix between a shriek and a groan escaped the young girl, full of frustration. She shot James one last venomous glare before turning around and stomping away, grumbling angrily. James stayed there with his friends, laughing and ruffling his already disheveled black hair almost absentmindedly. The witch who had been watching the pair shook her head, turning to leave her portrait with the intention of visiting Violet, a witch whose portrait hung near the room just off the Great Hall where the three champions of the Triwizard Tournament were sent when their names were taken from the Goblet of Fire. But all that had ceased upon the tournament's cancellation years ago due to the increasing death count, so Ira knew that Violet was always thirsting for new gossip and that she might appreciate an interesting tidbit of information about the two first-years.

Christmas 1971

The entire castle was adorned in Christmas decorations. Garlands of tinsel were hung in the corridors and in doorways. Some mischievous older students had conjured branches of mistletoe to hang in doorways. Violet had been visiting the Fat Lady and both were obviously drunk, as they tended to be when they got together. Their idle conversation was interrupted by the loud footsteps of several students approaching. One of them, recognised as Sirius Black by the Fat Lady, was walking alongside the messy-haired, bespectacled boy known as James Potter. Both were laughing, and the source of their amusement soon became quite clear. Lily Evans trudged along behind them, obviously fuming at the two boys. The trio remained silent (save for the boys' laughter) until they reached the portrait, at which time James turned around and opened his mouth to say something, only to be interrupted by the exasperated voice of Lily. "If you say even one more word to me, Potter, I swear I'll hex you until you're unrecognisable."

James raised his eyebrows at his fellow Gryffindor's sardonic comment, a smirk already curving his lips. "Jeez, someone is certainly quite testy today. Wouldn't you agree, Padfoot?"

Sirius nodded, and both boys smirked at Lily as she swept past them with a muttered "Shut it, Potter" and uttered the password to the Fat Lady. They stayed behind as Lily entered the Gryffindor common room and the portrait swung shut. Soon enough, two other boys approached their friends, the taller boy's sandy hair looking almost as disheveled as James' hair usually was. The other boy was shorter and squatter than the other three, and seemed to be more of a follower to James' and Sirius' endeavors. The aforementioned boys called out greetings to their friends, Moony and Wormtail (more commonly known as Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew, respectively). The four boys, known by some as the Marauders, wandered into the common room. An angry shriek was heard as the Fat Lady's portrait swung shut, and uproarious laughter followed the sound.

Valentine's Day 1972

A loud, booming explosion preceded the large quantities of smoke that pour from a certain Gryffindor's cauldron. Lily covered her mouth with both hands to keep her laughter from bursting out of her, forcing herself to elbow Severus to keep him quiet as well. They weren't the only ones stifling laughter as smoke continued to rise from James' cauldron, the stench of it filling the Potions classroom swiftly. Professor Slughorn bustled over to James and Sirius, frowning despite his rather obvious attempts to keep the laughter caused by his student's misfortune at bay. "Mr. Potter! Could you or Mr. Black possibly explain how such a thing happened?"

Both first years muttered out vague explanations, and Professor Slughorn didn't seem too concerned by it, allowing them and the rest of his class to get on with their work. When the bell rang, they were -as per usual- the first to leave the classroom, although this time James was scurrying up to the Gryffindor tower to change. He froze as he heard a familiar voice calling out to him, one he'd rather not be stopped by at that particular moment. He spun around to face a slyly smirking Lily, Severus standing just behind her with a very similar smirk on his lips.

"Having issues in Potions, Potter?" She wanted to know.

James rolled his eyes, glaring at the pair of first years that taunted him. "My only problem in that class is Snivellus' presence, Evans. Other than that, not really."

"Are you sure? 'Cause the stench of smoke clinging to you right now suggests otherwise." They both ignored the fourth year girls throwing pink-and-red-and-white, heart-shaped confetti around them, and the yells of the Head Boy for the girls to clean the mess of confetti now strewn on the ground.

"Bite me, Evans." James ignored Snape sniggering in the background and turned around again, shooting glares at the heart adornments and other romantic decorations scattered around the castle as he resumed his hurried yet falsely nonchalant gait toward Gryffindor Tower.

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