oh, i miss these boys so much... apparently not enough to hurry with the writing instead of just sitting in the corner and cry. ;.; i'm sorry you had to wait so long! ( ;´Д`) i'm just really bad at writing dothedo scenes... and i'm too shy... but i hope you like it!

"So... where are all the swans?" Cheslock felt like he should brake the awkward silence but he just ended up being more and more awkward. He even leaned on the fence of the gazebo acting like he was searching the water for swans.

When he met up with the others he didn't think the situation would end up being so hard. They all shook hands with him and introduced themselves, but mostly continued to chat with each other. "Well, what was all the fuss about, Violet?" - he thought, and seated himself loosely beside his Prefect like it was only natural. Then he noticed that everyone went silent and looked at him like he was the picture of evil. Some of them started to chuckle secretly.

"Cheslock, I don't remember giving you permission to sit." stated Violet in the coldest tone he could ever produce.

He looked around and noticed that all of the other fags were standing, so he jumped up as well and tried to act like nothing happened. The cute girly boy with blonde curls chuckled the hardest. He felt very embarrassed, and the swan thing really didn't help a bit. But he had to admit that the scenery was really beautiful.

"We are the swans, isn't it obvious?" laughed Redmond, trying to lower the pressure.

It was damn obvious to Cheslock now, he didn't belong there. Every single boy around him was handsome, pretty, formal and just correct in every way, even Violet, who was supposed to be the odd one out. He was just a matted dog ho wasn't even allowed to sit.

"Well technically, their nesting season is almost here, so they should appear in a week or two" said Bluer and then continued to dispute about swans with Greenhill, who claimed to have seen some the other day as well. His fag, Midford, joined and confirmed seeing those swans while the blue fag, Clayton argued that they only come back late autumn.

Cheslock found it quite suspicious, yet amazing how enthusiastic these respected and stern boys became about fucking swans. He felt like he's being joked about. He glanced at the blondes from Red House: they were both busy following the debate and laughing at it. They kept whispering to each other and then laughing harder. He looked at Violet for guidance, but he was just drawing, he didn't even pay attention to the swan thing. Now, he figured that the boys forgot completely about him being inappropriate and he found it wiser to just stand behind and remain silent, so they won't be reminded... He spent the majority of the afternoon stalking them, listening to their conversations and trying to figure out their personalities and weaknesses, and suffering from his growing pain. When the P4's attention slowly turned back to him, and started to ask him about his life, family and friends, luckily, Violet saved the situation and told them about his musical talent. After that, they only asked him about music and he was very glad they did, because this way he could actually entertain them with high-class things.

Three and half incredibly boring, painful and stressful hours later they finally said goodbye, for now. Cheslock almost burst out in tears of joy and was ready to run away when Violet quietly asked him to follow him back to his room. Then, he almost collapsed and told him to go to hell, but he successfully reminded himself how seductively Violet was moving on his lap last night, and how sweet his kisses were. He hated himself for it, but he ended up in Violet's room yet again.

"I think they liked you" said Violet. Cheslock couldn't see his face, but he sounded like he was smiling and slightly pleased, which in Violet's case meant very pleased.

"I think they detest me because I'm ugly..." Cheslock was still grumpy.

"That's silly!"

"Urgh, please. Don't tell me you actually hang out with people who aren't beautiful, i've seen your gang..."

"We do not, of course." Now he actually smiled "Do you think I would have bat and eyelid if you weren't handsome?"

These words warmed Cheslock's heart, but he was still suspicious.

"But... My hair is shit."

"Relax, I told you I'd fix it, didn't I?"

"You did? I thought you only said those things because you were stoned and really horny" When these words left his mouth, Cheslock immediately knew he overshot the mark and was being rude with someone he shouldn't be. He always made the same mistakes and never learned. He expected a kick in his aching balls, but to his astonishment, Violet just chuckled.

"That's all true, but I also meant it" he explained, smiling, and he looked really adorable. "I actually like hairdressing a lot."

Cheslock was so surprised he didn't know what to say. He never encountered anyone who was so cool with his rudeness. It looked like the maximum agressivity of the prefect was all shown in the morning and it made Cheslock really content. He started to like him.

The room was dark and still smelled like opium. While Violet started to do something about it by opening all the windows, Cheslock placed his sketchbook among the others, like he did last night. It seemed now he became his official sketchbook-bringer boy. By bending over while organising the books, the pain shot him again and he let out a small moan. Violet heard it, and silently approached him.

"What's wrong?" he whispered near Cheslock's ear.

"N-nothing!" Cheslock just realised that whispering into his ear is a huge turn-on.

"I noticed you were suffering all day." The problem itself was perfectly clear to Violet, he just wanted to hear it from Cheslock. To emphasize this, he glanced down while biting his lip, and it really didn't make Cheslock any less speechless.

"I, uh... It's just... I haven't... Had sex in a while... You know?..."

"How come?" Violet slipped close to his body and placed his arms around his neck and kept whispering while staring deep into his eyes "There are dozens of cute boys in this school..."

Cheslock instinctively placed his hands on Violet's hips but he instantly started to feel anxious about the slightly intimidating situation. He kept holding the prefect close to him nevertheless.

"I don't know... Walking up to a complete stranger at Weston saying "hey, I'd like to fuck you"... That's not really my thing"

"Then it's lucky you are my fag now, because I can manage you absolutely everyone" said Violet and suddenly he let go of Cheslock's neck and shoved off neglectfully.

Cheslock literally couldn't decide why is he more surprised: because of the abrupt cold behaviour or the promising statement. Above all, he was just disappointed. Violet was going around the room while dropping his cloak and jacket carelessly, like he wasn't even about to grab some dick with his mouth just a minute ago.

"Excuse me...?" Cheslock couldn't believe he just got ditched like that.

Violet leaned against his bed.

"What? You don't want to be my fag after all?" His words said sad but his voice said "fuck me".

"Wha... No, I-"

"You don't? That's a real pity..."

"NO, THAT'S NOT IT GOD DAMNIT! Of course I want to, I just..." Cheslock couldn't take his eyes off the prefect's sly little smile and he just got lost in his words even more. He seriously couldn't decide what to do. "Shit, I'm sorry, it's just... Why are suddenly so far from each other?" He gave up trying to explain himself. He tried to double back to the original setting instead.

Violet shrugged, still smiling.

"You tell me."

Cheslock then realised he was playing with him. Only wanted to see if he would be turned-on enough to follow him around the room, but it looked like he was also fine with Cheslock being all confused. Cheslock didn't know how to react for a few more minutes. Then he became furious and ten times hornier and he rushed to his prefect so fast that his kiss became a violent push and Violet was soon moaning and chukling under Cheslock on the bed.

"Ha ha ha, very funny!" muttered Cheslock aggressively while he got rid of his cloak and blazer "Don't make fun of me for trying to respect you!"

"Well, you better continue doing that, boy" Violet still chuckled seductively while Cheslock laid on him again and started to unbutton his shirt while biting and licking his neck. "Mmm... Even if you are ridiculously cute meanwhile."

"Shut up, I'm not cute..."

Violet still smiled because Cheslock reminded him of a tiny puppy with so much fur that it covers his eyes, being the angriest little creature of God, trying to bite fiercely. But then he found himself moaning and gasping and realised this boy can do more than acting like a wolf cub. He turned his head, thus giving more space for Cheslock to suck and embraced him, scratching through his shirt and then running his fingers through his thick, dark hair. Cheslock gave out sound of pleasure and greed and thrust his crotch against Violet's. The prefect's remaining clothes were lying around the room within moments and he was thrown on the middle of his huge, bouncy bed, full of velvet pillows. He smiled again. He enjoyed having this effect on boys, driving the so mad that they take advantage of how tiny and vulnerable he is beside them. While Cheslock struggled with his own clothing, Violet reached to the upper drawer of the night table and small jar out. He handet it to Cheslock, who shot a vague and puzzled glance before taking it and Violet almost panicked because he thought this meant he had no idea how to use it, but actually he had. Fist he only used his fingers while grabbing Violet's hair and kissing him passionately. It was obvious for both of them that it was only a boring courtesy and a duty of a gentleman, and it only made Cheslock more impatient, but Violet really appreciated it. So far so good; Cheslock behaved exactly how he expected and moaned exactly how he wanted boys to moan over him. He started to genuinely enjoy the flow of events and slowly deepened his fingernails into the fag's shoulder thus encouraging him to replace his fingers with something they both couldn't wait for...

Cheslock was suddenly between Violet's legs, he moved faster than a cat but he was half as conscious as a moth near candlelight. It was suggested by some hazy voice deep inside his mind that he should use more of the jar's content, and just generally be slow and careful, but regardless of that he entered Violet so suddenly it hurt both of them. Violet let out a painful groan but he didn't really mind it; he put his arms around his fag's neck and his legs around his hips, so that he could move more easily. Cheslock whole body was trembling and he was wringing Violet's thigh stronger and stronger and he was moving so fast that the whole bed was shaking, but soon began to pant very rapidly and quetly.

"Fuck..." he whispered, burying his face in his partner's neck "Fuck, fuck fuck I fucked up, I fucked up..."

"What?" Violet was panting too. He didn't even realise what's going on.

"I fucked up..." repeated Cheslock a bit louder, but still whispering, rather painfully "I fucked up, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..."

"Did you just...?"

Yes, he did. He slipped out of his prefect and tried to kneel up but he was too dizzy so he just kept balancing with his face on the other's shoulder. His whole body was numb and shaking like crazy, his crotch hurt more than ever and everything was wet, and if this wouldn't be enough, he was experiencing the most awkward moments of his entire life.

"Are you serious?" Violet's disappointment was half as serious as his surprise. He didn't even know this was possible.

"I'm sorry, I really fucked up..." Cheslock hugged him, apologising, and laid down with him, still hiding his certainly blood-red face "It honestly never happened before... It's just... I seriously haven't had sex in a month... Just give me a few minutes and I'll continue, I swear, please..."

"Wow" Violet couldn't decide if it would be wiser to cry or laugh. The situation was unbelievably awkward indeed, but he still had a long way to go, and didn't feel like waiting. "You know what? Forget it. There are other ways..."

He grabbed Cheslock's hair and pushed his head downwards. When the boy realised what he meant he started to apologize again.

"Er, well... Actually, I've never done that..."

Violet sat up and looked into his dizzy eyes, caressing his face.

"Are you sure you're secretly not a virgin?" he asked jokingly.

"Eh, no..."

"Then I'm sure you have received already."

"Well, yes..."

"Good. Then just think of how was it and imitate."

Violet laid back and waited for the miracle. Cheslock didn't really fancy the idea of having a boy's penis in his mouth, but he truly felt sorry about what happened and knew he owed him. He closed his eyes and started to stroke and kiss it lightly. He remembered it felt good when a girl did that to him, and judging by the small gasps Violet was letting out, he did it correctly. After a while he timidly put it in his mouth and started to move his head while stroking Violet's hips. He felt clumsy and more and more awkward, but he could hear more and louder moans from his prefect, so he hoped he was doing it right. Soon Violet grabbed Cheslock's hair again and held it tightly, thus forcing his head in one place while he started to move his hips, first slowly and pleasurably, but then faster and harder. He reached more and more deeper into Cheslock's throat and he didn't feel comfortable with it at all. It kinda surprised him how dominant the prefect became, compared to how inactive he seemed to be at the beginning. He just waited for it to be over, and knew it will be soon because his whole body was shivering, their muscles tightened and his voice was louder with every thrust. Before long, Violet pushed down his head with both hands and he let out a series of rather quiet, but extremely desirable whines. Cheslock felt his mouth being filled with something warm and salty and he had to summon up all his strength not to be sick and he swallowed it all down without thinking. He just wanted it out of his mouth.

Violet's fingers slipped out of the thick hair and his body was finally relaxed. Cheslock wiped his mouth and looked at him. He was still panting and his face wasn't pale anymore. It had the most adorable shade of red and it made Cheslock smile. He stroked the prefect's body again; first his shaking stomach, then his chest with his racing heart trying to break out, then his soft neck full of dark, bloody circles. He lied next to him and kissed his neck. Then kissed his jawbone. Then Violet kissed him.