A/N: Hello my darlings, so I'll be fixing up chapters, like I said in "chapter 10" aka The Wait is Over. This is the revised Prologue, no longer taking place in Rivendell, I wanted Ellie to interact with the Mirkwood elves, have a chance to chat with Smaug and say good bye before the BOFA /sobs Well Here you have it, the new prologue! -

As she watches the elven guards walk away, closing the door behind them, Ellie can hear the desperate call of her friends, not far from her, but muffled and lost behind the thick wood of the door. She hears a closer noise, a small shuffle of fabric, and she knows she's not alone. She turns and scans the room with her eyes, just missing the figure of a man hidden in the shadows. As she reaches the middle of the room, she hears the calls cut off and turns toward the door.

"You are filth," she can hear a man say behind her, "why my son brought you to me, I do not know." He is suddenly in front of her, startling her and causing her to step back. His hand shoots up and roughly grabs her chin and turns her head toward himself so he can get a better look at her face. She can see him clearly now, his hair is long and pale, like hers, and his eyes- his eyes are ice. Ice that chills her to the very core. She knows who this man is in front of her. With his fine robes, proper posture, and an elegant air about him, she knows.

"I am not the filth here..." She whispers, staring back at him defiantly, "King Thranduil."