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"Merlin you are charged with sorcery and treason. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Merlin looked up at the King, Queen, and Knights he had risked everything for over the years and saw nothing but disgust in their eyes.

He snorted "what do you want me to say Arthur? That I'm sorry for saving your life? That I'm sorry for who I am?"

"NO! I want to know why you saved my life. I want to know what you and Morgana have planned?"

"You arrogant ass! I saved your life because I considered you a friend and I am not working with Morgana. Do you really think you would have defeated her without magic? Have you never wondered why Sigan and Nimueh just vanished? It was me Arthur I been saving your ungrateful arse since I came to Camelot." The knights looked like they didn't believe him. Merlin snorted again.

"Watch how you speak Merlin he is still your King." Sir Leon snapped.

At that Merlin laughed bitterly "No sir Leon he really isn't I'm from Ealdor remember that's outside of Camelot. Technically I committed treason from the day Cenred attacked Camelot."

"Stop lying Merlin! You are working with Morgana, all your kind is the same."Arthur yelled.

"Arthur I'm not a Sorcerer I'm a Warlock. Do you know what that means Arthur? No? Well it means I was born like this." Merlin was beyond furious at this point. What a fool he had been to think that Arthur would listen to him.

"That is irrelevant by the laws of Camelot I have no choice but to sentence you to death." Arthur nodded to Leon and Percival who moved towards Merlin. Merlin glanced at them and snapped his fingers they froze. Arthur found out he couldn't move either.

"Think about it Arthur right now you are completely helpless I could kill you in an instant, and nobody would be able to stop me. How long do you think you'll last without my protection? Lets find out." With that Merlin's eyes turned bright gold and he vanished, leaving behind a shocked and unsettled court court.

Later that night as Arthur got ready for bed he noticed Guinevere staring out the window. "What are you thinking about?" He asked.

"Merlin" she replied "I hope he's alright."

"Why?" Arthur demanded "he's a liar and a traitor."

"Who saved our lives Arthur!" Gwen snapped spinning around "He could have killed us today or left us to die! Maybe there's more to the story then we think!"

"I'm not listening to this." With that Arthur stalked out of the room. A few hours later when he returned to his chambers Guinevere was already asleep. He sighed and crawled into bed next to her closing his eyes. Trying not to think about his traitorous ex-best friend, and failing.

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