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When the King, Queen and Knights opened their eyes again they were back in the clearing. They looked around for Iseldir, but instead of the druid elder they saw a young man with a round face, light brown hair and eyes. Arthur and Gwen thought he looked familiar but they couldn't place him. The boy saw them looking and smirked mockingly. "You don't remember me do you your highness?" Shaking his head he said, "And why would you? I'm just a lowly peasant." The boy looked around the rest of the group. "My name's Will."

Gwen's mouth opened in shock "Merlin's friend? From Ealdor?"

Will directed the first genuine smile any of them had seen thus far at her, "Yes."

"But you're dead." Said Arthur

"And you're dreaming, what's your point?" Responded Will.

"Wait," Gwaine interrupted before Arthur could reply, "If you're dead how are you here?"

"Well since he's being a stubborn ass," Will gestured to Arthur "Your host decided I should help out by explaining a few things."

"Hold on," said Leon "Our host?"

Will sighed "Yes the person whose mind you're in." Then he smiled sadly, "My name was Will of Ealdor and this, this was my life." The world swirled black again.