Elie Simmons sat outside the office of Kadic Junior High, fingering her new short black hair and examining her reflection in the trophy case next to her. She liked the new style she had, though she'd never would have thought she'd liked it before. Her black shirt, red gloves and baggy black pants hid her full figure well. The new punk hair style, which was shoulder length when down, but was currently up in twin buns with her long bangs hanging down, showed off the new streaks of red nicely. She looked like a normal American punk-goth teen.
Maybe that put her a bit out of place now that she lived in Paris, France, but she didn't care. Over all, the city wasn't too different from her home in Atlanta. There were a lot trees in some places, a fairly decent park down the road, the road signs confused her and most of all, there were people. Lots of people.
The school it's self wasn't all bad. The campus was nice and if she needed anything, she was only a few minuets walk from the Shopping District.
"Alright then." She heard the School's Principal say from inside the room. "She's registered, but I am confused about one thing. Her transcript… ah, I'm sure it's nothing." He said. "I'll have someone show her to her room. You're sure you want to pay the extra money for her to room alone?" there was a pause and the principal walked out of the room. "Alright, Miss Elie, you are registered. Next term starts in 3 days. Please use this time to learn your schedule and get to know the school."
Elie nodded and said "Thank you." in her soft whisper of a voice.
The older man handed her a key and told her "You don't have to be shy, Elie. We don't bite." He laughed and she simply nodded, avoiding his eyes. He seemed to be disappointed by this. "Well, then… um, I'll send someone soon to show you to your room. You already know the rules and what's expected of you, yes? Good. Welcome to Kadic Junior High School."
Once the principal had left, the FBI agent who was pretending to be her father walked out of the room. "Elie, are you alright?" Elie nodded and looked up at him. "I know this is hard for you, but you don't have to be so on guard here. These people aren't going to hurt you. The school has a good reputation, and I checked it out myself."
"Alright, Mr. Simmons… I'll try, but I can't make any promises."
"I know, Elie. You're a brave kid for doing what you did. We owe you big time for it." He smiled at her, then frowned. "Your contact is off a bit. I can see some yellow around the top."
Elie sighed at this and pulled out a small mirror from her pocket to fix it. This was the one thing she didn't like about her new look. Her naturally golden eyes were hidden behind dull brown contacts. Once the gold was hidden, she put the mirror back into her pocket.
"Good luck, Kid." Mr. Simmons said. "If you need me, you've got my numbers, and I have an apartment not to far from here."
"Why can't I just live with you instead of boarding here?" she asked.
"Because it's easier for us to keep an eye on you here. I can't have someone fallowing you to and from school at the time. It would look suspicious. Besides, there are lots of kids to board here even though their parent's don't live far away."
Elie simply nodded again, and then looked down the hall to see a girl with black hair and a pink and orange shirt walking up to her. "Hi! You must be the new girl. I'm Sissy, the Principal's daughter. I'm so glad you'll be attending school with us." She said with a smile. Elie wasn't fooled. She could tell that this girl was trouble waiting to happen. "The Dorms are this way. Fallow me."
Elie picked up her black suitcase and fallowed, casting a single glance back at Mr. Simmons. The man smiled encouragingly at her before walking the other direction and out of the school grounds.
Sissy waited until they were alone before turning on the girl and saying bluntly. "Alright, little miss Gothic; we've got to get a few things straight. First of all, I'm in charge of this school. That means you have to do exactly as I say. Second, I don't want you hanging around me. I've got a reputation to uphold after all! Third-"
"Shut up." Elie said very quietly. "You may be the Principal's little girl, but that's no reason for me to fear you or listen to what you say." She didn't look at the girl as she said this, but her voice was firm. "Thank you, but I believe I can find the dorms on my own."
With that, Elie walked right past the fuming girl. About five steps later, she said "You have no idea who you're messing with! I can ruin you at this school! You hear me?!"
Elie turned and looked the girl squarely in the eyes. "It took you that long to come up with that? I was right; there really isn't any reason to listen to you." Elie then turned and continued calmly out of the hall.
"Nice work." A boy's voice said once she turned a corner. Standing in front of her was a boy with blond hair and glasses. "A good choice in enemies. Sissy's not the best person to be friends with. My name's Jeremy. And you are…?"
'Wishing I had my knives.' She thought, missing the feel of cold metal where her wrist knives used to be. She would even have settled for a piece of shit pocket knife, just to make her feel better. As it was… "…Elie." She said dismissively.
"Nice to meet you Elie. So, you're new? Do you need any help?" Jeremy asked. Unlike Sissy, Jeremy seemed nice enough. She didn't feel like he was after something when he asked like she had with Sissy.
"I'm not sure where the Dorms are." She confessed. "But I think I can find them."
"Really? Because it's no trouble. I'm on my way to my dorm right now." He persisted. Elie gave in with a soft "alright" and she fallowed Jeremy to a large pale brick building.
"So, where are you from?" Jeremy asked.
"America." She said, staring at the floor.
"Oh, are you an exchange student? Or did you move here?"
"Both, I guess. I was just going to be an Exchange student, but my Dad said it was too good of a school to stay at only one semester… so he moved here with me."
"Then why don't you just live with him instead of boarding? You'd probably eat better, at least."
Elie sighed. Why was he asking so many questions? "Dad works a lot, so he's not home much. It's just better this way."
Jeremy didn't reply until they both got to the top of the stairs. "The girl's dorms are on this floor. The boys are on the floor below this. Think you can find your room from here?" he asked with a smile.
"Yes, I think so…. Thank you, Jeremy." She said carefully as she turned right down the hall. She looked at the numbers next to the doors as she went. '29…31….33. Here we are.' She thought and unlocked her room door.
Her room was plain at this point, with a closet and dresser on the left side of the room. On the right she found a twin bed without sheets on it. At the foot of the bed, there was a nightstand. On the back wall was a large desk. If she could, she'd move the night stand to the other side of the bed so it was between her and the door, but still against a wall. Elie decided to fill the empty space with another table/desk. She could use the new table to put her CD stands on, and she'd probably put her printer there as well. Her laptop, the latest model with more memory then most people would ever need, would go on that desk aswell. Her desk top, with her mixing software and such, would go onto the original desk. Next to that, Elie could put her sound board and other recording equipment.
Once the plan was made, she set her suitcase on the empty bed and moved the night stand. With a small smile, she found that it fit the space between the bed and door perfectly. That left plenty of space for the other desk, whenever it got there.
The girl glanced out the window, hoping to see Mr. Simmons' car pulling up with the rest of her things, but all she saw were the kids who hadn't gone away during the brake between semesters talking or wandering around.
Left with nothing to do but unpack, Elie got to work.
The FBI had paid for Elie's new clothing. Before, she'd only had a hand full of shirts a pair of hole-filled jeans, one white dress, and a pair of shorts. When the girl found out she could get rid of her old clothes, she quickly tossed them in the trash, keeping only the t-shirt and the jeans.
Her new wardrobe was much more to her tastes. Most of the shirts were black or red and had the names of various bands or something similar on them. Her jeans (which were various shades of blue and black) were lose around the legs but tight on the hips and, best of all, were very easy to move in. Even in the jeans, she was able to kick very high and run as fast as she could. Her shoes were World's End brand and black with various designs on them, depending on the shoe. On top of all these clothes, she also had several belts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and gloves.
Elie couldn't help but notice the irony. Everyone said the gang took care of you, but she had more now that she'd left then she ever had while she was with them.
As the girl looked at her closet and wardrobe, nodding in approval, someone knocked at the door. She opened the door a crack hopping to see Mr. Simmons, but opened it anyway when she saw it was Jeremy.
"Did you get moved in alright?" he asked. Elie nodded and he smiled at her. "It's almost time for lunch. I thought maybe you'd like to eat with me. It must be intimidating, being your first day and all."
Elie thought about this for a moment and nodded. "Alright. Thank you."
"Some of my friends will be getting back from vacation tomorrow. Would you like to meet them?"
It took Elie a few moments to nod. She was supposed to make friends here, right? And Jeremy seemed ok. Maybe his friends wouldn't be too bad. As long as she didn't have to deal with a Sissy-clone, she doubted there would be any serious problems.
"I'm glad you agreed." He said and walked down the hall, Elie fallowing not far behind. "It's been lonely without everyone here."