What if Natsu, Happy, and Lucy were hopelessly lost in the mountains and are forced to hide in a makeshift cave to outlast the snow storm. Will they be able to survive before they strangle each other or will something else happen~

Lucy knew from the moment that Natsu handed her the job poster at Mount Hakabe, she would have a bad day. Initially, her hunch was correct but what she didn't know was that something else was going to happen…

"I hate you Natsu, you know that right? She says chattering." That was Horologium, one of Lucy's spirits keeping her inside his clock to protect her from the cold.

"You knew we were going to the mountains for the job, not my fault that you didn't wear heavier clothes, he says impatiently." That was Lucy's infuriating partner, Natsu.

"Yeah Lucy, and I thought you were the smart one" chuckled the flying blue cat Happy.

"Shut up cat! She shouts furiously."

"Come on Happy, let's fly over the mountains and see if we can find the wanted bandits fasters. The sooner we finish this, the less we'll hear Lucy complain" Natsu said smiling to his partner.

"Aye!" said Happy as he grabbed Natsu's jacket and flew them away from Lucy and Horologium.

"Wait you jerks, don't leave me alone! She shouts furiously."

Well at least I have Herologium she thought at the very moment that Horologium disappeared because his time ran out leaving her in the middle of nowhere in the cold.

"Darn you Natsu! At least leave me your-" she was about to say until she saw a blanket drift from the sky towards her.

After she grabbed it she said, "Thanks Natsu" knowing that his sensitive hearing could hear her. Yeah she hated the dolt for leaving her behind but she knew that his logic made sense. She really did want to leave before getting a cold.

I just wish I had a fire spirit or something she thought despairingly.

"You wish to punish me princess?"

Lucy suddenly screamed but turned around and realized it was her masochistic maid spirit, Virgo.

"Virgo how many times do I have to tell you that I am not like that? Anyways, I didn't summon you."

"I sensed your distress princess and got you some hot chocolate" said Virgo presenting that said hot chocolate to Lucy.

"Thanks Virgo" said Lucy smiling as she was about to grab the hot chocolate from Virgo's hands.

"Lookie here boys, we got some hot babes here."

"And they're all alone."

"Look at the one in the maid outfit and the chains, she's begging for some of this."

"No way man. Look at the blondie chick. She is out here in the snowy mountains with barely any clothes on. She's practically begging us to jump her."

All of the bandits laughed as their fellow thief said this and as they surrounded Lucy and Virgo.

However, Lucy didn't really notice them. She was so cold that all that she paid attention to was the soothing hot chocolate Virgo was holding in her hands.

The bandits grew impatient at their "victim's" lack of interest and one of them said, "How dare these bitches ignore us!" That same person threw his spear at Virgo.

Of course , she was easily able to dodge the attack but it was at the expense of the hot chocolate falling on the snow right before Lucy could grab it…

"Open the Gate of the Scorpion! Scorpio!" yelled Lucy as tears traveled down her cheeks.

"Both of you, beat those jerks for taking away the only source of hope I had left!" she ordered as she sought for the revenge of the lost hot chocolate.

"Woah, Lucy looks just as mad when she summons Aquarius, it kinda turns me on. But I still love my baby." Normally, Lucy would get mad for a "comment" like that but she was too furious of her lost love to pay any attention.

"Shit, this chick is a wizard!" one of the bandits realized too late.

"RUUU-" the leader of the bandits was about to say until Scorpio cover him with his sand attack, which became a snow attack, and trapped his whole body except his head in snow. A few of the other bandits met the same fate but the rest were buried up 'til their heads by Virgo digging holes beneath their feet.

"Thank you, Scorpio and Virgo you can leave now" said Lucy as she approached the bandit that forced Virgo to drop her hot chocolate slowly with her bangs covering her eyes making her look even more menacing.

"No way, I gotta see this" Scorpio smirked as he waited for the poor bastard that would face Lucy's wrath.

"I await to see this man's punishment princess" said Virgo in her nonchalant voice.

The said bandit sweat dropped buckets of sweat if it was possible in the cold weather that was rapidly getting worse. It was as if the bad weather was being amplified by Lucy's anger. The other bandits, even the leader, felt pity for the poor fool that upset this celestial wizard.

Finally, Lucy got down on her knees to face the bandit eye to eye who was buried in the snow and softly said something that the bandit couldn't hear over the rage of the snow storm.

"W-what?" the bandit hesitated to ask, not wanting to upset the blonde any more than she already was.

"I said…" as she grabbed the hair of the bandit and forced him to look her in the eye, "say sorry."

The bandit almost peed in his pants. It would have been bad enough if she had yelled at him but it was even worse that she talked to him calmly but menacingly with that cold blank look in her eyes. She didn't even stutter as she said those words to him because her rage was enough to block out the cold.

"I-I-I-I'M SORRY! I promise I won't look down on girls ever again, just PLEAAASE don't kill me!" screamed the poor bandit pitifully as tears ran down his cheeks.

Just as Lucy was about to correct him that it was the innocent loss of life (the hot chocolate) that she was upset about, her partner finally came back.

As Natsu was approaching the ground with Happy said, "Look Natsu, I told you leaving Lucy alone would bring out the bandits."

"Yeah but she defeated all of them and left none of them for me" Natsu pouted to Happy. "Sheesh Lucy, you're stronger when you're scary" Natsu said without a care not knowing that he was getting the celestial wizard's anger even worse if that was even possible.

"Aye" said Happy agreeing with Natsu.

Just as Lucy turned her face towards Natsu, he and and Happy both sweat dropped and experienced the flight response they always had when Erza got mad at them. Virgo and Scorpio smiled at their bad timing, the terrorized bandit sighed in relief at his reprieve, and the other bandits sweat dropped even more at the dragon slayer's and the poor cat's bad luck not even wondering how a blue cat was able to fly.

"So you're saying that you abandoned me as bait…"

"Well not at first-" Happy tried to reason with her but in vain.

"In the cold all alone" Lucy continued to say as if she didn't even here Natsu.

"Well at least I gave you a blanket…" Natsu half smiled as he tried to calm his partner down.

"The only source of hope I had left was that beautiful source of warmth" she said menacingly as she pointed out close by the hot chocolate that was spilled in the snow.

"However it was taken away from me by these bandits that attacked me. If it wasn't for you two, then they never would have come and then this travesty never would have happened!" yelled Lucy with a gleam in her eye.

"Natsuuuu, Lucy's scaring me" cried Happy. Natsu couldn't help but agree. He hardly saw Lucy mad but when he did it was scary indeed.

"Lucy kiiiiick!" screamed Lucy as she obviously kicked Natsu and Happy towards a mountain of snow that created a small makeshift cave.

"Not to ruin the fun princess, but the storm is getting worse. I'll help make the cave bigger so you, Natsu, and Happy can stay warm and wait out the storm."

"Dammit Virgo, it was just getting good" complained Scorpio before closing his own gate and returning to the spirit world.

"Wait!" screamed the leader of the bandits. "You can't just leave us out here to die!"

As Natsu and Happy recovered from Lucy's ferocious kick Natsu said, "Yeah Lucy, don't forget if we don't turn in these bandits we won't get the reward mon-" he was about to say but quickly shut up due to the nasty mean look Lucy gave Natsu.

"Natsu, grab all the bandits and bring them inside" said Lucy as she entered the cave.

"Aye" Natsu replied fearfully as he quickly freed the bandits from their snow covered prisons and pushed them into the cave. The bandits were too scared to escape because of the blonde's wrath.

"Natsu, let's promise never to leave Lucy again" said Happy worriedly.

"Aye…" said Natsu as he and Happy entered the cave. When Virgo finished covering the entrance of the cave with snow to block out the storm, Natsu couldn't help but admire Lucy's strength that she displayed with the bandits. But at the same time, he and Happy were scared because they had to figure out how to calm down Lucy. After all, the snow storm could last for hours and Lucy could bruise them a lot beyond recognition if they didn't make her normal again…

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