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"Downtown" Lady Antebellum

Chapter 1: Starting Rays

The sun's rays peek just a little bit over the horizon that early morning. The weather was cold and everywhere there was fog in the city of Mobius. The sun's rays went through the fog's clouds to a neighborhood. In that quiet neighborhood not too far away from town, inside a red house a little pink hedgehog slept. She was curled in her pink blanket on her bed full of pillows and dolls. The window to her room was wide open letting all the cold air in. The coldness didn't affect this young hedgehog since she was warm with all the comfortableness around. As the sun began to rise, the rays reached her eyes and shined through the fog.

The pink hedgehog opened her eyes slowly, fluttering blinks a few times. The sun caught her by surprised and she stared outside the window for a moment. The morning of school had arrived so it meant it was time to get up. As much as she didn't want to she didn't want to be late to school. She gave out a low yawn and she stood up in a sitting position. She gave out a small moan as she stretched out her arms and squinted her eyes. She threw her covers and hopped out of bed.

The pink hedgehog ran to her large head-to-toe mirror and bluntly stared at herself. Her green pajamas were wrinkled and her hair was all frizzed up. She threw herself a disgusting look at how revolting she looked and then ran to the restroom while taking a towel that hanged on a lamp stand on the way.

As the sun rose up high now, the fog soon decreased and faded away. The neighborhood was now alive with people leaving their homes and rushing to their cars to head to work or take their children to school. It was still early but the time was ticking and inside the red house, the pink hedgehog was still fixing herself. She combed her wet quills slowly to make them perfectly straight. She wore a pleated Blouse with a navy shirt and flats. Once she finished combing her quills she grabbed a white bow clip. She placed it high near her ear and clipped it on. She smiled at the mirror for she looked very pretty. A simple white style was the way she liked it.

The sound of a sudden honk broke her out of her trance. She got up from the chair she had been sitting on and rushed to her window. Below her house in the drive way was a small green. The convertible had no roof-top and so she was able to see a brown chipmunk with black sunglasses staring up at her. She took off her glasses and smirked up at the pink hedgehog. The hedgehog's eyes lit up and she ran from the window out her room's door.

Outside, the chipmunk waited for her friend as she closed her front door. She walked to the car with her backpack hung on her shoulder. "You're looking pretty today." The chipmunk complimented her as she unlocked the doors. The hedgehog blushed and smiled brightly. "Thank you,"

"A Vintage Canvas, Nice." The chipmunk pointed out at her backpack and her eyes looked shocked from amusement. "You've suddenly gone into style lately. I'm impressed Amy."

The pink hedgehog, by the name of Amy Rose, nervously smiled and opened the door to the car. "Yes," She sat in the front seat after closing the car's door and putting her seat belt. "I finally got a job and some money to buy my things." She explained.

The chipmunk giggled and she moved her hand to the handle and moved it down to 'D' and started the car, getting off the drive way and into the street. "That's good; all you're missing is to show it off." She cheerfully pointed out and dashed the car across the street.

The cars were parking to the sides of the sidewalks, parents leaving their teenager kids at school. Others dropping themselves off since they already knew how to drive and had their own cars. They were all arriving to Knothole Mobius High or Knothole High. A few mobians were hanging around the front of the school either around the gate or the steps. The convertible entered the parking lot where the students could park their cars.

A few girls, around there, were leaning against a jeep. One of the girls was on top of the car's front edge and her head turned hearing the sound of a car coming in. The girls spotted the car and their faces immediately illuminated with smiles.

"Hey, look it's Sally," The mongoose pointed out at the driver in the green car. The chipmunk parked the car near the edge of the lot and there she turned off the engine and jumped out from the top of the door to the ground. "Hey chickys,"

"Sally! You're finally here! We were wondering if you'd ever show up." The mongoose said, her eagerly attitude sparking brightly.

Amy noticed her friend, Mina, a sweet and completely optimistic mongoose, was happy this morning. She was a girly fashion, always wore cute skirts and shirts that made her look pretty and young. Amy smiled when she noticed her.

"What? And miss all the fun?" Sally questioned while smirking. "No, never will I,"

"'Course you wouldn't," Agreed the purple cat, Blaze. She smirked as she turned her head to the girl next to her.

A red fox with a black top and jacket with tights and boots looked at Amy. "Hello, Amy, didn't even care to say hi."

"No, no, I did, but you all were so distracted you didn't hear me." Amy slyly announced to the group.

"Too busy for a friend? Geez Amy, where do you get these thoughts?" The fox responded.

"Yea," Mina echoed, "Where have you been in that little head of yours for the past months? I mean you've been a little off. Right, Blaze? Bunny?"

Bunny nodded her head, fixing her cowgirl hat. She was looking at her pink pop-out mirror and fixing her makeup. The purple cat only smirked shaking her head. Amy nervously chuckled and Sally wrapped an arm around her. "Alright, stop it people," Sally puffed at them in a protective tone. "Amy will be Amy,"

Amy chuckled and shrugged then her ears picked up a sound. She turned her head to the side and her eyes arose from where she stood. Fiona, who sat on the Mina's jeep that belonged to Mina she saw a blue mobile entering the parking lot. The girls all turned as well seeing the same thing

A blue Lamborghini turned its wheels to a parking space near the front of school catching everyone's attention. It stopped its engine and the girls around heads spun. The doors of the car opened up to five boys. Three hedgehogs, an echidna and a fox, all came out with cool expression. They all closed the doors to the car and walked together as a group to a bunch of girls, where the leader Knuckles, wrapped his arm around one of them. All the girls seemed to have their heads turned when they saw them, all except Sally.

"There here," Mina gushed.

"And I could care less." Sally grumble.

Amy stared at the boys coming out of the vehicle, blankly. They attracted attention like crazy. All the girls loved them and all the guys respected them, they were very well known at school. Amy didn't gush or squeal like other girls did. Amy knew who they were and the reputation they had, but she didn't try to think about it too much. When she'd hear their names around she'd maybe peek or turn out of common sense, but that was all. Getting their attention meant drama and that was something Amy was avoiding at the moment.

"I can't believe you puppy love after these suckers. I mean, there're not even nice. All they cause is commotion to anyone who knows them." Sally complained. Amy blinked twice and brought her focus back to the group.

"But they're so cool and I've known mobians whom dated the leader. They say he'll protect you from whatever and that he's a gentleman." Blaze explained.

"Knuckles?" asked Mina.

"Yea, until he dumps you." Fiona added on to Sally's defense.

Amy shook her head and rolled her eyes hearing her friends talk about the guys at school again. She took another peek at the boys entering the school with a few girls, each guy laughing or smiling. It angered. She was soon interrupted by the sound of a bell ringing. "First Period," she announced and turned to her friends, "I got to go guys."

"Yea, we'll see you later." Sally told her.

Amy waved her goodbye and walked towards the school entrance. Her friends smiled then turned to continue talking.

Amy walked down the hallways and ignored everyone's conversations and blocked them out of her head. She ignored the people who were looking at her cute outfit and saying she was cute. All around her was muted from her brain and only the sounds of her breathing stayed. She reached her locker and began to open it with the combination. She had marked the two numbers and she was turning to the last when, clicking it open.


She turned around quickly and gasped finding her friend staring at her weirdly. Amy sighed and smiled at her friend, Cream. A small bunny friend she's known for the longest. The concern look she put through Amy off. She always had to be happy in front of her, for her sake, so she forced a smile to everyone…always.

"You okay?"

Amy laughed, "What? Of course. What makes you think that?"

"Well, you've been a little out of it for some time now." Cream pouted and crossed her arms.

Amy sternly looked at her for the moment and then shrugged. "School's been tough on me." She said nonchalant, turning around to her locker and stuffing her history book in. She held an expressionless face that Cream couldn't read. "I'm just a little tired. That's all." She shut her locker and turned to her. She smirked at her and winked adding, "But I'll be fine."

She walked around her and left Cream, abjectly standing there in place. Cream turned around slowly and watched as her friend walked away to class with nothing else to say.

"Settle down class! I will be taking role now,"

The red echidna in class laughed and leaned back against his chair, his arms crossing behind his back. "Role ay?" he chuckled, "Hey guys, watch this,"

The teacher looked at a clip he had in his hands and began reading the names upon him. "Michel Derek?"


"Dezi Kilk?"


"Rimmy Hille?"

"Sucks walnuts," the echidna snorted.

The kid who's name had been called and insulted flinch and nervously looked down.

The boys in the back chuckled and snorted to themselves along with a few people in class. The teacher growled and angrily marked the student present. She apologetically looked at the poor kid and continued on.

"Knuckles, you're such a pain." The blue hedgehog whispered while smiling.

"Pure child's play," added on a white hedgehog, Silver, his hands wiggling while with his power of telekinesis he played with a few items.

"Next time, why don't ya prank the people's chairs instead." suggested the black hedgehog without much interest.

"That sounds slick. Shadow start collecting water balloons and fill 'em up with water," Knuckles ordered.

Shadow didn't react to such a comment, but merely shrugged his shoulders off. The blue hedgehog at the end laughed but turned around hearing the sounds of doors opening. A beige bunny came in holding her slide purse backpack.

"Tarty Cream," The teacher scolded her.

Cream nervously nodded avoiding contact with anybody. "Sorry," she muttered as she went to the side of the classroom to go sit next to the blue hedgehog. She sighed taking a seat and placed her bag in front of her on the desk. Suddenly felt bothered by the feeling of having two eyes piercing at her.

She turned.

He was evilly smirking at her.

"What?" Cream dared ask him.

"Too busy kissing your boyfriend that you came late to class," he sneered.

"Never," she said defensively, "I was talking to my friend," she corrected taking out a pencil and her notebook for the class. The teacher had started writing on the whiteboard and she had to start writing or she'd be behind on notes.

"Who friend? A girl?"

"Sonic relax. You don't have to know." Cream giggled and turned to her piece of paper. "She's just an old friend of mine."


By the time the clock struck twelve Amy walked down the school hall to walk to the lunch cafeteria. She had nobody by her side and was walking alone unlike the rest of the girls whom had a friend or two by their side. She walked proudly ignoring everyone around her. She didn't hate the world, but didn't let anyone see her emotions as quickly. At least to strangers she didn't, her friends were a different story, but even to her friends she hid most of her self-emotions. She'd hide her feelings before people's eyes could even be able to read them. Her friendship was too hard to gain due to the fact she had no trust for just anyone. Amy only had her group of girls as her friends. The rest were either classmates or people in her eyes.

"Hey sweetheart," Amy shut her eyes closed and continued walking as if they weren't calling on her. "Hey where are ya going?"

Amy's eyes slightly open finally reaching her destination. She entered the noisy cafeteria and her eyes began to search for her friends. People around her were shouting, laughing, eating and just being teenagers. Amy's eyes narrowed and her attention went away thinking of teenagers. How there so happy in their own little world of problems and wonderlands and it disgusted her. Her heart clenched as she thought of them all being so happy while she's holding on to pain, pain that wanted to come out and that she never let out, because she never could. She shook her head "Get a hold of yourself," she, mused her voice seeming to want to crack.

Her mind was brought back to reality when she hit someone. Her head bounced off the chest of a blue hedgehog. He was a bit taller than her and so he wasn't pushed or affected by this hit. The blue hedgehog quickly grabbed on to her shoulders to steady her from falling. "Whoa, I'm sorry," he chuckled cheerfully.

Amy looked up at the guy, the one that most of the girls talked about. His smile irritated her because it felt so cheerful and new to her. This guy was part of the rude boys who held a reputation. She was right in front of one of them, so of course she thought the same thing as she thought for the rest of them. She was going to push his arm away but he had already let her go. He then walked passed her and went off getting lost in the pack of students around. Amy deep inside was confused, but didn't question it. She blankly walked away the other direction she was going to and forgot that she even met him.

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