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Peer Gynt: In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Chapter 14: Break in

Sonic and his group of friends stood near the lockers talking, laughing early that morning before school started. It was a fine morning cold and it was near the last ending weeks of December. Cream walked along the hallways looking upset. She walked outside the school doors and immediately spotted Sonic suddenly talking to his friends outside a bench. She backed away but kept staring at Sonic. If only she could get his attention, but how having all his friends around him. Cream turned to the side and sighed. Luckily, when she turned back around to gaze at him, he was already looking at her. Cream's face lit up and made a motion with her hands mentioning for him to get inside the school's halls. Sonic turned to his friends said a few words and sped off leaving them confused.

Cream smiled and entered the school. Once inside she looked around wondering from which side Sonic would appear on. She looked around, but she it was just her in a semi-empty hall. Only a few mobians roamed the halls early mornings.

"What happened?"

Sonic asked appearing behind her although Cream wasn't startled by it. She turned around showing her small smile. "Good morning Sonic," She began and he chuckled nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm sorry. Good morning Cream it's just you look hastened."

"I know, but still I'd like a greeting," She said giggling. After her laugh died down she cleared her throat and leaned close to him. Sonic raised an eyebrow interested. "But I came to talk to you about Amy,"

He leaned his ear closer to her mouth and insisted, "Tell me,"

"Amy got sick and I need your help in getting medicine afterschool. May you come with me please?" She asked.

Sonic nodded vigorously and asked, "How sick is she?"

"Fever and a high one," She said and backed away. "I don't know what this medicine looks like but Tails said Micro-one is a good to lower high fevers and antibodies and why not." She laughed, "He got all geeky on me."

"Yea we'll go to the pharmacy. Wait for me afterschool near your class I'll pick you up." He said. Cream's smile spread into a grin and she bowed her head. "Thank you so much."

Sonic smiled and patted her head before walking away and going back outside with his friends. Going outside the doors Sonic sighed and had an instant urge to go to Amy's house to see how she was, but he didn't know where she lived. He flipped out his phone and speed dialed her. He placed the phone on his ear and waited as it made the calling. After a few rings there was no response and he shut his phone. Sonic clicked his tongue and narrowed his eyes. "She's probably asleep," he said and walked towards his friends. "Probably,"


Sonic did just as he had said. Afterschool he picked up Cream from class and they both headed out on the search for medicine. Cream smiled up at Sonic as they got out through the school's gate. The sun was set low in the horizon creating the orange sky. It was becoming dark soon. Cream could see how Sonic's rich blue color was darker with a tint of orange mixing from it.

"You really do care about Amy," She suddenly blurted out.

Sonic turned to her and nodded without hesitation. Cream giggled and her hands held together behind her back. She looked up at the sky. "I believe she cares about you too, just, isn't use to admitting things like that."

"Why?" He asked looking curious.

"Amy's like that. She never learned to trust much. She thought mobians were too easy to betraying each other." She explained.

Sonic pouted. "Not everyone is like that," He muttered.

"I know, but Sally thought that way and proved to her friends that it was so." She said. Cream turned to Sonic. "Sally's always been ambitious and she always wants to win, wants to be right, and will do anything to make sure of it."

Sonic wrinkled his nose and opened his mouth in bizarre. He leaned back and shook his head. "That chipmunk," He scoffed and frowned. "Someone should knock some sense to her."

"I've tried to tell her to let go of the past." She said. Sonic's eyes widened. "But she's so stubborn and doesn't like traitors."

Sonic's eyes widened, "Are you talking about Knuckles?" He asked.

"Yea," She said.

Sonic went into thinking mode placing his hand on his chin and rubbing it smoothly. So the story was Sally had trust issues do to Knuckles "supposedly" cheating on her. So she told all her friends including Amy that some mobians were not to be trusted, especially Knuckles group, consisting him as one of the members. Sonic hummed to himself in thought and Cream looked up at him curiously.

"So she's afraid to be betrayed…" he muttered. Cream blinked up at him as they entered the town area. The pharmacy was just around the corner and Cream bite her lip. "We're almost there,"

Sonic stretched out his hands and asked, "Why didn't Tails come and help you pick up the medicine?"

"He was busy with some project from school and stayed to finish it. So I had to get it for her, but I wanted you to come because I know you care about Amy. I want her to see that." Cream said.

Sonic blushed a bit and smirked to the side. He wondered to himself what Amy's face would look like if she would've heard that. She might have blushed too, he thought. Seeing her blush was rare but when he'd see it he'd cherish it for it was the only time she showed her true feelings.

Amy coughed lightly as Sonic and Cream entered through the door of Tail's household. She was covered in blankets and was lying on the couch with pillows stuffed behind her. Upon seeing Amy Sonic grinned and Amy frowned. "What…?"

"You look beautiful." He said and Amy frown bend even more.

"I'm not in the mood to hear that today." Amy said throwing the covers over her face.

Cream giggled and walked into the living room. "Tails?!"

"Yea?" A small voice came from the distance. He was down in the garage probably still working on his project…or another invention. Cream although smiled and shook her head. "Sonic bought you something to help you cure." She said softly to Amy. Amy uncovered her head and turned to face Sonic who looked up and smirked. "Thank you."

Sonic laughed and winked at her, but Amy didn't react to him. Cream moved next to her. "You know we could've sent you the medicine home. It could've saved you the walk."

Sonic moved in next to her "Why didn't your parents get you medicine though? Don't they know you're sick?"

There was an instant change of reaction that was quick and dark. For a moment Sonic could see that the sentence Cream said bothered Amy. The reaction didn't linger so Cream hadn't notice like Sonic had. "My mom was called up at work. She has to make a sudden business trip last night." Amy said in a low voice.

"Oh, it's okay, I mean you could stay here," Cream said cheerfully.

"No, I'll leave in a few. I just wanted to get the medicine." She explained.

"Do you want me to take you home?" Sonic suddenly spoke unwilling to hold himself from saying so.

"No, I can go home by myself." She said causally.

"Here's the medicine," Cream said and handed Amy a bottle that was round and blue. Amy grabbed it and sat up from the pile of covers and pillows feeling dizzy. Sonic already had her in his arms to keep her from falling. Worried about the fact she was feeling weak he didn't want her to stress her body. It took Amy a while to figure out he held her from falling and she shook her head lightly pushing him away. "Thank you," She held her head and walked towards the door. Sonic reached out for her, but stopped himself half way watching Amy leave out the front door.

"Leave her be. She needs to rest. We can visit her later if you're so worried." Cream offered.

Sonic's eyes popped and his head whipped to her. "You know where she lives?"

Cream's eyes lit halfway and she smirked. "I'm her best friend. What do you expect." And with that she walked off to see Tails.

It was dark as Tails Cream and Sonic walked down the street. Cream carried a little box full of small sweet that she made for Amy when she felt better. Sonic looked from house to house as they passed each one wondering which one it was. Cream noticed and giggled.

"Her house is at the end of the street." She told him. He immediately looked to the far end to see a red second story abandoned-looking house with old fences and little grass and a driveway. Sonic's eyes blinked and he turned to Tails. Tails nodded.

Sonic cleared his throat as they approached the house.

A loud cough erupted from Amy's mouth and as she curled herself under her bed sheets. Her room was dark and it was now night. Her phone placed on top of the drawer. The only light that came through her bedroom was the moonlight's. As she breathed peacefully, downstairs in the back the house's window of her kitchen, a shadow peeked its head inside the house. Looking around the dark living room it saw no one inside and took the chance to pick the lock on the window by sticking a thin medal stick in through the hole and turning the handle from the inside to open the window. The Mobian had a black mask on and it wore a black shirt with tights. It entered through the open window. As it entered it didn't noticed it accidently touched one of the vases on top of the window counter and it tipped over and crashed on the tile of the kitchen counter. Still it gracefully stepped on inside looking around if anyone was inside.

At that very moment Sonic's eyes twitched as he was about to knock on the door. Tails' eyes widened and Cream froze. For a moment they all stood quiet wondering what that noise was. From inside Amy's eyes widened and she looked up.

The robber stepped into the living room slowly and stopped. The floor was now wooden and it made walking harder because it creaked. Sonic heard it and he narrowed his eyes.

"Amy?" he spoke.

Amy had gotten to the doorway of her room when she heard a light voice call her name. She shook her head thinking she was dreaming for she was still dizzy. The hall outside her room was dark but she didn't bother turning on the lights. She walked down the hall to head downstairs.

Sonic turned to Tails. "I swore I heard someone inside."

Cream backed away and Tails turned to the side and looked inside through the window next to the door. Tails' eyes widened when it saw a shadow swiftly move to the side to hide from his view but Tails' eyes caught it quickly.

He backed away and rushed to the door. "Someone's inside and it doesn't look like Amy." He said getting ready to open the door. He grabbed a pin that was on Cream's ear and was getting ready to pick the door. Sonic rushed to the window and saw darkness. He didn't know what was going up but since Tails was acting up then he was too and got worried.

As Amy got to the stairs she heard a lot of rushing and movement downstairs she got scared. Frightened she pulled out her hammer from thin air and wobbly walked down her first stair and then just as she was about to take her second step she heard footsteps that sounded close. She stopped and when she looked up she saw a dark figure with mask and she stopped.

A screech was heard from inside the house just as Tails unlocked the door and Sonic, without a second thought, burst in. Inside the darkness prevented him from clearly seeing, but as he entered inside his eyes adjusted and he saw a black figure falling down from the stairs. Then another figure followed behind. He saw it was Amy and his eyes narrowed.

The figure got up quickly and got tackled down by Sonic but Sonic was kicked to the side and the figure tried running but Sonic's used his foot to make the mobian trip over. Sonic got up and so did the robber and they both went into punches as Cream traveled across the living room to get to Amy who was passed out on the floor. Tails stood on the doorway as Sonic was thrown to the wall near the fireplace. Something fell on his head and cracked as it fell to the floor.

The figure took out a shiny object and Sonic's eyes widened. It began to vigorously move it close to Sonic but Sonic crawled back and got up barely missing getting cut by the knife on his arm. Sonic growled and the figure laughed but his laughing didn't last for something smashed on his head knocking him out. Tails stood with a wrench on his hands. Tails smirked and spun the wrench between his fingers.

"Nothing beats the hard working wrench." He cracked and Sonic grinned. "Way to go Tails!"

"You guys,"

They turned around and saw Cream with a passed out Amy on his laps on the floor. Sonic rushed to their side and Tails stayed besides the robber taking out his phone.

"Amy!?" Sonic fell to his knees and his hand removed the bangs that were covering her face.

"I'm calling the cops." Tails said dialing numbers on his long radio looking phone.

"No wait," Cream gasped. "You can't call the cops here. Take this guy to our house and make the cops go there. Amy will fit if the cops came here."

Tails nodded and finished dialing. Cream turned to Sonic. "Take her upstairs. Tails and I will handle the police but make sure she's unharmed." Cream ordered him.

"Alright," Sonic said obediently. He moved his hands under Amy's knees and held her back to carry her up from the floor. He made his way up and Cream walked over to Tails who was talking on the phone. She cracked her hands and grunted. "Alright who do we have here?"

She removed the mask off the face and to her surprise it was a lady raccoon. Her lips were dark red and her eye shadow was light blue. Cream blinked and turned to Tails who was still talking on the phone but made a surprise face.

"This is funny…"

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