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a lot- 21 savage

Sunflower- Post Malone/Swae Lee

Chapter 16: Help

The wind was picking up. It blew softly from time to time and while it was a sunny day out it was awfully strange that it was windy.

"Oh no!" Sally cried as a bag full of groceries fell onto the floor.

It's as if everything was going wrong and today just didn't seem to be her day. Sally didn't waste any time and bend down to pick up some of the fruits and cans that fell off the side of the bag that ripped. Everyone around her was passing by and wasn't caring about her problem but her. It was her problem. Sally looked around to see if anything else was on the floor and she spotted a can of beans not too far away from her reach. She reached out to grab it, but someone accidently kicked it away.

Sally growled and watched as the Mobian business man left without even knowing what he'd done. She turned around and before she knew it someone was already picking up the beans. Sally's eyes widened as she saw Sonic look at the can and then at her with a smile.

He walked up to her and extended the beans out to her. "Rude aren't they,"

Sally got up slowly without breaking eye contact and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Um…thank you,"

Sonic handed it to her and then nodded. "You're Welcome. See ya around,"

Sonic walked passed her and Sally turned around feeling her cheeks heated. "Hey!"

Sonic turned around from the shout of his name.

"Are you following me?" Sally dared asked.

Sonic raised an eyebrow with a smirk. "I'm heading to a friend's house,"

"So, you're not following me?" Sally lowered the bags in her hand and watched Sonic cross his arms quite interested where this conversation was leading to.

"No. We both live in the same town and happen to go to the same school," Sonic stated with a smile. "I just found you coincidently."

Sally closed her mouth and watched as he gave a chuckle. Every time she saw him, Sonic was happy. She wasn't close to him at all but she knew he was a ball of beaming positivity. Sally clutched her bags tightly. But him trying to be nice to her could be an act. Sonic's eyes observed at how she held them. The bag seemed full on each hand and it was tugging her down. Sonic smiled and took the opportunity to grab a bag off her hand.

"What are you-?!"

"It looks heavy. I'll help you." Sonic offered to Sally's surprise. "Are you heading that way? I am too!"

Sally's eyes widened. "N-No you don't have to!"

"I wanna help. It's fine," Sonic told her with a grin. At that moment Sally's heart fluttered. It threw her off because she allowed herself to take his offer and walk her down to her neighborhood.

On the walk there, Sonic made conversation to get her to open up to him and without a doubt it worked. He listened to her talk about how she went to get groceries for her mom and was having a tiresome day. He realized she loved to talk about herself and to feel heard. Sonic hardly did any talking at the end because she grew comfortable talking to him. He was surprised that she did. He stopped at a street and Sally turned to him.

"It means a lot, you helping," She told him as he handed her the bag, but she had forgotten her strength and the bag weighed her down.

"Whoa," Sally gasped but Sonic caught her bag again, helping her up.

"You good?" Sonic asked blinking with a small smile forming once Sally giggled.

"Yea," She began, "I forgot how heavy it was."

"Then I'm happy I help," Sonic breezily said.

At that moment, a phone rang. Sally thought it was her phone but Sonic took out his phone from his back quills. He looked at the caller I.D and she could've sworn she saw his eyes beam. She hadn't seen that expression before. He looked back at her with a smile.

"Anyway, I have to go now, but I'll see you around school?"

Sally felt disappointed, but she nodded. "Yea. Again, thank you for helping,"

"No problem. Catch you around." He said with a wave and disappeared leaving his blue streak before that disappeared too. Sally was left feeling a little fussy from the encounter. She'd never expected Sonic to be quite a gentleman from all the rumors that were going around. His last sentences excited her. She would be seeing him again.

The wind kept blowing but not so much that it created howls. It blew Amy's quills lightly as she waited for the Sonic. She'd been staring at her phone, surprised herself, that she'd even call him. She sighed and looked to the side. She couldn't remember a time she'd ever call him. He'd only call her. Although, she called him for a good reason she reminded herself. This couldn't wait. She had a thing or two to say to him.

Sonic arrived next to Amy in a flash and with a grin plastered on his face. Amy felt her fist clench and she aim to hit his shoulder, but Sonic dodged it.

"What the hell are you doing to my life?" She growled keeping her voice low for unwanted attention.

"Most people, when presented with an opportunity like this, usually say 'thank you'." Sonic replied with amusement in his eyes.

Amy shook her head. "Stop doing this. I don't need your help."

"But you need to get out of that bar." Sonic said bringing up. Amy avoided looking at him and said, "That's not your concern,"

Sonic blew air up. She was so stubborn. He crossed his arms and looked straight at her. She could feel the way his eyes pierced through her soul in a scolding manner. "I know what goes on at that bar. You end late, you hardly get hours anymore and fights go on. You could get hurt. Plus, not to mention you're the only girl working there."

Amy stayed quiet. She hated to admit he had a point. She didn't like working at the bar, but she needed to make money and so she took anything that was available at the time. Sonic went side by side with her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Amy gasped and looked up at his smile. "Let's give it a try,"

He was staring at his Uncle's shop which they were both in front of. She had gotten a job offering call from his uncle saying he'd give her a job and with extra pay than where she was. It was all part of Sonic's doing which she could never admit she needed from him, but she was flattered he cared enough to take that extra step.

And her heart jumped.

Amy blinked her hand going up to her chest feeling weird.


Sonic glanced at her confused. She hadn't given him a response yet. Amy took his arm off her shoulder and stepped away from him.

"I'm going to check it out, but it's nothing guaranteed, okay?"

Sonic extended his hand out as if presenting something and allowed her to go before him. Amy bite her lip as she entered the doors of the restaurant. Last time she had been there it was because they had invited her to eat. She never thought she'd be coming back and more as an employee. She searched around for Sonic's uncle and in the sort-of-busy restaurant until she found him attending to someone.

Amy rubbed the side of her arm and paused, suddenly feeling a little nervous. Sonic caught on and grabbed her shoulder guiding her to the back. His Uncle finally finished talking and turned, to see a glimpse of Sonic waving at him and entering pass some curtains into the kitchen.

"I'm beginning to think this was a bad idea," Amy complained as she walked pass the curtains.

"No, no. Amy, just have confidence. My uncle already likes you," Sonic voice trailed off as another voice interjected.

"Amy Rose!"

They both turned and behind Sonic walked forward his Uncle Chuck through the curtains.

Amy bowed her head out of respect. "It's nice to see you again, Sir."

"Sir?!" Uncle Chuck said completely baffled. He turned to Sonic for answers but Sonic only chuckled. "My, I don't remember the last time I was called Sir," He teased.

Amy's eyes widened. "Oh. Then what would you like to be called?"

"Simple!" Uncle Chuck rose his finger. "Chuck or Uncle Chuck if you may." He winked with a little chuckle and Amy pushed down the strong urge to feel embarrassed. She dared not look at Sonic, who grinned at her.

Uncle Chuck walked over to a table in the middle of the kitchen and mentioned for them to walk and sit down next to him. Sonic guided Amy to the table and they both sat down.

"I assume you're interested in becoming part of the Chili House team?!" Uncle Chuck pipped his eyebrows lifting enthusiastically.

"If you would allow me to." Amy replied formally.

"She's so professional!" Uncle Chuck laughed turning to Sonic who chuckled. "Again, you don't have to be so formal with me, little lady," He began, with a benign manner.

"Uhh…" Amy was left stumped not knowing how to react.

"All you have to do here is smile, gleam and greet the customers. We do often get rushes, but it's nothing we can't handle." Uncle Chuck told her while laughing and stood up. "Alright you're hired."

"Wha-!?" Amy mumbled feeling confused.

"She will make a fine team member. You can start whenever you are ready. Let Sonny boi, here, know when you are ready, and I'll start your training." He told her.

"T-thank you. I will do my best!" She told him with a small smile which Sonic saw out of the corner of his eye.

Uncle Chuck laughed and patted her head as well as Sonic's. "You both are good O'l kids!" He chuckled and walked passed them. Leaving them alone at least, Sonic grinned at her and then leaned forward. "See, I told you he likes you,"

Amy glanced over at him with a deadpan look. She had nothing to say to him, because he was right. Maybe this job would be for the better.

Amy took a deep breath. Sonic was already staring her down with the look he always gave Amy. Only this time, Amy's heart jumped. Sonic's eyes seem to have gleamed at her which brought out the color of his eyes, which she hadn't noticed before. Amy's eyes widened, and she whipped her head around. She realized it was an obvious move when Sonic suddenly looked confused.

Before Sonic could question it, Amy spoke, "I'll start tomorrow. Let your Uncle know I can arrive whenever he needs."

"Okay," Sonic replied while still eyeing her. She was averting her eyes. Amy cleared her throat and gave a small glance back. "Thanks,"

She walked away as Sonic stared back confusingly at her. Slowly, he grinned. He could feel little butterflies in his stomach. He was getting there. Slowly, but surely.

"He's actually charming!"

Sally leaned back looking up at the sky as Mina, Fiona and Blaze stared appalled. Mina leaned closer to Sally. "Sonic? Knuckles', friend?"

She emphasized on his name to try to bring Sally back into reality, but this girl was hooked. Sally recalled the way Sonic had helped her, how soft his voice was speaking to her and how strong he was.

Fiona could see the way Sally was leaving the real world again and groaned. Her head whipped around to Bunny who was sitting around flipping her hat up and down back and forth. "Bunny! Snap her out of this,"

Bunny turned to her with her usual expressionless face and blinked twice. She faced Sally, examined her face and turned back to Fiona shrugging.

"Unbelievable," Fiona gasped.

"You really going to let one moment, one encounter, change your whole mind about them. You said so yourself. They're not to be trusted." Blaze tried reasoning with Sally.

"Have you guys tried talking to him? Knuckles was a different case, but Sonic is different. I can feel it!" Sally turned to Mina, "Maybe he can disband his group and come with us. He shouldn't be with them," Sally told them.

"Whoa…now you're jumping too fast." Mina said her voice tuning low and confused.

"Morning girls,"

Everyone turned and saw Amy rushing to the tables where the girls were, her quills scattered and looking short of breath. She had come from one of her classes. Lunch had started and as usually her class is always letting her out late and therefore arriving late, having less time to eat. The cafeteria was loud and every student body was just trying to get a bite to eat.

"Sorry I'm late,"

"Ouf! You're just in time!" Blaze held her hand against her heart relieved. "Please tell this girl that she is out of her mind,"

"What's going on?" Amy asked raising an eyebrow.

"I think she has a crush on Sonic," Mina told her.

That statement caught Amy off guard that she almost dropped her bag that she was holding. Amy caught it and opened her mouth to say something, but she couldn't find anything to say. All she felt was a weird pang in her chest.

"I met him. He's not a bad guy," Sally defensively told her.

"You met him?" Amy repeated her eyebrow still up.

"He was sweet and even helped me out with my bags. He's a gentleman!" Sally told her a bit coyly.

"You said the same thing about Knuckles," Amy said in a low tone which startled the girls. Amy's eyes slowly began to narrow. "Look how that turned out."

"Whoa, Amy, calm down. He's different. You've got to meet him," Sally said a little shaken by Amy's change in reaction.

"This isn't like you Sally. What did he tell you?"

"Nothing! I just think we should give him a chance."


"Yea, maybe bring him over to our side. Or we could even use him against Knuckles."

Amy shook her head and backed away. At that point she wasn't thinking about Sonic, or why suddenly Sally was thinking this way. She didn't care how they met either. All she was thinking about was Cream.

"After what you did to Cream," Amy augmented the tension once she said that. Sally narrowed her eyes too and she stood up from the table's chair. Fiona and Blaze tried holding her back down, but Sally forced her way up. She stood up to Amy's level. Looking at her eye to eye.

"What Cream did to us, you mean." Sally grumbled brazenly.

"No. You banished her without an explanation." Amy replied back.

Amy averted her eyes and her mouth sealed shut. She was clearly upset.

There was a pause before Sally continued, "Cream lied to us. Cream went against us. She told everything to her little boyfriend."

Other students started to turn their heads around seeing the commotion. From a far distance Sonic, Tails and Shadow caught the commotion. His eyes widened as Amy was being shouted at. Without thinking, he allowed his feet to suddenly jerk and start walking towards them, but Tails held him back. "Wait,"

"You didn't even give her a chance to explain herself!" Amy began yelling, releasing emotions hardly anyone has ever seen before.

"She betrayed us! Why are you still protecting her!?"

"Because It wasn't her fault!" Amy shouted.


Everywhere there were gasps and the room almost went silent. Amy covered her cheek as she backed away from the one that had raised her hand first. Amy dropped her hand showing the red mark on her cheek. Amy glared at Sally and whirled her backpack on to her back. She grabbed her lunch bag and turned away and without another word marched straight out of the cafeteria.

"Amy," Mina called out, but Amy had already left the premises. Bunny had been unruffled by the scene and like a movie had watched the whole thing. Even the sidelines, as Sonic rushed through the cafeteria to get out. She watched Sonic go in the same direction Amy had gone.


She wasn't going to cry.

Not in front of them. Not in front of anyone. She didn't want to go to fifth period. She didn't want to be anywhere near there. As she was about to leave the gates of the school Sonic appeared before her with a worried look. His hand rose up to stop her.


"I don't want to talk to you!" She brusquely grumbled, startling him.

"Amy chill-"

"Go away," She pushed at his hands to get past him, but his adroitness kept Amy from walking past him. Instead her grabbed her hands and dragged her away from the gate so no one else would see them. She squirmed in his arms, battling him, but Sonic was too strong. He carried her onto his arms and raced through the town.

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