Yo, hello, good morning, afternoon, evening or whatever! It's me again, the same one who brought you "In the Eyes of the Delusional", the tale of the Diabolical Box (or Elysian Box, whatever you prefer XD) in Anton's point of view. This time, the same story will be told in another person's eyes, and that is... Sophia! Yep, the one people know as Anton's sweetheart in the game. She's a major character in the story and has a great part in it, yet she wasn't physically present at the time of Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box's story... That's why I'm making this fanfic to emphasize her significance in the whole story. What Sophia did was no easy task! Very few details about her were in the game, so I'm going to improvise a lot to connect the dots.

Oh, by the way, I'm actually trying to make Sophia's side coincide with Anton's fic I'm working on now as well, so you could see the "two sides of the coin" of the same events (almost). Also, this is also newbie-friendly, so you can easily follow and read this if you don't mind getting spoiled on the game! I'll say this in advance though: Sophia's story will end earlier than Anton's story. If you know what I mean, well... hrmm :(

Okay, on with it!

-In the Eyes of Love-
In the Eyes of the Regretful

-The Tale of the Diabolical Box in Sophia's point of view-

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- The First Chapter -
The Invitation

It was just a normal day for the quiet town of Folsense. Once it was a quaint town, much like any other place in the country. It wasn't rich in terms of money, but everyone in town lived slow yet happy lives. People lived carefree lives, and only had to worry about stories of supernatural beings and monsters lurking during the night. Not everyone believes in these kinds of things, though.

In this peaceful town, there lived several families of noble birth. Leaders of the place mostly were from these families, such as lords and the duke of Folsense, hailing from the Herzen family. These people were big factors in the development of the town, and so far, Folsense has quickly grown with their help.

Sophia is the youngest daughter of an influential lord in Folsense, who considers himself the rival of Duke Herzen, the current duke of Folsense. Her family is as rich as the Herzens, which is a possible reason why her father considers himself so. In addition, she has two older sisters, who are all pretty popular in town because of their beauty and charisma.

Sophia's most prominent features would be her long, wavy hair which falls just above her waist and her beautiful emerald eyes. Unlike her sisters, she's kind of shy and rarely socializes with others, hence why no one notices her that much when she's around. However, there is a small number of people who do know about her true colors. She's actually an independent, knowledgeable and kind young lady whom her friends depend on, and one who'd be willing to lend a hand to others in need. Once you get to know her, you won't regret it; Sophia will be a great friend to you until the end. She helped her friends out of head-breaking problems more than once.

With these information said, let's take a peek into one of the significant events of Sophia's family during the course of their short history.

One night, while the family was busy all over their matters about the town and themselves, there was a knock on their front door. Sophia's father was in a bad mood, after knowing earlier that Duke Herzen had a better impression to the townsfolk by founding the new gold deposit on the outskirts of Folsense, so he didn't take heed of the sound at all. Since Sophia was the only one in the room, she took the initiative to see what's behind the door. It was a middle-aged man who was holding an envelope on his right hand, donning fitting clothes that resemble those of a servant working for royalties.

With a smile, Sophia grabbed the door's handle and pulled it open. "Oh, good evening. How can we help you?"

"Good evening to you too, miss. I'm just here to deliver something important from the Herzen family." The servant then held out the letter in his hands.

"Oh no, Father's not going to like this...", Sophia thought to herself. She couldn't just answer for her whole family and reject the message though, so she just took the letter. "Thank you for making the effort to deliver this to us, kind sir. Please be careful in going home; it's been dangerous at night recently." After giving thanks, he turned around and went home.

"Should I read the contents of this envelope for myself first?", Sophia asked herself. She thought it would be a bad idea to let her father see what the news was all about and go on a rampage afterward, so the young lady decided to read it first herself. With no one else around the lobby, she ripped the envelope's side and opened the letter inside.

To my fellow residents in Folsense,

I wish to invite you to the celebration of the astounding success of the gold mine, which is to be held next week. The grandest decorations, entertainment and cuisine are sure to be something to expect from this party. In addition to that, there will also be a ball where everyone are sure to enjoy. Bring your best formal outfits to the event, as this is your time to shine!

I also request the young ladies to be their best in the eventful night. My eldest son is preparing for his future role as the duke of our town, and he certainly needs a partner to aid him for the rest of his life. Who knows, maybe one of your friends or family gets to be chosen by my son. Have fun!

Yours truly,

Duke Herzen

Sophia paused for a few seconds after reading the letter. She already expected what her father's reaction will be after reading the invitation, though she was rather intrigued at the latter half of the text. "...A life partner for the future duke?"

Her eldest sister overheard her from the nearby room, and quickly stole the letter after she got in. She scanned through the letter and gave a curious look. "Hmm, did Father read this already?"

"No, but..."

"I'll go give him this then. It's important business."

"W-wait! That's not such a good idea!"

The purple-haired daughter couldn't do anything as her sister hastily went inside their father's room.

Later that night, every daughter was gathered in the said room. The older two were calm in place, while the youngest one was so nervous that she couldn't even afford to look to her father. With a grumpy expression on his face, the lord, after reading the invitation, crumpled and threw the letter towards his back without hesitation.

The middle daughter spoke. "Umm, Father, are you just going to disregard that letter?"

"Of course," the irritated lord answered, "why are we going to that arrogant duke's party? How dare he send his rival an invitation to celebrate HIS success! Arrgh!"

The eldest daughter crossed her arms and gave a sigh. "Aww, that's too bad. We could have got a chance to meet the duke's son... And then our families would both rule as Folsense's greatest at the same time."

"No, I would rather work hard to make us the richest aristocrats around than sharing our wealth with that boastful man's family! And my decision is final; we will NOT attend the celebration!", he shouted. He was really angry.

Despite seeing her prediction fulfilled, Sophia's mind was put to ease since her father didn't react much violently compared to his previous outrages. Her father would usually rush to Duke Herzen to challenge him to a fight in many forms, but this time he just chose not to meddle with his rival. With all things said, everyone returned to their respective rooms to rest for the night.

The next day, when Sophia was about to take a stroll outside town, she spotted two of her friends in their house's lobby, seemingly inquiring her father about something. Sophia asked what they wanted to know, and one answered with a smirk.

"Well, we were trying to convince your father to come with us with the ball."

"But Father doesn't want us to go. You know what's the tension between him and the duke, right?"

The other replied. "Come on, you rarely get to go on events like that! You should experience something like this at least once in your life, you know."

She felt uncomfortable with their urging, and tried to avoid eye contact. "I'm sorry, but this isn't just my-"

Everyone stopped In their words because of the sound of the lord clearing his throat. This gesture usually indicates something important to be told by the said person. Out of respect, the friends stood straight and faced him.

"...Okay, I now allow my daughter to go with you. Just don't go beyond our curfew hours, or all of you will suffer my punishment. Understand?"

Such an unlikely answer from her father made Sophia dumbfounded. In contrast, her friends pulled her out of the door out of excitement and rushed to the main part of town. When she couldn't get in sync with her friends' pace anymore, she tried to question their intentions.

"Where are you two taking me? And we should slow down..."

"We're going to find the perfect dress for us! Especially for you, Sophia!"

"Yup! We couldn't let this chance pass! After all, we're going to have a chance to dance with the duke's son!", her friend commented with a squeal. Both friends seem very enthusiastic about the event. Hearing her friends' statements, she shifted her look to the castle stationed far away from town: the Herzen Castle.

"A dance with Duke Anthony Herzen, you say? Maybe either one of the two of you will be the special chosen for the event."

One answered back with a smirk. "Oh? Maybe it's you who's going to be that special someone! No one knows, hee hee!" The remark made Sophia blush a little, but just responded with a smile.

They were all laughing while walking through town, which made the friendly conversation end up into teasing. While they were happily joking each other about whom the duke's son will end up with, Sophia felt uneasy, remembering her father and Duke Herzen's heated rivalry.

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