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Katniss POV

All I remember is running. Running away from the mutts, who are desperately trying to end our lives.

"Go! Katniss, just go! I'll be ok, run!" Peeta shouts, jarring my attention away from the mutts chasing after us. Wow, I think to myself, wow Katniss. I wasn't even thinking about Peeta, but I recognize that he is starting to loose steam because of his injured leg. "No, Peeta I'm not leaving you!" I say, slowing down to help him as he grudgingly excepts my help. We get to the cornucopia and I climb up first, so I can help Peeta up. I finally pull him up and look across the cornucopia, and there, staring us straight in the face is Cato. Cato, with all his menacing evil smirks and bloodthirsty eyes. If you didn't know him like I did, you would actually think he was quite handsome. Well, without scratches and when his face isn't covered with blood. As I finally catch my breath I take a look and the mutts and let out a yelp. There, looking back at me, are the deep brown eyes of Rue- poor little Rue. As I was being distracted though, I was shoved and almost fell off the cornucopia. Dangling in midair, I managed to regain my footing as the mutts clawed at my feet. But the site that awaits me when I get up, startles me even more. Cato has Peeta in a headlock, cutting off his circulation, while standing at the edge of the cornucopia. As I put my last arrow in place, I know one shot is all that stands between me and getting home. I think of Prim-sweet, sweet Prim- and Gale, and hunting with Gale. I can't wait to get back home! I slow down my breathing and bring the string back, about to release when Cato stops me. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," he says showing off his signature smirk " if I go down, he goes down with me." To prove his theory, he pretends like he is dropping Peeta and I lower my bow, but not enough where I can't make a quick shot if I have to. Cato starts giving a speech but the only part I hear is "... Go ahead shoot, I'm already dead anyways, right? I always was. I just didn't know that until now. NOOO, but I can still do this. Just one more kill. One more kill." To illustrate his point, I see Peeta becoming blue and his eyes begin to roll to the back of his head. His head snaps up in thought as he does something to Cato's hand, I don't see what it is until it's to late. Cato jerks his arms and I hear a painful snap and Peeta's cannon goes off. That's when I snap. I start screaming at the top of my lungs as the dogs go back into whatever hellhole the Capitol sent them from. Cato has and evil grin on his face and starts walking towards me. I just snap my bow in half and throw it off the cornucopia, tired of the killing, and tired of me hurting and losing so many things in this life that I care about. I drop to my knees and glance up as Cato is in front of me looking at me warily. "JUST KILL ME! KILL ME ALREADY! GET IT OVER WITH! JUST GO HOME ALREADY! I'M SO SORRY PRIM! I LOVE YOU!" I scream so loud my throat gets raw from the screaming and the massive sob racking my body. I just want to get it over with. Cross to the other side so I can be with dad, Rue, Peeta, and countless other people who have been hurt because of me. I look up expecting to see Cato bringing his sword down on me, but instead he is looking at me with glassed over, eyes. What is he doing? Is he going to just torture me. I shudder at the thought of Cato, laughing with glee and delight torturing me. But no, he falls to his knees and looks me in the eyes. He begins to whisper. "No, this isn't how it's suppose to be... Clove wasn't supposed to die... I don't want to die, I don't want to be in these games... I won't kill anyone else. I am a terrible monster, a terrible brainwashed monster... What have they turned me into? The Capitol is terrible, I finally realize that... Why, why could I not see this earlier? They took my brother, my mother, and my sister away... Why do I keep living their lie?" He looks like he has just gone through enlightenment. He just now figured out the Capitol was bad? Oh wow, the Careers must be brainwashed from day one. But then I look into his sparkling, piercing, icy blue eyes and see a mixture of things... Sorrow, fear, and regret. The big, great, and all-mighty Cato has finally come to terms with his life and finally broke down... He looks at me with compassion and I finally see it clearly now. He was just trapped in the games. He didn't, wouldn't ever do anything like this if he was actually sane and in control of his mind. I actually feel bad for him. He finally speaks up "I-I'm so sorry... I'm not killing you, I have nothing to love for- kill me and go home." He says looking saddened. I whisper to him "Why?" He looks down for a minute and I realize that the whole entire country is watching this moment- the entire scene on top of the cornucopia. It disgusts me actually. Then I focus my attention back on Cato "I guess when I saw how much you cared for Loverb-erm- I mean.. Peeta, I guess it made me realize how wrong I was. I remember what I used to have before I went into training..." He trails off looking down and I pull something out of my bag. He looks at me expectantly. "Well I am NOT killing you. I've had enough of that. So why give them their victor? For once, we will rule these games. Not them." I show him the Nightlock berries in my hands. His breath hitches for a second but then he nods looking solemn. I put half of the handful I his hand and half of the handful in mine. I stand up and he stands up to, both of us looking at the sky. "We WILL NOT be playing your games any longer." I say, as he finishes my statement with "We are independent, free, and we are NOT going to be playing your games any longer." I give the three finger solute as he mimicked me and then I look at him. "On the count of three?" He nods. "One." I say. "Two." He repeats. And we both count together on the last number that will sentence us to our death. "THREE!" We say simultaneously and shove the berries in our mouths. Claudius Templesmith's voice booms over the arena "STOP, STOP! May I present the Victors of the 74th Annual Hunger Games- Cato Larek and Katniss Everdeen!" Cato and I look at each other and spit out the berries, coughing. We are both grinning from ear to ear at each other, like we are little kids hiding a secret. Although, I really don't know this boy, who is he really? I thought he was a cold-blooded killer when I first met him, but he isn't. He is just a human being- like me. He may have killed someone- but hell I killed people to. I think about all these things as we load into the hovercraft, both of us smiling like we have known each other our whole lives.

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