Canterlot, The Capital city of Equestria stood on a Mountainside. At the Castle tower stood a Dark-Blue Alicorn with the symbol of a cresent moon on her flank. Princess Luna stood out on the tower balcony star-gazing, when she felt an itch of uneasy magic. She gazed up and saw a group of stars assemble into eight symbols. She had to wake her sister, Princess Celestia and show her what was happenning.

Princess Celestia was awoken by her sister, who was in shock about what she saw. The Sun Goddess asked,

"What has happened to you, Luna?"

Luna was speaking out of control, but she put a reassuring hoof on her mouth and said, "Its ok, Luna. Start from the beginning."

The Moon Goddess recollected herself and spoke, "I was outside, stargazing when I came about a group of stars that seem to morph into eight symbols, one of those symbols is Twilight Sparkle's Cutie Mark. I did not know what to do, so I decided to wake you up."

Celestia thought about what Luna told her. She spoke in curiousity.

"That is something that is of great concern, I could not even sleep because of some unforeseen magic before you came in."

At that exact moment, the Sisters went to the balcony and saw the eight symbols, Luna was talking about. These symbols are, Twilight's Cutie Mark, Water, Gear, Fire, Skull, Leaf, Gust and Rock. Princess Celestia asked,

"Why would Twilight's Cutie Mark form in the sky?"

It wasn't until all eight symbols started to glow in their selected color and shot eight beams towards Ponyville, Cloudsdale, Sweet Apple Acres, Everfree Forest, and Canterlot itself. It seems that once the beams were in vicinity, the beams seperate into four smaller beams.

Twilight's Cutie Mark fired a Purple Beam towards Ponyville and separated into four.

The Gear fired a Yellow Beam towards Ponyville and Sweet Apple Acres, then separated into four.

The Skull fired a Gray Beam towards Ponyville and separated into four.

The Water fired a Blue Beam towards the streams near Fluttershy's cottage and separated into four.

The Fire launched an Orange Beam towards the mountain, Canterlot was on. It separated into four before slamming into the Mountain.

The Leaf fired a Green Beam towards the Everfree Forest and separated into four.

The Gust fired a White Beam towards Cloudsdale and separated into four. Princesses Celestia and Luna only saw two orbs land in Rainbow Dash's house.

The Rock fired a Brown Beam towards an area between Sweet Apple Acres and Fluttershy's cottage and separated into four.

The Eight symbols formed into a circle and faded away into the night. The Princesses felt really uneasy on the events that transpired. At that moment, Celestia said,

"We should check the Starswirl the Bearded wing to see if anything like this happened in Starswirl's notes in the morning."

Meanwhile at Twilight's Library...

Twilight Sparkle was having a strange dream, seeing herself and her Dragon Brother, Spike surroundded by weird creatures, some she identified as dragons. Spike wasn't as she saw him, until she was awoken by a thump of magical energy. She got out to see Spike's bed empty as it is, Twilight saw purple footprints going downstairs. When she came to the source, there was a dragon, it was purple like Spike, it had green horns on the head and green spines down the back, the tail ended in a green point. The dragon had purple and green wings, the dragon looked like Spike, it has the some colors as Spike until she was Spike. Spike was also staring at two unconcious dragons
lying on the floor. Twilight had to ask,

"Spike, What happened to you?"

Spike turned around and replied, "Twilight, I have no idea what happened to me. Ever since I saw these two on the floor...I started to change into what I am now."

"Tell me what happened." Twilight asked her Dragon Brother.

Spike told his story, "I felt unable to sleep because of the recent dreams, we both had. I got up to get a drink of water, I went downstairs to see a purple and gray light in the center of the room. I decided to go around it, so I could get the water until the light exploded, flinging me across the room. As I got up I was differant, I felt differant too, I found a mirror and was in shock..I have wings and horns. Soon after I saw the new me...I saw two dragons lying unconcious on the floor. The Purple one looks like me, but his second color is yellow instead of green. The Dragoness has a black color with a reddish-purple mark on her chest, and her horns are silvery white. I sat down hoping that they would wake up, and then you came down."

Meanwhile at Carosuel Boutique...

Rarity was in her bed dreaming of her fashion being famous in all of Equestria until she was awoken by her sister, Sweetie Belle, who looked like she saw something creepy. Rarity asked,

"Sweetie Belle,why do you look scared?"

Her sister replied in fear, "Creature in scarey black outfit along with a skeleton of an unknown creature in armor."

Rarity assured, "Maybe it was just your imagination."

Until Rarity's bedroom door opened and a mysterious voice said, "Fear the Dark!" Another voice sounded more of a male and said, "Slice and Dice!"

Rarity and Sweetie Belle were in the presence of the two very creatures, that Sweetie Belle was talking about. The armored one said to the black robed one,

"Hex, This isn't where the two Magic Skylanders are. They are in this town, but not in this building."

The one called Hex replied, "You're right, Chop Chop. But we should ask these two about this
Twilight Sparkle." Hex looked at Rarity, who was holding Sweetie Belle really tight.

Rarity said, "You are after Twilight?!"

Chop Chop replied, "We have no intension of harming her, Ms Rarity."

Rarity asked in shock, "How did you know my name?"

Chop Chop replied, "It was written on your bedroom door."

Hex told Chop Chop, "We also have to find Spike the Dragon, we suspect he will be at Twilight's side. We find Spike, we find Twilight as well."

Rarity asked, "You're after Spikey-Wikey as well?!"

Hex told Rarity, "Remember what Chop Chop said."

Rarity repeated, "You have no intension of harming either of them."

Chop Chop looked at Sweetie Belle and apologysed, "Sorry for scaring you, Sweetie Belle. It was our first time being here."

Sweetie Belle said as her hoof touched Chop Chop's hand, "Its okay."

At Rainbow Dash's house...

Rainbow was having an amazing dream that she was part of the Wonderbolts. She was with Soarin' and Spitfire, getting autographs from her fans until she was snapped out
of the dream by a bright light. She woke up and said, "Whats the big idea?"

She found out that she was talking to two glowing orbs with a white color. She got out of bed and moved closer to the orbs and said to herself,

"If this thing explode, and there's something in it, I better be ready." She assumed her battle stance as the orbs reached her floor. As soon as they hit her cloud floor, they exploded flinging Equestria's Fastest Flier to her bed. When Rainbow Dash got back to where the orbs exploded, she noticed one thing when she turned to her bed.

"A Griffin hatchling?" She turned to the impacted spot and noticed a Mother Griffin with a head piece and bracers with other hatchlings. The Mother Griffin wasn't alone, right beside her Wonderbolt poster...was something out of the ordinary. Lying near the Wonderbolt Poster and her Gala dress was a Dragon with Pegasus-like wings, a furry tail and a horn. The Pegasus mare went to investigate the strange dragon until it woke up.

As the dragon woke up, Rainbow was blasted back to her bed. She said in shock, "I was a Rainbow!?" She noticed the hatchling on her bed go
into an egg form and hatch again. She saw the dragon wake up the Mother Griffin,
"Sonic Boom, I think we are in Equestria. Just like Master Eon told us about."

Sonic Boom woke up and checked her hatchlings and noticed one was missing, "Whirlwind, where's Peaky?" When Rainbow Dash noticed the Mother Griffin speaking with the Strange Dragon about a missing hatchling, she noticed the hatchling on her bed. She picked it up and said, "Is this yours?"

Sonic Boom said, "Yes, thats Peaky. Thank you..." Rainbow Dash finished, "Rainbow Dash, my name is Rainbow Dash, Fastest Flier in Equestria."
Sonic Boom introduced herself, "I'm Sonic Boom, a Griffin that now has to watch over my hatchlings everytime they hatch."

Rainbow Dash noticed, "I saw that one go into and egg and hatch again." Sonic Boom replied, "Thats what an evil wizard put on me. My hatchlings hatch for a few minutes and go back into an egg." Rainbow turned to the strange dragon, "So who are you and what are you?"

The dragon began, "I'm Whirlwind, I'm an Air Dragon with a Unicorn ancestry. The Dragons envied me because of my beauty, the Unicorns shunned me for having the ability to fly. I didn't mind that I was loved by no one besides my parents. I took refuge in the clouds where I harnessed my Tempest cloud power and my Rainbow ability. But when the Trolls came to hunt both Dragons and Unicorns, I wouldn't stand around and watch my kind get hunted by those greedy trolls. So I protected both my kind and they were grateful of me."

Rainbow Dash was shocked knowing that Whirlwind has the same ability, she has. Whirlwind's presence seems to prove that Dragon and Unicorn breeding is
possible. She thought how much Spike would be jumping when he hears this. Rainbow Dash shook off the shock and said, "Well, I'm the fastest flier in Equestria and nopony has ever beaten me in a race. Plus, I can use a Sonic Rainboom to go super fast!" Whirlwind smiled and said, "Through my training, I performed a Sonic Rainboom by accident." Rainbow spoke, "So I guess this makes you my Dragon opposite."

Sonic Boom spoke to her hatchlings, "I guess they will get along just fine, kids."

In the morning at Twilight's Library...

Spike was trying to get use to his new form and Twilight was wondering when those dragons would wake up. Twilight was practicing how to talk to the dragons when they wake up. She was surprised by a Pink Blur and a Blueish blur, who she recognized as Pinkie Pie, but the other one was something she didn't recognize. Pinkie Pie shouted,

"Twilight, this is my new friend, "Wrecking Ball" He's so cute, and blue."

Wrecking Ball replied, "Hah, new to Ponyville and I'm already making new friends." Wrecking Ball noticed the two dragons and something inside of him said, "As much as I love being in your mouth, can you let me out?!"

Wrecking Ball spat out a yellow glowing Dragonfly, that had arms and was covered in saliva. The Dragonfly replied, "Next time, we get expelled from Skylands, I go with Spyro."

The Dragonfly spotted the two dragons and said, "Spyro, Cynder, are you two ok? Come on guys, wake up. Don't be dead." The Dragons started to move and the purple and yellow one said, "Sparx, you made it." The Black Dragoness said, "I never thought we see you again."

Sparx was happy to know that his Dragon Brother and his Dragon Brother's girlfriend were alright. Spyro and Cynder got up, looked at their surroundings and noticed Twilight and Spike. Spyro told the two,

"Master Eon told us about you two, the Pony and the Dragon that became Skylanders on the day, the Dragon was hatched."

Twilight asked, "The Day the Dragon was hatched? Wait, are you talking about my evaluation into 'Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns'?"

Cynder spoke, "That's exactly what we mean. The Symbol that is on your flank.."

Twilight interruptted, "You mean my Cutie Mark?"

Cynder countinued, "The Symbol on your flank also represents the Skylands Magic Element."

Spike asked, "Are you saying that the day that I was hatched and Twilight got her Cutie Mark, was the day that Twilight and I became these..Skylanders?"

Spyro replied, "Thats exactly what we mean."

The conversation was interruppted by the door to the library opening. When the door opened, The Skylanders heard two familer voices. One voice sounded female,

"Cynder, Wrecking Ball."

The other voice sounded male, "Spyro, we thought we lost you." Spyro yelled, "Chop, Hex, how did you guys find us?"

Chop Chop replied, "Ms Rarity led us to the library. I see you already found our two Skylanders from this world."

Rarity walked in and noticed Spike's new form near Wrecking Ball, as she was confused in what Chop Chop said. Twilight whispered in her ear and Rarity nodded knowing that it now makes sense. Rarity spoke to Spike,

"Spike, What has happened anyway? To you, I mean."

Spike told the Love of his Life, "Short story, the orb that brought Spyro and Cynder here exploded, flinging me across the room and turned me into you see now."

Spyro cut in and said, "Actually, You are just like me. You are a Purple Dragon, a special kind of creature. As a rare Purple Dragon, you have the power to weild many abilities, but in Skylands, We shoot magical fire."

Rarity asked Spyro, "Are you saying my Spikey-Wikey is a special kind of dragon?"

Spyro told Rarity, "He has the color to prove it."

"Not to mention my new wings and horns." Spike corrected.

All of a sudden, Rainbow Dash flew through the window and crashed. As she was trying to shake off the crash, a Rainbow flew through the window and struck Rainbow Dash, ultimately healing her. Chop Chop assumed,

"There is only one Skylander, I know who has that power."

All the Skylanders called, "Whirlwind."

An Air Dragon with a Unicorn ancestry came through the Library window along with a Griffin. Whirlwind landed beside Rainbow Dash, who was amazed by Whirlwind's ability and how nice Whirlwind's Griffin friend is. Rainbow Dash commentted,

"Sonic Boom, you are incredabily nice compared to my old friend, Gilda. She was rude and was bad at making friends."

Sonic Boom replied, "If she crosses me, its Full Scream Ahead, plus I still need to protect my hatchlings everytime they are hatched."

It wasn't until Spike burped out a message and read,

"To my faithful student, Twilight Sparkle,

Last night, my sister spotted eight symbols in the night sky, one of them resembled your cutie mark. We also saw eight colored beams fire towards Canterlot, Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres, Everfree Forest, Fluttershy's Cottage, The Mountain where Canterlot is on, and between Fluttershy's Cottage and Sweet Apple Acres. I need you and your friends to come to Canterlot, so we can discuss the events of last night. A chariot will come in a few hours.

Your Mentor, Princess Celestia.

P.S. bring Spike with you."

Spyro asked, "Is Princess Celestia your leader?"

Twilight responded, "She and her sister, Princess Luna rule together. Princess Celestia is also my teacher."

Spike finished, "She's also my adoptive mother."

Pinkie Pie said, "We're going to Canterlot!"

Rarity asked, "Is there no way to hide Spike's new form?"

Rainbow Dash asked, "Spike's new form?"

Spike answered, "I was turned into this when Spyro and Cynder arrived."

Cynder spoke, "I think we should show ourselves and hope that she will accept us."

Twilight spoke, "In a few hours, we go to Canterlot."

In the Starswirl the Bearded wing...

Princesses Celestia and Luna were searching through the archives for anything about the orbs that fell from the sky, last night. Until the sisters found a research book written by Starswirl himself, about someplace called 'Skylands' Princess Luna asked,

"Should we read it?"

Princess Celestia replied, "We have no other option."

The Royal Sisters started to read, "While gazing at the night sky, I spotted multiple stars in a formation, that made me wonder. As a gazed at the Star group, I felt myself being pulled into the unknown. When I woke up, I was in a magical world surroundded by floating Isles. The locals of this world call it, 'Skylands' It was more beautiful than I ever could imagine it. I met a Portal Master named Eon, Eon was in charge of having special defenders guard Skylands and its heart called, 'The Core of Light' these defenders of Skylands and the Core of Light are known as, 'Skylanders.' Eon showed me his powers as a Portal Master and his responsiblity as a Portal Master. As soon as we were done, Eon prepped a portal to take me back to Equestria, and I will never forget the day I set hoof in Skylands. Before I left, Eon told me about eight elements of
Skylands forming in Equestrian skies. When the Symbols appear, the Skylanders are here."

As they finished reading, Princess Celestia was intrigued on Starswirl's research into Skylands, shocked to know that the Skylanders are in Equestria. Princess Luna was still wondering about the friendship between Master Eon and Starswirl the Bearded. She was intrigued about how the Skylanders protect Skylands and its magical core. Princess Luna turned to her sister and said,

"We have to show this to Twilight Sparkle and her friends."

Princess Celestia agreed, "They need to know about the Skylanders."