In the Portal Chamber, Princesses Celestia and Luna decided to speak with the Portal Master, Eon and ask about the identity of Kaos' colleague. As they
approached the Portal of Power, Master Eon's spirit head emerges from the Portal,

"Your Highnesses, I was just about to call you over."

The Sun-Goddess asked, "You were expecting us to come here?"

The head replied, "Yes, your Highness." Master Eon began, "We have recentily discovered the identity of Kaos' colleague from the Core of Light, and his

Princess Luna asked, "Where is his colleague?"

Master Eon replied, "On the Radiant Isles, lands of the Mystic Seekers. Just West of the Equestrian Isles."

The Moon Goddess spoke, "Its not on our charts, Its like Kaos' colleague is using Dark Magic to somehow hide its location."

Master Eon assured, "Do not fear, Princess Luna. There is a Portal to the Radiant Isles, that I have already activated. You got my help into getting to the Radiant Isles, but the rest is up to you two Portal Masters and the Skylanders."

The Sisters bowed, "Thank you, Master Eon. We would never forget this, and our gift as Portal Masters."

Master Eon smiled, "It was Cynder, who remembered about finding a Portal Master during Kaos' occupation of Skylands."

The Sisters rose up and decided to send a letter to every Skylander and tell them that they are called into action once again.

At the Ponyville Flower Shop, Zook and Trigger Happy were helping Camo in placing flowers into the flowerpots until Camo burped out a letter. The Skylanders looked at the letter, nodded, clocked out, and went to the Train Station.

At the Carosuel Boutique, Whirlwind, Chop Chop, and Sonic Boom were helping Rarity with her dresses until Sonic Boom burped out a message, they nodded, and sped towards the Train Station.

At Sweet Apple Acres, Drobot was getting more Apple pies for another routine delivery run, as he saw Spitfire soaring in the skies, with actual fire in her mane and tail. Drobot realised,

"Pop Fizz."

Pop Fizz appeared from the Barn with a mark on his face after he was punched by Slam Bam,

"Oh no, I'm really dead this time."

Applejack was bucking Appletrees, so she could harvest them while Rainbow Dash was napping over the Acres. Drobot whacked Pop Fizz with his wing
as Slam Bam appeared,

"Pop Fizz acted stupid, but hey, you Marefriend is now..hotter."

Drobot replied, "You're right, Sl..." Drobot was interuptted as he burped up a message from the Royal Sisters,

"Skylanders, stop what you are doing and those can walk, get to the Train Station!"

Spitfire landed, "Why are we doing that?"

Drobot looked at his Marefriend, "We are being called into action in the Radiant Isles."

Pop Fizz, still clutching his arm, "You guys go ahead, The Radiant Isles are too intense for me."

At Fluttershy's cottage, Stump Smash, Stealth Elf, Zap, Wham-Shell and Prism Break were helping Fluttershy with her animals and Prism Break even made her animals go 'oooh, aahhhh' with his beam show. Until Zap burped out a message,

"Guys, its time to go back into action."

They all put the animals away and journeyed towards the Train Station.

Terrafin was havin a wrestling match with Iron Will the Minotaur, which has lasted for five days. Ignitor, Boomer, Pinkie Pie, Spyro, Cynder, Spike, Hex, Bash, Dino-Rang who was still writing in his journal, and Twilight were all watching astonishment on how long these guys can go at it. Iron Will tried to put Terrafin in a head-lock, but the Dirt Shark turned the tables on the Minotaur by doing a back-flip and pulling the Minotaur down, head first.

Terrafin emerged victorious and said, "And that is how you do it." Until his 'servant' Drill Sergeant appearred and said,

"Master, Master, a message from the sisters!"

Terrafin, who was still annoyed that Drill Sergeant called him, 'Master' decided to read the letter and call out to Spyro,

"Spyro, we have to rally the others, that the messages were not sent to!"

Spyro replied, "Well, the Skylanders are back in action."

As soon as all the Skylanders were assembled, they went to the Train Station or if they were Fliers, they flew to Canterlot and assembled in the Portal Chamber. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were at the Portal of Power, when they saw the Skylanders enter. Princess Celestia started,

"Skylanders, it is good that you have recieved our messages. You all want to know why you are here."

Spyro spoke, "It has something to do with the Radiant Isles, right?"

The Sun Goddess replied, "Yes, Spyro, it does. Master Eon has found the location of the Radiant Isles and the identity of Kaos' colleague."

Terrafin asked, "What's the name of his colleague?"

Princess Luna spoke, "He's a floating head from the Outlands, known as Hektore. He enslaved the Mystic Seekers of the Radiant Isles to build something called, 'The Dark Mirror.' Hektore used the Mirror to remove the Radiant Isles from our charts, keeping the power for himself."

Twilight finished, "So you want us to go to the Radiant Isles, stop Hektore and destroy the Dark Mirror?"

Princess Celestia corrected, "There is a Mystic Seeker named 'Fargus' he wants us to meet him in person, but Hektore might notice our presence and have us captured, and with that Mirror, we have no idea how powerful he is."

Twilight stepped in, "I'll go in and meet Fargus."

Spike stepped in, "Be careful, Twilight."

Rainbow Dash said, "If you see Hektore, tell him that the Skylanders are coming!"

Spyro said, "Lets stop Hektore before he uses his powers to free Malefor."

Princess Celestia spoke, "Then it is settled, Twilight, get to the Portal and meet with Fargus."

As Twilight stepped into the Portal, she felt herself in an aura of magic and reappeared near two figures.

One almost looked like Starswirl the Bearded and the other was smaller. The big one was holding some sort of staff with a gem in it. She had to ask the big

"Um, Hello, Are you Fargus?"

The Seeker got her attention and replied, "Yes, and you must be the Skylander from our neighboring world of Equestria. I am Fargus and this is my son, Wendel, we were hoping that we would meet your Portal Masters."

Twilight said, "Well, to risk capture from Hektore, I voulenteered to make the journey to meet you."

Fargus understood until they heard a strange sound from nowhere, Wendel recognized,

"Its Hektore, we can't stay here!"

Fargus told his son, "Wendel, you have to guide the Portal Masters when they get here."

Wendel said in shock, "I thought you would do it?!"

Fargus replied, "No, the duty falls upon the last 'Free' Seeker, which is you."

Soon there was a loud voice, "FARGUS!" Soon there were dark clouds and a floating head with horns appeared, Twilight said in her mind,

"I'm guessing thats Hektore!"

Fargus ran in yelling, "Go, Wendel, guide the Portal Masters!" Hektore fired lasers from his eyes and hit the staff, Fargus was weilding. There was an explosion which made Wendel yell,


When the dust cleared, Fargus and Hektore were nowhere in sight. Wendel noticed his father's staff, as he picked it up, Twilight said,

"I'm sorry, Wendel."

Wendel replied, "We need to get back to the sanctuary, its the only place, that Hektore can't find us. We could also summon your Portal Masters, so they could guide you." He slammed the staff down, "By my Father, we will stop Hektore!" Twilght shouted,

"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, when I get to the Sanctuary, Wendel, Fargus' son wants you to come to the Radiant Isles Sanctuary, its the only place, Hektore can't find us in."

Wendel replied, "But, if they are to guide you and the other Skylanders, you are not going to go alone. I can use a Radiance Crystal to send in a partner, but I only have one, yours."

Twilght asked, "Why am I being stored in a Crystal?"

Wendel replied, "Its the only way that your Princesses can summon Skylanders here, so they won't have to call them to the Portal every minute. The Mini Portal at the Sanctuary activated mysteriousily, it could also be used as an Entrance for the Princesses."

Twilight asked, "How do I find the Radiance Crystal?"

The Apprentice replied, "Its over there somewhere, but be careful. Everytime you obtain a Radiance Crystal, Hektore will sense it and will start chasing you done. Most of our adventurers got captured by Hektore when they obtained the Crystal."

Twilight said, "You better get back to the Sanctuary and prep the Mini-Portal for the Royal Sisters' arrival."

As Wendel left, Twilight started to explore throughout the Radiant Isles, as she searched for the Radiance Crystal, that Wendel needed, so she won't be alone. She searched through the castles until she came across a gem of a shining green color, she got close to it and the gem was stuck to her like glue. She said,

"My guess is, that is the Radiance Crystal."

But her curiousity was halted when she spotted a Dark Portal open with Hektore appearing from it. The Head said,

"Ahh, That fool Fargus works with a Unicorn, and you have obtained a Radiance Crystal. But like those who have attempted, you will never get away."

Twilight saw Hektore coming straight towards her, "Time to go!"

The Unicorn ran across the obsticales of the Isles, used her Magic to deal with the enemies in her way, ran across a fallen pillar with Hektore in pursuit, and as soon as she came to the Exit Portal, She cried out to Hektore,

"By the way, The Skylanders are coming!"

Hektore said in shock, "Skylanders! Here in the Radiant Isles!?" His focused was lost as Twilight jumped into the portal.

In Hektore's lair, Hektore circled around the Dark Mirror hoping for a response from Malefor. Until a pair of yellow eyes appeared in the Mirror,

"Hektore, I assume that the Skylanders are here?"

Hektore replied, "Just as you planned, Master. But they have some unusual allies, I tried to chase down a Unicorn, who claims to be a Skylander. But I don't believe it."

Malefor responded, "The Skylanders initiated new members from the neighboring world of Equestria, they build the bridge between the two worlds. As soon as you absorb the Elements from any Skylander, I would be free."

Hektore stated, "But they are too fast, I can't possibly keep up with them."

Malefor sighed, "You know about the Elemental Gates?"

Hektore replied, "Yes, they are used by Skylanders linked to one of the eight Elements."

The eyes glew, "When they leave an Elemental gate, they leave some of the Elemental essense behind. You can chase the Skylanders if you must, but get near an Elemental Gate after a Skylander uses it. You can absorb the essense and transfer it to me."

Hektore's eye stones glew white, "Yes, Master."

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna heard Twilight's call to step into the Portal of Power. Celestia went first, Luna went second, and soon enough, the Royal Sisters were in the Radiant Isles, but unfortunately, their beauty made Wendel drop his father's staff and himself. It took a while before Twilight could finally wake Wendel up, Twilight tried levitating a bucket of water and then pouring on his face, she tried to shake him to wake him, there is one more thing to prove. When Celestia and Luna approached the unconcious Apprentice, he instantily woke up.

"I'm awake, I'm awake."

He now picked up his father's staff and said, "Now that we have another Radiance Crystal, I could use it to summon a second Skylander into this Crystal. But I need your help to make it happen."

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna looked at what Skylanders they could choose, so they chose Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow Dash, head for the Portal." said Celestia.

The Mini-Portal of Power showed a holographic Rainbow Dash, as Princess Luna linked the Mini-Portal with Wendel's staff, Rainbow Dash's image disappeared from the Mini-Portal and into the Crystal. After it was finished, Wendel tosses the Crystal to Twilight and says,

"If you want to switch to your friend, Rainbow Dash, say, 'Swap' and Rainbow Dash will take your place."

Twilight yelled, "Swap!" In a flash of light, Twilight disappeared and Rainbow Dash was holding the Crystal in her mouth, she spat it out, and as it floated around her, she asked,

"Why was I conceived in a Crystal!?"

Wendel replied, "Long story."