Ok guys here is what you have been waiting for! This is the last chapter of bodyguard for hire. I know I skipped last weekend but like I said I was way too busy but it was worth the wait... Right? Anyway hope you guys enjoyed my story. Hopefully, I will write more in the future.

The End

Days passed and soon it had been two weeks since Kakashi's accident. Naruto hadn't left the silver haired man's side in the whole two weeks. He didn't care about anything except for the man laying in the hospital bed still unconscious.

Genma had come to visit a couple days in the past two weeks but it wasn't for a long time. The visits usually lasted for half an hour or so. The two men didn't even talk very much in the visiting time. Naruto was focused on his love and Genma was usually studying the blonde and how he acted around his friend.

Genma entered the hospital for the second time this week. It was close to being the third week after Kakashi's accident and he had hardly talked to the blonde who loyally stayed by his friend's side 24/7.

The brown haired man entered the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor. He leaned against the wall opposite the door and watch the numbers as they counted the floor he was passing. Soon enough he heard a ding and the thick metal doors slide open.

The top floor of the hospital was always kind of deserted. Since not very many people go to this hospital or aren't sick enough to have to stay here over night the top floor was hardly every used. Genma didn't know if he was thankful or not. His friend was probably put on the top floor because of the blonde or maybe because this floor is where coma patients come. He didn't know for sure but the floor gave him an eerie feeling. Of course, all hospitals did that to him.

Genma strolled down the hallway to the last door on the right. Even though he didn't know the blonde it still broke his heart to see the blonde so heart broken. Usually people left after the first week or so of someone in a coma but not Kakashi's blonde. The silver haired man of course, chose a fighter and the blonde obviously wasn't leaving until the man opened his mis matched eyes.

Reluctantly the brown haired man turned the handle of the door and pushed it open. He was hoping to see a smiling blonde man with eyes that shown so bright they could rival the intensity or the sun. He hoped to see a silver haired man sitting up in bed without the breathing tubes holding his blonde close to him.

Sadly, when he entered he didn't see any of what he wanted. He saw what he usually saw. A broken boy holding onto a broken man's hand for dear life. Naruto clung to Kakashi's hand so tight that Genma thought if the blonde were to let go then they would see the silver haired man's soul float to heaven right before their eyes.

Sighing he walked into the room like his normal routine. Naruto didn't even bother to look at him anymore. He had told his friends that he didn't want them to visit him at the hospital. He knew that he probably sounded rude but they understood and respected his wishes. Since the blonde didn't know anyone else and it looked like Kakashi didn't have many friends Naruto already knew who the mystery guest was and he didn't have to get protective with his unconscious body guard.

The blonde picked his head up from Kakashi's bed. He looked at Genma and in that moment he knew something had changed and changed for the worst.

The brown haired man walked over to a chair opposite the side Naruto was on. "Naruto what's wrong?"

Tears started to stream down the blonde's cheeks. It looked like Naruto had been crying earlier. "... Kakashi went into shock again. The doctor didn't know what caused it but he did. They said that if he goes into shock again then they might have to cut his life line because his body can't handle going into shock all the time."

Thick streams of tears were now falling from the broken blonde. He didn't know what the blonde had been through in his life but no one deserved to see the person they loved die in front of them.

Genma didn't know how to console the younger boy. He had had his fair share of charges in his career. He had never really had to console his charges though. They were usually snotty nosed kids with loads of money with people already there to make them feel better. In Naruto's case no one was around. He didn't have any real family, no friends around, and the man he loved was in a coma.

Kakashi had told him about Naruto but not everything. He knew he didn't have any parents but he didn't know how they died. They boy had no one as of right now and he didn't know what to do.

Genma brought his fist up to his mouth covering it. He cleared his throat trying to get the blonde's attention. Like always Naruto was only focused on his bodyguard. Thinking for a few minutes the brown haired man just stood there waiting for the blonde to make any sign of movement.

The brunette haired man saw the blonde's shoulders moving like he was laughing. He knew better than to think the youth was laughing though. Hesitantly he walked over and kneeled next to the younger man touching his shoulder gently.

Naruto flinched slightly at the other man's touch. He hadn't expected for the older man to touch him or even talk to him. Genma had always been silent at his visits to his friend's room. It wasn't an awkward silence it was more comfortable. The brunette understood why Naruto was acting the way he was and he didn't question it. For that Naruto was thankful.

The blonde ran a thumb over the soft pale hand in his. He never received a response and he wasn't expecting one anymore. His soul was torn. One half of him wanted to give up and leave. He wanted to forget about the man that had wormed his way into his guarded life. The other half wanted to stay by his bodyguards side like Kakashi did for him. Whether he liked it or not the silver haired man was in his life and in Naruto's heart.

Naruto didn't have to think about his decision long. Kakashi had given up months of staying next to him. He was by his side all the time and if he wasn't for some reason then he was always right around the corner. The youth wasn't going anywhere as long as the man he loved was laying in this horrible hospital bed.

Unconsciously, Naruto reached up with his free hand and clasped the blue crystal necklace in his hand. He didn't know started doing it but he noticed he would hold the necklace when there was something wrong with Kakashi. The holding of his necklace multiplied ten fold since his protector was in the hospital.

The necklace gave the blonde a false sense of hope. Every time he held the crystal he would wish that Kakashi would wake up. He would hope on everything that was good mis matched eyes would blink open and he would get to see the beautiful smile.

Naruto clenched his fist around the necklace more. Tears started to trail down his scarred cheeks. Before these last few months he couldn't see him loving anyone or anyone loving him. He was o.k with that because he had friends and they loved him and he loved them. When his bodyguard came into his life he started to feel something he hadn't before. Before Kakashi left he was going to tell him that he loved him. Tears fell faster down his cheeks. Fate was playing a cruel game with him. Making him feel these foreign emotions then ripping the man away that made him feel.

The hand on his shoulder had left and Naruto felt warm arms embrace him. Even though he knew it wasn't Kakashi he still wished it would be.

Genma pulled the crying blonde into a tight embrace trying to get him to calm down. He had been holding a strange blue necklace and that was when the water works started. He was wondering what the necklace was when he heard the sniffles start to slow down.

Pushing Naruto away from him slightly Genma looked down at the mop of blonde hair. "Naruto? Are you ok?"

He heard another sniffle and a sleeve came up to wipe the rest of the tears off his face. "I guess."

"If you don't mind me asking who got you that necklace." Genma pointed to the blue crystal around his neck.

"Kakashi got it for me when we went to the market. Actually, it was a birthday present. We were walking through the market and I pointed it out in one of the shops. The shop owner told us that it was the rarest crystal that was known and I fell in love with it." Naruto brought a hand up to the necklace again in a gentle hold. "Once I saw the price tag I had to put it back. Once my birthday came around Kakashi had went back and bought the exact necklace from the shop keeper and that is when he gave it to me. I haven't taken it off since."

Genma sighed, his friend loved the blonde more than he even knew. He knew Kakashi from childhood and the silver haired man didn't get just anyone something that expensive. The only time he could think of when something like that happened was ... never. Thinking back to his friend the man had never gotten anyone something that expensive with that much meaning behind it.

The brunette looked at his old friend. "Naruto you know he loves you right?"

Blonde haired perked up but then fell back down. "Even if he may love me he isn't awake. Kakashi isn't awake to tell me and it is looking like he will die before anything has a chance to happen."

Both men heard a throat being cleared and a raspy voice break through the silence. "Are you ... losing faith in your bodyguard already?"

Big blue eyes widened even more if that was even possible. Naruto didn't want to turn around because he thought it was a dream. He reached behind him and held onto the cold hand laying on the bed. Squeezing it like he had been doing for almost three weeks he wasn't expecting a response. To the blonde's surprise he felt movement and a hand grab hold of his.

Naruto whipped around almost giving him whip lash. He saw the mis matched eyes studying him watching his reactions. He saw the half smile that he used to see through that stupid fabric. Once the blonde laid eyes on the older man laying in the bed his smile was bigger than before.

The blonde was frozen in his spot. He hadn't expected Kakashi to wake up so early if at all. The doctors had made it sound like he wasn't going to wake up. He had gone into shock twice and his heart had a lot of stress put on it.

Finally, everything clicked in Naruto's brain. He then blinded Kakashi with a more than human smile and launched himself onto his bodyguard.

Naruto heard the older man wince since he was still sore. The blonde quickly pulled away and making sure to not hurt his protector again. Kakashi took a breath and he opened his arms for Naruto. This time the blonde climbed on the bed with the silver haired man and laid in his arms.

Naruto closed his eyes with a content smile. He heard the man's heart beat strong and steady in his chest. He felt the steady motion of Kakashi's chest moving up and down. He heard Kakashi and Genma talking quietly back and forth exchanging thankful smiles. He then heard the door to the room close and Genma was gone.

Naruto felt Kakashi's arms tighten around him and his own heart beat started moving a mile a minute. He just realized that he was now alone with the man he loved and he didn't know if Kakashi felt the same. The blonde was now nervous beyond belief.

"Naruto?" The youth closed his eyes again reveling in the deep sound of a voice he missed. At that point Naruto forgot to answer the man back.


Naruto turned his head to look up sheepishly at the man calling his name. "Yes, Kashi?"

"What's wrong? You seem apprehensive."

A blush spread across the blonde's face. "I'm not ... i'm just really happy your'e awake now."

Naruto heard a low chuckle come from the man he was laying on. Turning his head and pouting the blonde looked up watching his bodyguard. "What's so funny?"

"I heard bits and pieces of you talking with Genma. I know you want to tell me something. Just come out and say it it couldn't be that bad."

Naruto took a deep breath. He was hoping he wouldn't have to tell Kakashi so soon. He wanted to but he needed to prepare himself first. "Umm ... Well before you left I was trying to get the nerve to tell you that..."

As soon as he was about to say that he loved the silver haired man a nurse walked in. When Genma left he had told the nurse Kakashi was awake but not to go in there soon because he was talking with his blonde.

Kakashi let out a frustrated breath. He had known what Naruto wanted to tell him. He just wanted to hear it from the blonde's mouth. Naruto already had a hard time confronting people with these kinds of emotions and the nurse barging in right before he said it didn't help.

As the nurse closed the door behind her and witnessed what was happening between Kakashi and Naruto she blushed slightly. Since Naruto had been in here ever since Kakashi was brought in here she had known the love the blonde held for the older man. She had a feeling she wasn't welcome right now and she excused herself from the room.

The silver haired man let out an exasperated sigh looking back at Naruto as the door closed. "What were you going to say?"

Kakashi saw the sheepish and nervous smile form on the blonde's lips. "I was going to say that ILOVEYOU..."

Kakashi watched with amusement. "What did you say? I didn't quite hear you."

"Kashi!" Naruto whined. The older man knew what he had said he was just trying to torture him. Sighing Naruto looked up at the older man again. "I said that I love you."

As soon as the words left his lips he turned and hide his head in the older man's shirt. He didn't want to think of what would happen if Kakashi laughed at him or rejected him.

Naruto felt thin fingers move under his chin. The fingers pulled his chin up so he was face to face with the silver haired man. What made him speechless was the lack of a mask. He had only witnessed his bodyguard without his mask once and it was dark so he didn't get a good look.

He saw thin pale lips move down to his. The blonde then understood what was happening and braced himself. He met Kakashi half way and him lips met with the older man's.

At first the kiss was soft and loving. Naruto had been waiting to feel Kakashi's lips on his again. Soon the kiss was beginning to become heated. They both were waiting to kiss each other for a while. After Kakashi's accident everything had taken a turn for the worst. Now he was laying in the silver haired man's arms.

The two eventually pulled away in order to breath. The bodyguard looked down at the blonde he had missed. "Do I need to tell you what you already know?"

A big smile spread across Naruto's face. "You made me tell you so you have to do the same."

Chuckling slightly Kakashi held his blonde in his arms and moved his mouth next to the blonde's ear. The silver haired man whispered "I love you Naruto," so only he could hear it. The blonde's smile became even bigger and he turned around to kiss his bodyguard again. In this moment he couldn't have been happier. His bodyguard was finally awake and now he knew that Naruto loved him and he returned the feelings.

A year and a half passed. Naruto was now living with Kakashi in his apartment, with Tsunade's permission of course.

The couple was going strong and only going up in their relationship. The two had their arguments but all in all they were both happy.

Naruto was out with his friend's for a long needed rest from school. Kakashi had went out with Genma. He had been thinking about a few things and he needed his best friend's advice.

Kakashi and Genma sat at a table in a bar that they had been going to for a while. The brunette was confused as to why they were here. His friend also seemed to be troubled and he didn't know why.

The silver haired man took his shot glass and drank it at once. "Genma I don't know if I should do this."

The brunette looked at his friend in confusion. "Kakashi what do you mean? I have no idea what you are talking about right now other than it has something to do with Naruto."

"It was everything to do with Naruto."

Genma's eyes went wide. "Are you thinking about breaking up with him?"

Kakashi quickly looked at his friend. "No! Of course not actually I was going to do this."

The silver haired man stuck his had in his pocket and rummaged around trying to find something. Finally, he pulled out a little black box.

As soon as Genma laid eyes on the box he knew exactly what he was talking about. "Can I look at it?"

Kakashi grabbed another shot glass and drank that one down in one gulp. "Yeah, sure go ahead."

The brunette gently grabbed the black box and opened it...

"Naruto!" yelled Sakura one of his best friends. The blonde had bounded in front of her and his two other friends. "Stop wondering off. Something could happen and who knows what Kakashi would do without you."

When he heard what Sakura had said he stopped and waited. He wasn't sure what was happening between the two but something had changed in the past days. Kakashi was more distant than usual. He didn't want to think of the worst. He loved his bodyguard and he didn't know what he would do if they broke up.

Sakura had noticed her friend's attitude decline. "Naruto are you ok?"

Said blonde look at her with sad and confused eyes. She knew right then that he needed advice. "Sakura what does it mean when someone becomes distant in a relationship?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, in the past few weeks Kakashi has been distant. He doesn't talk to me all the time and he has been working way harder than usual. I feel like ... like he is going to break up with me"

Sakura wrapped her arms around her friend in a hug. "You know he loves you and he won't leave you. I can't speak for him though. You just need to make him talk to you and maybe everything will work out in the end."

Finally, after a night of waiting for his boyfriend to get home Naruto sat up on the couch as he heard a key in the lock. The youth sighed inwardly to himself. He didn't wan to think Kakashi wanted to break up like Sakura said but he couldn't help to doubt himself. Sure, he and Kakashi had been happy for the year and a half they had been together. People can get bored of other people though. What if Kakashi was bored with him and he wanted to break up because he found someone more interesting.

Naruto didn't notice Kakashi move in and lay next to him since he was too deep in though. The silver haired man had sat next to his blonde to hold him. He noticed that Naruto was thinking about something not paying attention to anything he was doing.

Smirking Kakashi moved closer and started to kiss his boyfriend's neck trying to capture his attention. He sucked and licked leaving a hickey, marking for everyone to see. Smiling he looked up but the smile was lost and replaced with a frown when he noticed Naruto still wasn't paying attention. Moving up more he kissed along his jaw line and up to his mouth. Before he made it to those plump lips he still hadn't captured his attention. Grunting in frustration he kissed his lips hard but they still held passion behind them.

Finally, Naruto turned to look at his silver haired boyfriend. Deciding to talk instead of ... other activities like what Kakashi had in mind the blonde stood up and away from his boyfriend. "Kakashi we need to talk."

Once he heard Naruto actually say his name instead of 'Kashi' alerted him that something was obviously wrong.

Kakashi stood up watching his boyfriends every movement. "What's on your mind?"

"You have been distant these past weeks. I have no idea why." Blue eyes met with mis matched ones. He needed to talk to Kakashi head on instead of jumping around the topic. "If you are bored with me then just say so. If you want someone else then just tell me ... I can handle it." Tears started to run down his cheeks. It hurt saying these things to finally confront the problem. He didn't want to give Kakashi a chance to break up with him but he didn't want to keep him any longer than he wanted to. "If you want to break up then just be honest with me."

Naruto brought his sleeve up to his eyes to wipe the tears but they kept coming. Kakashi couldn't talk. He was caught too much by surprise. What made the love of his life think he wanted to break up? To think that he was tired of him?

Kakashi didn't think anymore. He strode over to his boyfriend within minutes and captured him into his arms. If the silver haired man would have let go it felt like Naruto would slip away and out of his grasp. He wouldn't be able to handle it if Naruto left him.

"Naruto look at me." Kakashi put his hand underneath his boyfriend's chin to get his attention.

The blonde looked up at him tears still evident in his eyes. He didn't say anything which was meant for Kakashi to keep talking.

"What made you think I was tired of you? I love you and I will never leave you. You will never be able to bore me even if you wanted to."

Naruto sniffled more than a little confused now. "But, you have be distant from me. You haven't talked to me in so long other than the occasional words. You have been working so much that I thought you wanted to get some space between us."

Smiling Kakashi moved down and captured his blonde's lips in a sweet and short kiss. "Do you want to know the reason I have been acting strange lately?"

Naruto shook his head in anticipation.

Kakashi knelt down to one knee in front of Naruto. He dug in his pocket to bring out the black box he showed Genma earlier that night.

It took Naruto a few minutes to understand what was happening but once he figured it out he brought his hands up to his mouth. He had been completely wrong. Kakashi didn't want to break up with him he wanted to...

"Naruto Uzumaki. Will you marry me?" As he opened the box Naruto noticed the type of stone on the ring. He moved over to the couch to take a seat before he fainted.

Kakashi moved over and sat next to him waiting for an answer.

Naruto looked up at his boyfriend and attacked him. "Yes! Of course I will Kashi!"

Smiling Kakashi sat up with his blonde in his arms. He pulled the ring from the box and slipped it on his left ring finger. He knew the ring would look stunning on his blonde's finger.

The ring was the same as the necklace Naruto cherished around his neck. He had hunted down the shop keeper and had her make a ring with the same crystal. He knew the ring was going to be pricy but he didn't care as long as Naruto was happy.

Naruto hugged his now fiancé tight and kissed him. He loved Kakashi and he was never going to leave him. Now he knew that Kakashi would never leave him either.

"Kashi. I love you."

"I love you too Naruto."