When I Was Your Man

Inspiration: Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man" and a desire for Edward Cullen to feel some heartache, because I'm evil like that.

With love, for my sista-wife, aywowww.


Sitting at a table by the dance floor, I see her- elegant, smiling, and incredibly happy.

The music that is playing changes its tempo, slowing down and causing her date to pull her closer to him. Bella wraps her arms around his neck and his hands settle comfortably around her hips as they gracefully sway to the song.

My heart breaks to see her so content with him.

Mine, it screams.

But Bella's no longer mine.

I broke her heart first, and now she's with him at my brother's wedding.

We were so young when it happened, and my naivety allowed me to think I'd be able to get over her easily.

It wasn't easy. In fact, it's still not.

Bella was my world, and I let her down over and over again until it was too much for her to take. I would cancel our dates because I had a late practice at school, or sometimes I just wouldn't show up where we were supposed to meet.

I took her for granted and lost the person I loved the most.

I'll make it up to her next time, I used to think. I'll take her to the club she loves and dance till the morning comes.

Yet love doesn't work that way; you don't get a second chance when you fuck everything up because comfortableness blinded you and only allowed you to see when it was too late.

Bella broke up with me right before our high school graduation and all our plans to move in together fell through. She didn't even go to the college we'd agreed upon going to, enrolling in another school on the opposite coast from me.

That's where she met Jacob, the man she's dancing with.

After their graduation, she moved back to Seattle and brought him along. And now I see them everywhere, sharing smiles that were supposed to be for me. Sometimes I can ignore them, pretend that they're not there, and before long, I am gone, escaping to my home that is filled with loneliness.

Today, that is not an option. I can't leave. I'm the best man, and beside me, sits my date. She's probably wondering why I'm staring at the beautiful girl in the black dress.

My gaze shifts as Jake twirls her around and lands on the sparkling diamond on her left hand.

I sigh deeply, picking up my beer and drinking rapidly.

"Edward, you need to slow down," Alice says, placing her hand on my forearm in a warning manner.

Remaining quiet, I place the beer on the table and return my gaze to Bella and her fiancé.

Her fiancé, the man that did everything I didn't do when I was her man.