Same Love

Inspiration: Macklemore and Mary Lambert's "Same Love," and the love my bun bun, karenec, and I have for Taybert.

Thank you, LittleGreyAche, for introducing me to this song!

Huge thanks to Anahi Lazo for pre-reading this lil' thing right before posting.

Jake and Edward

"Are you ready?" Bella asked, as she opened the door to the guest room in Edward Cullen's home.

Nodding, Jake turned to look at his best friend, fidgeting nervously while he walked over to her.

"You need to relax, Jakey," she said, taking his hand. "Everything's gonna be okay."

Exhaling, he smiled. "I'm trying, Bells, but it's my wedding day; I'm supposed to be nervous."

Bella chuckled. "You're worse than a girl sometimes; you know that?"

"Sure, sure," he retorted. "Alice was way worse than me."

That was true.

Alice, Jake's fiancé's sister, had panicked over every little detail involved with her wedding. The only solution was to have Edward, her brother, calm her down as he always had when they were kids.

But this was different.

Today, Edward and Jake were getting married, and they were doing so despite the many obstacles they had faced together.

One of them was Jake's father's disapproval of their union, having never truly accepted his son's sexual preferences, and had also futilely tried to get him "cured" when he was younger. Another hindrance is the fact that despite that their ceremony is being celebrated, their marriage isn't legal.

It didn't matter, though, because in the eyes of their friends, their union was as good as any, and they fully supported them. Emmett, their life-long friend, had even gotten ordained online in order to officiate the service.

Bella leaned into him, placing a soft kiss on his cheek."Everything's gonna be okay," she repeated in a whisper. "Let's not keep Edward waiting."

He nodded, walking out of the room and heading toward the backyard where the ceremony was being held. As they exited the Cullen residence, Jake exhaled, taking in the beautiful setup that Alice had put together; down the middle, a white aisle carpet divided aisles of chairs where family and friends were seated.

That same aisle led to a white bungalow which stood underneath a beautiful tree, decorated with ivy and flowers, being the theme's décor.

There, Edward waited patiently, smirking at Jake when he came into view.

Taking a step forward, Jake knew that he wasn't only walking toward the man that owned his heart, but also to the beginning of a new life, new memories, and above all, a future full of love.

The day I began writing this drabble, Rhode Island became the tenth state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage. Yesterday, Delaware followed in their steps. Today, on an episode of a Mexican soap opera, two male characters had their wedding.

We are moving towards acceptance.

As a proud member of the LGBT community, I couldn't be happier.

Always remember: spread love, not hate.