This is my first story and I admit I am nervous about posting it.

The plot of this story has been running around in my head for years, I guess it took these characters to finally inspire me to put it on paper with a twilight spin.

There is a slight supernatural quality to Bella, but she is still very much human as are all the other characters. I am a hopeless romantic, so of course this is an Edward and Bella story. There is also a lot of mystery and I like to try to build the suspense, but I am a believer in a HEA. ;)

I own nothing that has to do with the wonderful creation that is twilight. All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer. I am not associated with the franchise and no copyright infringement is intended. I am just thankful for the chance to play with the characters a bit. The original aspects of this story belong to me.


I have recently started submitting these chapters to PTB for review. After each is edited I will be replacing chapters here. This will not affect any major content or plot points. Chapters with no beta acknowledgement were reviewed only by me, so the mistakes are mine. :)

Thank-you to PTB and betas TDS88 and babykay18 for the words of wisdom and keeping me on track with my commas!

Here we go! This chapter is very short, and simply sets the stage. Other chapters will be longer.


"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Edgar Allan Poe

There are moments in life that don't make sense; moments you will never be ready for, that seemingly come out of nowhere. I guess everyone deals with them in their own way: some run, some fight, others cry…but me…maybe it's my mind, the one that has always been just left of center, but when faced with this moment, my vision blurs and life becomes a carnival of lights. Colors twist and turn with a melody of a carousel playing in the background, one that is a bit off tune. Part of me wonders at the weird beauty of it all, while another part is still trying to make sense of the person I see in front of me, the person I watched die, the person I believed was the love of my life. How can this be? I think as the colors finally blur to black.

Thanks for reading!