Chapter 2: No Ones Stopping You

Spencer woke up to the sun shining in. "great". She thought. "Guess who starts today." Spencer went down stairs in her pajamas seeing that her sister was wearing a strapless orange dress with black heels. Her nails wearing painted orange, the same color necklace and bracelet. She had curled her hair and braid going around her head with curl between each one.

"Morning Spencer". 'Ariana' smirks.

'Morning Aria". Spencer said shyly.

"Your favorite colors orange?" Spencer asks feeling dumb after.

"Is it noticeable?" 'Ariana' say sarcastically then smiles.

Spencer moves closer to 'Ariana'. "What's your problem? Do you want me gone again that bad?"

'Ariana' gave her an innocent look. "I don't know what you're talking about…Spencer". She shoved past her and went upstairs.

"My mom said a new girl named Ariana was starting today…I like the name." Aria says playing with her ring.

"I can't wait to meet her". Hanna says sarcastically.

"She's probably not one of those preppy girls you're thinking of". Aria shrugs.

"Who said I thought of her like that?" Hanna says in defense.

"It's written all over your face" Emily Points out.

''what do you think, Spence"? Emily asks her.

"Hmm?" Spencer says smoothly.

"About the new girl…Ariana. What do you think she's like?" Hanna asks getting excited.

"Guess itjust depends on who you are to her, if she hates you, your head well be on a stick but if she likes you she's sweetest person you'll meet." Spencer says and gets up and starts to speed walk toward Mrs. Montgomery's. She knows she had just said too much.

She ends up in class right after the girls sense she made a couple stops along the way.

"Are you okay?" Emily asks touching her shoulder. Spencer shakes her head.

"Everyone takes a seat please". Mrs. Montgomery announces. "We're going to have a new student, Ariana, today and she will be here any minute".

Spencer watches her walk in. over half the class gasps to themselves, especially Aria, Hanna, and Emily. Ariana glances toward Spencer and glares as Spencer sinks in her set.

"I'm Ariana. Ariana Hastings." She said to Mrs. Montgomery who looked shocked.

"Um just take the empty seat next to Mona". Mrs. Montgomery said uneasy. 'Ariana' pushed her dress down and sets down slowly. She smiles innocently. Spencer felt her breathing speed up. What if she said something? What if she told them? Where would that land her? It was Spencer's fault she didn't start going to a real school tell senior year. There where so many what if's and that scared Spencer half to death.

"So…Ariana". Mrs. Montgomery starts. "Do you go by anything else?" Mrs. Montgomery asks her hiding her shock.

"I've always been called Aria". 'Ariana says sweetly. Fake...she's just so fake. Spencer thought. But so am I.

"The girl you told about what you sister!" Aria shouts and the whole class looking at them two.

"You said she was a friend". Aria says hurt.

"I couldn't tell you, okay." Spencer says felling tears rush to her eyes. Aria opens her mouth and it starts to shake as if she's starting to say something but didn't want too. Spencer glances to 'Ariana' and look at her face. 'Ariana' was winning. Big time.

"Umm…is there anything else". 'Ariana' says changing the subject.

"Wanna tell us a little bit about yourself". Mrs. Montgomery asks.

"Love to". 'Ariana' says evilly then smiles.

"Umm…I have two sisters and a half-brother". She started. "Obvious things. Uh I've done things in the past I would wanna redo over…but don't we all? I had 3 best friends where I was at. Their names where Brooke, Candra, and Dawn." 'Ariana' smiles. Spencer starts thinking about what would happen if she went and not her. Would that be her right there telling them about herself? Would she not be in danger?

"What school did you go to?" Mrs. Montgomery asks.

"It's in Greensville". 'Ariana' shrugs. "Probably never heard of it."

"Oh, I used to go there in elementary". Mona says looking at her familiarly.

"I went to Green Day. We both did". 'Ariana' says referring to Spencer.

"So did I." Mona smiles. "I think it was the only one there".

Spencer and 'Ariana' Shrug in agreement.

"People there were so nice; then next thing you know you're shipped to crazy town." 'Ariana' says then Mona nods in agreement.

"What the hell, Spencer!" Hanna goes right to when she's at her locker.

"Lesson, it's a long story… I can't tell you. Not even…only me and her know…and I think Alison May have." Spencer says shaking and shuts her locker.

"Spencer, are you okay? You look scared." Emily said putting her hand on her shoulder.

"You would be to". Spencer says sternly shakes her head.

'What do you mean?" Hanna says concerned.

"Was I by chance friends with Mona before I was friends with you guys?" Spencer questions.

Hanna and Emily shake their heads. "You guys were really close…Wait, why would you ask that? Shouldn't you remember?" Emily asks confused.

"I think we all know I don't remember anything clear before 7th grade". Spencer laughs.

"Um…Sorry, Spence can I talk to you for a minute". Spencer felt her whole body shake.

''Ariana". Spencer whispers.

'Ariana's' head tilt to the side. "Who else would sounds…and look like me beside you?"

"Hold on right here". Spencer says to the girls and they nod their heads.

"Where's your other friend…Aria?" 'Ariana' smirks.

"What did you do to her?" Spencer says stepping closer.

"Nothing, you created this yourself." 'Ariana' says putting her hand on my shoulder smiling.

"You really got this innocent act down, don't you"? Spencer questions sternly. She nods her head.

"But if you say anything to anyone they'll well know the truth…Ariana". 'Ariana' says looking her up and down. "Are you gonna lose it"? 'Ariana' questions again taunting her.

'No, Th-that was you n-not me." Spencer stumbles.

"But I have no reason to lose it." 'Ariana' begins and moves closer. "I'm winning." 'Ariana' shoves past Spencer and walks past Hanna and Emily. They look over to Spencer who does look as she is about to lose it. She takes a deep breath and walks back toward them.

"Sorry about that". Spencer smile then rubs the corner of her eye.

"Can we talk about last night for a minute?" Emily questions concerned.

"Of course."

"Okay, so if the bat was used to kill Alison, who would've gotten ahold of it?" Emily questions Spencer.

She thought for a minute then remembered that night as clear as day.

"Spencer, Don't!" Spencer heard Alison yell before loud smack.

"Alison!" Spencer yells and runs toward the Dilaurentis back yard. Spencer gasps as she sees that's she had missed Alison but she knew she could frame her easy with that object.

"Ariana…Please". Spencer cries and outs her hand to her mouth as she walks closer.

"Wait…but…" Alison looked at them both.

"She has nothing to do with this" .Spencer cries. "It's all my fault!"

'Ariana' smiles evilly.

"I'm Ariana, not Spencer! Know let her go!" Spencer cries. Alison's mouth opens but no words came out.

Spencer felt someone hold her back as 'Ariana' raises the bat back up. Alison looks to Spencer.

"I'm so sorry". Spencer mouths crying her eyes out. Alison started to scream and next thing you know 'Ariana' hits Alison's head like a piñata.

"NO!" Spencer yells.

"And know". 'Ariana' makes a cut on her left wrist enough to bleed but not kill herself.

"Spencer's DNA is all over it." 'Ariana' laughs. "It was too easy".

"Anyone could've gotten ahold of it but you guys were the only people who knew where it was." Spencer lies.

"Aria!" Spencer yells. Aria keeps walking. Spencer runs and cuts Spencer off.

"We need to talk." Spencer said biting her lip.

"About what?" Aria snapped.

"I'm gonna tell you something that you can't tell anyone about Ariana". Spencer says shaking. Ari open her eyes wide, "I'm waiting."

Spencer's mouth trembles.

"Ariana…hasn't been to a real school sense about 4th grade". Spencer started but took a long pause.

"That's it?" Aria questions and begins to walk away. I grab her wrist.

"I wanna tell you everything'. Spencer says crying a little. "But I can't."

Aria glares at her.

"Why? Why can't you tell me?"

She cries harder.

"There's so much nobody knows…and I can't say anything, Spencer pauses, I just…can't." Spencer finally let's herself cry.

"Why don't you come get me when you're ready to tell me the truth." Aria snaps and walks toward her house. Spencer rubs the tears form under her eyes softly. Seconds later her phone does off.

No one's stopping you


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