What if Emma & Jay hooked up again when Sean came back to Degrassi, WHILE Emma was dating Peter. It sounds horrible but hear her out! She just wanted to forget about Sean and Peter's jealousy over him, she wanted a distraction.. something easy & fun.. Jay seemed the best option. Oh how quickly Jay makes her forget about them.. he is QUITE the damn distraction. Emma's not sure she can resist this time and he's not sure he wants to let go this time either.



"Sean!?" Emma got out of Peter's car and went over to Sean and Jay. They stood at an icecream truck, and walked toward her too.

Jay got a slushie as hr played with the straw, eyeing Greenpeace up and down as she glanced at him when she came over and hugged Sean.

"Jay.." she muttered, not showing as much thrill. But! She did wonder where he had been since expelled.

Her guess? Hooking up with the stupid girls that lined up for him, giving them more STDs.

He rolled his eyes at her and she did back, pulling away from Sean, "What are you doing here?!"

"I moved back!" Sean said, excited to see her, "I'm with Jay now." he nodded towards him

Jay put his hands up in defence, "Woah, easy broke back mountain.." he gave Emma a more stern look, "He means he's sleeping on my couch."

Emma couldn't help but laugh a little , nodding, and then her boyfriend Peter came around her, putting an arm over her protectively...eyeing Sean down who was staring way too much at Emma.

And Jay knew why..and Emma was about to find out. The oldest book in history was abit to re-write itself.. Sean was going to try to get Emma back.

Jay guessed it'd be entertaining. Sean had no idea Emma had a boyfriend..actually, niether did Jay.

I bet this little Poin Dexter got his ride from his rich little daddy.. Jay thought as he sized Peter up, as he and Sean talked as if they were friends? Why pretend? Jay would treat him like trash if he had the girl he wanted.

"you like cars too man?" Peter asked, shifting his eyes from Sean to Jay.

Emma glanced to Jay to sigh, seeing the humorous glee in his eye, here it comes..

"Oh, I like them a bunch Pete." Jay informed, ever so sarcastically. Peter shifted his eyes from Jay Hogart, okay.. maybe he shouldn't of spoken.

Emma then took notice Sean also had no clue about her and Jay hooking up over a year ago.. another thing she wished to keep secret since she didn't need the drama, and she was sure Jay didn't feel like getting punched in the face.

Emma smiled at the thought though and then glared at Jay when he gave her a wierd look, seeing that, then eyed Sean.. and back at her. Was she thinking about Sean finding out and hitting him too?

"Meet me after school, I'll check out the car of yours for you." Sean offered Peter.

Peter nodded, excited, "Yeah sure!" he exclaimed, and smiled to Emma brightly, "My Dad just got me it.. it's my birthday."

Sean just slowly nodded and Emma itched her forehead... Jay smirked, slurping his slushie. See? He was right.

And that's when it started to go a little crazy. . Emma was feeling Sean trying to flirt with her, and get his hands on her whenever he could..and Peter was slowly catching on to it.

Sean had invited Peter out to street races even and Emma came along with, which Sean hoped she would. She sorta...stuck out there though if you know what I mean, in the middle of an illegal racing event, with a bunch of hoodlums and bad boys, while she wore her cute little yellow summer dress.

Even the now turned Lesbian Alex, raised an eyebrow. What? She looked hot.

Sean stared at Emma too as she walked over and even Jay had to laugh, putting his hands together, "Oh lord, forgive my sinful thoughts.."

I mean, jesus, it was like Emma was screaming for someone to rip her innocence away.

Sean had heard Jay thought and got up, standing nose to nose. Jay had to admit, he wasn't so bothered anymore by Bam Bam's anger problems, he's been working out too and it'd probably be a fair fight unlike years ago..

Wait, why was he thinking about fighting Sean?

"Hey..Emma's my friend, alright?" Sean told him, "And you're gonna stay clear of her. Got it?"

Too late.

Jay just tried to hide his smile but shook his head smirking and lifted his hands up as if surrendering.

That day was pretty interesting, Alex was even getting along with Emma and Manny and sitting with them as the boys raced. And Jay had even caught Sean showing Emma their autos shop blue prints they were planning on building and opening together.. Emma also caught Jay catching her maybe flirting with Sean back, and he squinted his eyes a bit at her until she looked away, pretending she didn't see him notice, but did inch away from Sean.

Jay did a race after that, his mind still a bit foggy over what he saw. He was up against Poin Dexter and Peter actually had a fast car, Jay probably would of won if he just came to terms with what was on his mind instead of being so stubborn and distracted. Peter Pan had fairy dust and beginners luck.

Meanwhile, Emma sat on the beach with Alex and Manny, she was in deep thought too. Part of her was bored with Peter, part of her liked flirting with Sean and part of her was just plain bored..

"Its getting dark Em, wanna go?" Peter asked her and she looked behind her shoulder at Peter in the parking lot, near his car and shook her head no.

"I'm going to stay a little bit more." she said, smiling as sweetly as she could and frowned at his deep frown, even tossing a glare at her before getting into his car and speeding off.

"Uh ohh." teased Manny, "trouble in paradise."

Emma grumbled, it was barely paradise. She's done.. things.. with Peter, and she thought about it, she was ready to give up the V card.. and Peter seemed to be the sweetest boy to give it to.. for some reason she knew deep down she'd probably hurt him before he hurt her, so she'd never really regret giving it to him. She didn't mean to sound so crude, it just meant she wasn't falling for him hard.. so he couldn't really break her heart, you know?

If only the guy knew how to lay a move after groping her boobs.. that's as far as Peter ever really got.

Emma scoffed sitting in the sand.. Peter wasn't the bad boy he played out to be.

"Thinking about Hurricane?" Manny whispered in her ear, she's been on Emma's back all week about Sean, that was her little nickname about him.

But Emma was actually not, she was just bored.. confused. Did she want Sean ? But he caused so much heart break before! Could she do that again?

"Here, this helps." Alex declared, sticking a flask infront of Emma's face.

Emma lifted an eyebrow, "Not that I'm not flattered by your..somewhat nice gester for once, but I doubt its a good idea drinking in public." she said.

"Suit yourself..just thought you had yourself in a bit of a pickle." Alex said in sarcasm, knowing Emma for sure was, "You know, with the long lost ex and then that dweeb as your boyfriend."

Manny smirked, she couldn't help it, she disliked Peter still underneath it all. Manny reached out and took the flask, sipping it, before offering it again to Emma and both brunettes smiled and laughed when Emma scoffed and took it.

One or two hours later, a few cars were in the lot, a bunch of sluts hanging out the street car racers and one was flirting with Jay as Alex came up, well, stumbled up behind and shoved the slut aside.

"We need a drive home." she declared.

Jay, amused with this scene as he saw Manny and Emma stumbling behind Alex, jumped for the opportunity, "Where to first?" he watched Manny bend over and puke a little, "Hospital!?" he asked happily and sarcastically, "A frat house?"

"You should let me drive." Emma informed, leaning on the car near him as he turned his head and snickered as he watched the blonde's hand go hold the top of her head. Clearly wasn't a regular drinker.

"Yeah, especially drunk." he insisted before rolling his eyes and then snickering again as Alex and Manny were already making their way into the back of his car, "Let's go party animal." he taunted, taking a hold of Emma's arms to lean her off and opened the passanger door, leading her in.

"Your sarcasm gets extreeeemely old these days, bucko." Emma declared, sitting in the seat before he shut the door, she then yelped when he bent down and over her and held her breath.

He grabbed a water bottle on the ground by her feet and stood back up, "Don't flatter yourself." he taunted.

What'd she think he was going to do? Just jump on top of her right there? Hey you're drunk! Let me take adventage of you!

Emma rolled her pretty brown as eyes as he gave her the water bottle and demanded, "Drink it." before shutting the door.

Manny was pretty sick, but insisting..no, YELLING, at Jay to bring her to Joeys for Craig..even though Emma kept insisting the Rockstar was on tour, but one down..two to go.

Alex was closer so she was next, and Emma was sobering up just a little at least.

"So I told her, you want me? Better treat me right." slurred Alex, opening his back door as he dully stared at her driveway until she got out then raced back out. He swore out of his rolled down window, Alex was STILL talking to herself.

Jay chuckled, driving Emma home now, "I don't think I'll ever forget this." he glanced down at Emma, who had her head in her hands, groaning.

She lifted her head and glared at him "Ha ha." she said dully, not seeing the humor