"She's growing up so fast." Emma said, looking down at the little baby girl.

Manny held onto her baby who was now a year and 2 months. She had dark hair and blue eyes like her dad.

"Her and Claudia are going to best friends!" insisted Manny with a laugh. She sat on the picnic table in the back yard of Jay's house.

Emma sat beside her and laughed as Claudia came over between them to look at Baby Brooke, Sean and Manny's baby

"Why won't she talk, Mommy?" Claudia moved her head up to look at her mother with her big blue eyes.

Emma giggled, "You couldn't talk at that age either, Claudia." she said, watching Brooke get hypnotized by Claudia's long curly blonde hair. Claudia was almost 4 now.

Claudia looked back at Brooke in Manny's arms, Manny giggled when Claudia sniffed her and cringed, "She stinks!" she exclaimed.

Emma and Manny laughed and the guys came out the back door, followed by Spinner who was back with his old highschool sweetheart, Jane.

Todd and Roxy came too, and Roxy had her own pregnant belly.

"Hey." Jay barked at Claudia who gasped and giggled, turning around to her Daddy, "Look who I found in the fridge." he teased, showing off her unicorn in his hand

Sean and Spinner started the barbeque, putting on some burgers.

"Tinkerbell!" Claudia exclaimed, taking it from Jay and hugging it tightly. Emma rolled her eyes to Jay, not knowing why she gave a unicorn the name of a Disney fairy.

Jay sat next to Emma in the picnic table, holding a beer and sipping it, he looked a bit older, but maturely, buffer and even more attractive to Emma.

Emma had added some lowlights to her blonde hair yet still looked like she was in college. He smirked, catching her checking him out and went to tease her-

"Hi everybody." greeted Snake, walking in with Spike and Jack who was now 7 and jumped right beside Spinner and Sean.

"Make me a hot dog." he ordered.

Sean snickered but did so, then asked Snake and Spike what they'd like.

Emma happily leaned her head on Jay's shoulder as Roxy and Todd caught up with them, but they got lost in their own world. Jay nodded to whatever Todd was saying but focused on his girl's head upon his shoulder and turned his head, kissing her forehead and getting back to Todd.

Claudia pulled herself up onto the picnic table beside her dad and went onto his lap, sitting there with him and her mom. Emma and Jay agreed to never tell Claudia about the year Emma ran away, and never told him about her, because there was no need. They were a loving family now, and it's like Jay and Claudia never missed a moment.

Later on, Emma and Jay were making up for more lost moments up in their room once Claudia was asleep and everyone gone.

"I don't think it can get any more exciting around here." joked Emma as she bit her lip playfully, straddling him from on top until she gasped when he slipped in without warning.

"OH really?" joked Jay back, seeing the shock cross over her face then pleasure.

Emma rocked herself up and down on Jay as he cursed in pleasure to and held her hips tightly, leaving imprints on her hips from his finger tips. He was bucking up into her when she would slow down to tease him and tighten around him, then cry out when he did that.

"Meant in another way." Emma panted, trying to explain, "I don't think much more drama and sudden events could ever shock us anymore."

She had to replay today, Manny with Brooke, Claudia growing up so fast, even her parents were back in the picture, Todd and Roxy pregnant and everything kept going back to their happy ending.

Jay smirked and sat up, kissing around her neck, "How about getting married?" he panted, her legs still around his waist and still slowly pumping into her.

Emma whimpered and her heart started to beat really fast, til she opened her eyes and looked into his, "You're proposing to me while fucking me?" she laughed breathlessly and moaned when he kept going.

That damn devilish smirk on his face.

"Hey, first time I said I love you it had the word shit in it." he reminded and she giggled to cry out when he hit a good spot, and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly.

"How am I suppose to tell my family how you did it.." she drifted, smiling again and kissed around his shoulder.

He kissed hers too and finally pushed himself up so far into her, they came at the same time and shook, cold sweat dripping.

She looked down at him and she nodded, "I'll marry you." ofcourse she would.

His smirk turned into a grin as he roughly kissed her, "Ofcourse you will." he teased, but read her mind.

She laughed against his kiss and kissed him deeper.

"Love you so much Em." he breathed while wrapping his arms around her and her arms around his neck again, just embaracing her, "My Greenpeace" he said with a grin.

Emma smiled against his shoulder, feeling the happiest she's ever been, in her lovers arms where she belonged.

"I love you too, Jay."