There were some things Jack Frost would never understand. Sometimes, it frustrated him. But mostly, he had resigned himself to considering these things some of life's mysteries. Like clothing, for example. It never ceased to amaze Jack how quickly styles of clothing would change. It seemed like one day people were in woolen cloaks and top hats and the next they were wearing Members Only jackets. But what was it they always said? Time flies when you're having fun. Perhaps these could be considered the words Jack chose to live by. If only Jack were alive at all. They were rather words he let shine as a beacon in the snowy darkness, the words he let guide him through the cold wintertime limbo that was his existence. As long as he had fun, there was no time to notice how lonely he was. No time to sit contemplatively, full of self-indulgent doubt and obsessive wondering about things he knew he wouldn't ever remember.

But there were times when he let the wondering get the best of him. Those were times when he would flee to the South Pole and sit, watching the penguins huddle together to keep warm all the while wishing he had someone with whom he might do the same. And then he would wallow, awash in the in the inevitability of his loneliness and self-pity. He had to feel bad for himself; if he didn't, who would? No one believed in him. The most he could ever hope to hear his name was when Christmas came and they would sing that song. But it wasn't satisfying. It was never quite what he hoped for.

But those feelings would pass. And Jack would refocus. Focus on the present, the here and now, focus on enjoying himself, and helping others enjoy themselves too. He would nip at their noses. And every once in a very great while, someone would stop. And they would almost know. The would almost know. And those were the best moments. And they were also the worst. Because they never lasted long enough. And a bittersweet taste would linger in his mouth until he put it out of sight and out of mind. Because no one ever did really notice. And all too quickly they would outgrow the wide-eyed wonderment of their youth only to have it replaced with the jaded, selfish disinterest of adulthood.

And that was what made Jack sad the most. Nothing ever stayed the way it was. Nothing ever lasted. Except for him. He was always the same. Why should he be cursed with sameness when everything else was allowed to grow old and wither? He longed to grow up with the children around him. He desired so much to outgrow the excitement he felt on each cold winter's day. He wanted to follow them to high school and college and to their boring office jobs where Jack would be in the cubicle next to them and they might revel together in their shared apathy for the life they were living. But those were just dreams. And at the end of the day the Sandman would come and they would drift off to sleep. And Jack was left watching as yet another day ended and still no one had noticed him.

Thank you for reading this (very short) story~! I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave a review if you feel so inclined. I watched this movie for the first time this weekend. (And then watched it again the next day, hehe.) Upon watching it, I was left with: 1. the desire for the story to continue 2. the desire to cosplay as Jack Frost ^^;