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Slytherin Princess

Chapter 1

I sighed as I watched the morning post arrive.

It was the first day of school and I sat with my two best friends.

Ron was currently opening the things he'd left at home and Hermione was reading the letters from her parents.

I looked down at my food over the summer I'd resigned myself to not receiving my normal letters from Sirius.

So you can imagine my surprise when Hedwig flew in and dropped a letter in front of me.

Confused I picked it up and hastily opened it.

Miss potter.

Gringotts would like to inform you that as of today you can fully claim your inheritance.

If there are any problems please contact us immediately.

Your first bank statement is on the following page.


1000 galleons monthly to Dursleys.

300 galleons Ronald Weasley

300 galleons Hermione Granger

400 galleons to Albus Dumbledore.

I looked at it in confusion before rushing to my dorm to write a reply Hedwig flapping frantically behind me.

Once I'd written a reply I read it over again


Thank you for notifying me of my inheritance.

I have not been informed of any of these transactions I would like them to be halted immediately unless I specify they may resumed.

I would also like to be informed of why they have been occurring.

I would also like my vaults sealed unless I indicate otherwise


Harrison Potter.

I sealed the letter and sent Hedwig to deliver it.

'Why were Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione and the Dursleys getting money from my vault?'

There was a knock at the door.

I quickly stuffed the letter into my trunk before answering.

"Harry can I come in?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah of course." I called.

There was obviously a mistake they were my best friends.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine."

"IS everything alright? You left in a hurry."

"Yeah I'm fine. Don't worry." I smiled.

"You're sure?"


She smiled.

"Kay how about we go down to the quiditch pitch?" she asked.

"Yeah sure. Sounds like fun." I said grabbing my broom and following her out the door to the pitch.

I laughed as we flew around the pitch.

By the time we had to return to the great hall for lunch I'd completely forgotten about the letter.

I was laughing at something Seamus had said when Hedwig swooped in and dropped another letter in my lap.

I stiffened immediately.

"I'll catch you guys later." I smiled before standing and walking to the nearest classroom to read the letter.

Miss potter

We were in informed that Dumbledore was the one to authorize all transactions from you vault.

We regret to inform you that we were not given an explanation for the withdrawals.

Only the sum to be deposited every month into the specific accounts.

Your Vault has been sealed and a card has been enclosed that will allow you to access your money.

Simply say the password you wish to use to the card.

We must inform you that you are also the heir to the black fortune to claim the vault simply say

'I Harrison Potter claim the black vaults'

They will be locked as well until you specify otherwise.

We have a letter in our position that has instructed us to deliver it when you inherit the vaults.

Please notify us whether to forward the letter.


I stared at the letter.

Dumbledore authorized the withdrawals?

What was going on?

I quickly repeated the words written on the page and wrote a quick reply.

Thank you for your assistants

I would like you to retract the funds given out if possible.

Please forward the letter immediately


Harrison potter.

I held the card up to my mouth and whispered


The card glowed before dimming accepting the password.

After charming the letter the same as the first I went to the dorm.

On my way there I heard Hermione and Ron.

"What the hells wrong with potter?" Ron asked.

'Potter? Since when did Ron call me Potter'

I pulled out my invisibility cloak and began to follow them.

"I don't know? We should get Dumbledore to pay us more. It's getting more difficult to keep this masquerade of friendship going. She's already waking me up every night with one of her stupid nightmares." Hermione hissed angrily.

"Yeah defiantly. We should get more out of this than 300 galleons." Ron said.

'They were being paid to be my friends?'

I felt tears well up in my eyes.

I ran past them to the tower hidden from there view.

Throwing of my cloak I buried my face in the pillow.

I don't know how long I lay there with my buried in my pillow but eventually someone knocked on the door.

"Harry? You in there?" Hermione asked.

"Go away!" I called out.

"Harry? What's wrong?" She asked pushing the door open.

"Go away." I repeated.

"Harry If you want to talk about it I'm here."

"Get away from me." I screamed when she walked to the bed.

"Harry?" She asked.

I shoved myself of the bed and stalked to the door.

She grabbed my arm as I walked past her.

I pulled out my wand.

"If you don't let me go right now I will hex you." I screamed.

She immediately pulled back her hand and I stalked past her.

I ran out of the common room and to the room of requirements.

I let the sobs I'd held back pour free.

"Dobby." I called out.

There was a loud pop and dobby stood before me.

"Miss potter called."

"Yes dobby. I need you help."

"Anything." Dobby said.

"Do… Do you know anything about… about Dumbledore paying Ron and Hermione?"

Dobby stiffened.

"Dobby is sorry. Dumbledore forbid dobby from telling Miss potter. Dobby wanted to. Dobby is so sorry." The elf began to sob.

"Dobby stop please I don't blame you. Thank you for telling me. How long?" I asked.

Dobby hesitated.

"Always." I heard the elf whisper.

I broke down into more sobs.

"Dobby is sorry."

"Who else?" I asked.

"No one else only Mr Weasley and Miss granger." Dobby answered.

"Thank you dobby." I said wiping my eyes.

The elf didn't answer I heard a faint pop as he left.

I sat in the room for hours curled up holding my knees to my chest.

At dinnertime I wiped my eyes and headed to the great hall.

"Harry!" Ron yelled when I arrived.

I looked up.

"What the hells wrong mate? Why did you yell at Hermione?"

"Its none of your business." I hissed.

Hermione came up behind him.

"Harry we're just worried about you. We only want to help."

"Help! Help! Is that what he's paying you for now?"

"What are you talking about harry?"

"Don't call me that. My friends call me Harry.

"Harry." I glared.

"Harrison then what are you talking about."

"You're not my friends anymore so stay the hell away from me." I yelled drawing the attention of everyone in the hall.

I was about to storm out when Hedwig flew in.

I snatched the letter up when it landed in front of me.

Miss potter.

The funds have been retracted and replaced in your vault.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused the letter is enclosed.

To my sweet harry.

I fear that I wont be able to tell you this myself.

Please forgive me for what I am going to tell you.

You're not Harrison potter.

You're Harrison Snape.

James knows of this and our will is adjusted accordingly.

Only you can get our will read we don't trust Dumbledore.

Your real father was a member of the death eaters, spying for Dumbledore at the time and if He who must not be named found out Severus would be killed.

Please find him and tell him.

I'm so sorry.

James loved you as if you were his own.

I will always love you.

Please forgive me.

Your mother.

I stared at the letter before storming up to the head table.

My anger at Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore changed suddenly to be focused on Snape.

"You slept with my mother." I growled when I reached the table throwing the letter at him.

His eyes widened as he read the letter.

He stood swiftly and pulled me out of the hall by my arm.

"Is this some kind of joke potter?" He asked.

"No I got the letter from gringotts. Mum left it for me." I said trying to keep my voice even.

"I don't understand I don't even remember sleeping with her." Snape whispered.

I stared up confused.

"We should discuss this with Professor Dumbledore." Snape said heading back to the great hall.

"No!" I yelled then felt my cheeks redden.

"Why not?"

"He was paying my… my Fri… Ron and Hermione." I couldn't bring myself to say friends.

"Come with me." He said in an even voice.

He turned and stormed into the hall.

I followed him worried about what he was going to do.

A hush fell over the hall.

I hesitated at the door.

Snape realised I wasn't following him.

He glared at me until I hurried forward.

Once I drew level with him he grabbed my arm and pulled me up the rows of tables, not giving me another chance to stop.

I looked around the tables.

For some reason my gaze landed on Malfoy at the Slytherin table.

He looked particularly smug at seeing me being dragged to the head table by his head of house.

I shot him a glare before turning towards my own table.

Ron, Hermione, Seamus and Neville were giving me sympathetic looks.

I ignored them and focused on the head table.

We finally drew level with the table.

Snape released my arm and glared at Dumbledore.

"You didn't have to Hold my arm so tight." I said rubbing the spot where Snape had grabbed my arm.

"Sorry." He muttered.

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow and smirked at Snape.

"Severus. What can I do for you m'boy?"

"Don't you dare m'boy me?!" He yelled.

"Severus what's wrong?"

"How dare you! How dare you do that to her!" he yelled pointing a finger at me.

"Severus I have no idea what you're talking about?" Dumbledore said, the twinkle leaving his eye.

"No idea? I got the statement." I yelled.

I knew all eyes in the great hall were on us.

I turned round and stared at Ron and Hermione.

I saw they were both still confused.

"What statement harry?"

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out?"

"Harry you will need to be more specific."

"You were paying them to be my friends you bastard!" I yelled not caring who heard me.

Dumbledore's eyes widened.

"Harry perhaps we should move this conversation to my office."

"She's not going anywhere with you!" Snape hissed.

"Why do you suddenly care Severus?" McGonagall asked.

Snape hesitated.

"That is none of your concern Mivera." Snape finally answered.

"Harry. Come on." Dumbledore said standing.

I shook my head.

"Harry, go with Dumbledore." McGonagall said.

"No." I said simply.

"Harry I didn't want it to come to this but I am ordering you to come with me." Dumbledore said standing.

"Ordering me! Where do you get off on ordering me?" I yelled.

Snape rested a hand on my shoulder.

"Perhaps it is time we moved to a more private area."

I looked up and saw a mixture of expressions on the students face.

Horror, disgust, anger.

"Ms granger Mr Weasley Join us please." Dumbledore said and swept out of the hall.

I followed behind keeping my distance Ron and Hermione.

We arrived at the gargoyle and Dumbledore whispered the password.

'Sour strips.'

The gargoyle jumped aside revealing the passage leading to his office.

We all filed in.

Ron and Hermione took the seats closest to Dumbledore's desk.

McGonagall stood behind Dumbledore while Snape and I stood near the door.

"Harry please let us explain." Hermione said looking at me pleadingly.

"I'm listening." I hissed crossing my arms.

"We really needed the money Harry…" Ron halted when he saw my face. "I mean Harrison." He quickly corrected.

"So instead of asking me you choose to lie and steal?"

"Harrison I'm really sorry. We were about to loose the house and we barely paid the school fee. It was a job at the start but I swear we're really your friends."

"And you Hermione what's your excuse?"

"I didn't think I would make friends so when I was offered to do this I jumped at the chance I'm so sorry."

She jumped up and tried to hug me.

I send a mild stinging hex at her.

"What the hell?" Ron asked.

"I heard you." I snarled.

They looked at me confused.

"Don't remember discussing a pay rise?"

"Harry. Why don't you sleep we can continue this discussion once you have calmed down. Ms granger Mr Weasley why don't you take Harry back to the dorm?"

"No I refuse to sleep in the same dorm as them." I said.

"Harry there is no where else for you to sleep. Go back to Gryffindor tower we will discuss this topic tomorrow."

"No! I'm not sleeping there."

"Perhaps tomorrow we can move you into a private room until you sort this out."

I looked around the room and my gaze landed on the sorting hat.

"I want to be resorted."

"Harry the hat has already put you in Gryffindor its not going to change because you're having a fight."

"She asked to be resorted Albus." Snape snarled.

Dumbledore sighed and summoned the hat.

I slowly placed it on my head.

"Miss potter finally giving me another chance to sort you properly?" the hat asked.

"Yes its your choice this time." I answered.

"Glad you finally came to your senses. You are sure you can only be resorted once there will be no going back after this."

"I know I'm ready."

"Very well Slytherin." The hat called.

"I removed the hat from my head and looked around.

"You convinced the hat to put you in Gryffindor?" Snape asked.

"How did you know that?"

"The hat conversation wasn't in your head." McGonagall answered.


"Doesn't matter. Its time for harry to move to the Slytherin dorms."

"No…" Dumbledore began.

"She is in my house now Albus I am telling her to go to bed she will do as I say." Snape snarled practically yelling at Dumbledore.

"We will collect you belongings before we go to your new dorm."

"I have a better idea. Dobby." I called.

"Misses potter called." Dobby said as he entered the tense office with a pop.

"Yeah could you get all my belongings and send them to the Slytherin dorm?"

"Of course." He disappeared with a pop before appearing again a few seconds later.

"They are in the dorm."

"Thanks dobby." I smiled at the elf as he disappeared but not before glaring at Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore.

"Perhaps it is time to take our leave." Snape said leading me to the door.

"Harry please." Hermione called.

"Your payments have stop and all funds have been retracted. I want the order out of my house by the end of tomorrow. And if I find anything missing you will regret it."

Without looking back I walked out of the office.

Snape led me down into the dungeons.

"Harry tomorrow we will discus the letter from your mother." He said before we reached the entrance to the Slytherin dorm.


The entrance swung open revealing the Slytherin common room.

I expected it to be cold and intimidating instead it was warm.

It looked like the Gryffindor common room except more expensive and calming.

The fire was charmed to flicker green and silver.

Snape entered the room first.

"Professor what's going on?" Malfoy asked.

"Snakes I have a new dorm mate to introduce to you." He stepped aside and ushered me into the dorm.

"Potter?" Malfoy yelled.

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