Snapes (POV)

"Advada Kedava!"

We spun round simultaneously.

A green light rocketed towards us.

I felt my body move to the side and the green light missed me by no more than a millimetre or two.

I looked to my side in time to see harry Crumple beside me.

"Harry!" I yelled.

'She pushed me aside' I thought as I recalled my body moving aside.

"Oh my god! What have we done?" Someone said choking as though fighting tears.

I turned my glare over to the direction the curse had original had came from.

I found myself staring at six figures.

I quickly I identified them.

Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas we're almost hidden at the back of the group.

In front of them Hermione granger and Seamus Finnegan had their mouths dangling open.

Finally in the front with there wand raised stood (dun dun dun) Ron weasley.

"How dare you!" I screamed as tears poured from my face.

"You were controlling her. What else were we supposed to do?" Finnegan yelled.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I yelled as I pulled my wand from my sleeve pointing it at them.

I felt my magic react to my anger something it had not done since I was a child.

"You placed a spell on her and forced her to change sides and tricked her into believing you where her father." Granger yelled.

"So you kill her!" I yelled.

Wind began to pick up and pull at their hair and cloaks.

"We were aiming for you." Weasley said.

"I will see you all in a prison besides Dumbledore for this." I yell as they were thrown against the opposite wall.

I bent down next to the crumpled form of my daughter.

"I'm so sorry harry. It should have been me. Why did you have to be a hero you stupid girl?" I said holding her against my chest.

"You'd be bored if I didn't." came the faint whispered reply.

My head shot up causing pain to shoot through my neck.

Harry's eyes were flickering open and closed as she fought unconsciousness.

I pulled her into my arms and ran to the nearest fireplace.

"Saint Mungo's." I shouted and watched as green flames surrounded us before they opened to a reception.

"Help!" I screamed.

"What happened? Is that Harry Potter?" one of the receptionists asked.

"Yes she was hit by the killing curse." I replied.

"Is she… is she dead?" one of the other occupants of the reception asked.

"No but I want her checked over." I replied.

Seconds later a host of doctors surrounded us.

I waited nervously for hours in the waiting room as doctors ran scans over harry.

"You can see her now." One of them informed me and I practically ran to the room they were holding her in.

"Hey." I whispered when I saw her sitting up in bed.

"HI." She smiled brightly.

"how are you feeling?" I asked.

"Sore. The doctor said I would be fine in a few days."

"I am going to make them all pay." I replied fiercely.

"Who did it? The curse I mean." She asked.

"Weasley. Granger and the other Gryffindor's helped him."

"What's going to happen to them?" she asked.

"I don't know Weasely will probably be sent to Azkaban and the others didn't really do anything but I still want them punished."

"Was anyone else hurt?"

"No the aurors arrived shortly after I left. They are currently in a holding cell in the ministry."

"I just can't catch a break at Hogwarts can I?" she asked.

"No it doesn't seem like you can. You have stumped doctors again at how you were able to survive the killing curse a second time." I said staring of into space behind her head.

"Yeah I have that effect on things." She smiled.

"Hello. I am doctor Locks. I am sorry sir but I must ask you to step outside while I run a diagnostic check on miss potter here." The doctor smiled as he entered the room.

"I will be right outside." I assured her and stepped out side.

Harrys (POV)

"Hello." I greeted the doctor as dad left the room.

"Hi. Ms Potter, you are aware of what you where hit with?" he asked.

"Yeah the killing curse. Why has it done something?" I asked slightly worried.

"No it seems that your magic absorbed the spell. Increasing your core."

"What does that mean?"

"It seems that you have a rare gift. Every spell you have ever been hit with has been absorbed into your core. You essentially have no limit of power."

I sat there with my mouth open staring at the doctor.

"You mean that I wont ever die from the killing curse?" I asked.

"Theoretically no but we aren't able to test if there is a limit to the amount of magic you can absorb."

"Wow." I whispered. "Am I able to leave?" I asked.

"Yes just get your guardian to sign you out." The doctor answered before walking out.

"I sat in the silence for a while longer before dad walked in.

"What did you discuss?" he asked.

"Any spell I am hit with is absorbed by my core."

"IS that how you survived when you were a baby?"

I nodded.

"When can you leave?" he asked sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Now you just need to sign me out." I replied sliding my legs over the edge of the bed.

"Very well lets go." He said holding the door open for me.

There was a flash of lights followed by shouting as soon as we walked out the door of my room.

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