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"Very well lets go." He said holding the door open for me.

There was a flash of lights followed by shouting as soon as we walked out the door of my room.

Harry (pov)

"Harry! Harry! What happened?"

"Harry! Who attacked you?"

"Harry! Are you planning on exacting revenge?

"Is it true Snape is your father?"

"Have you betrayed the Light?"

"Will you still fight against You-know-who?"

"Are you working with the ministry?"

Questions were thrown at me causing me to shrink back against Dad as he followed me out of the room.

"Everyone shut up!" he yelled.

The reporters backed away in shock a few looked on with fear obviously graduated students.

"I was attacked by several gryffindors!" i began shouting so that all the reporters heard. "Yes Snape is my father. No i havent betrayedd the 'light' but it seems as though they are willing to betray me. And no i am not working for the ministry." I finished waiting for more questions to be asked.

"What was the curse?"

"Will you continue your schooling at hogwarts?"

"How will you deal with the attackers?"

I looked at dad asking a silent question (should i tell them what i was attacked with?).

After receiving a small nod I turned to face the reporters again.

"I was attacked with the killing curse. The curse was meant for dad but i pushed him out of the way. In regards to my schooling i am not sure yet. Dad and i will discuss it once we get back. We will also discuss how we will deal with the attackers. I know some of them where simply missled but others took a more active role. I beleive we will be pressing charges against the main instigators and the student that fired the curse will be dealt with by the ministry as they broke the law it falls under their department."

The reporters scrambled to copy my words in their note books while the photographers snapped photos.

"That is enough questions." Dad called out. "We will be returning to hogwarts."

The reporters began to whine but cleared a path to allow us though.

Once through crowd we quickly floo'd to hogwarts.

Draco and pansy were waiting anxiously in dads quaters.

Both periodically checking the fireplace.

When it flared green and the two of us stepped through i was immedietly wrapped in their arms.

"Are you alright?"Pansy asked once she had pulled back.

"Yeah I'm fine."i reasured her. "Did i miss anything?"

"not really Aurors took the gryffindorks away soon after you left. The school has been in chaos since you left though. Some of them believe you attacked the gryffindors first and they were defending themselves. Others think that they were imperioused by the dark lord and the rest beleive they attacked you and you were killled."draco explained.

"Well i guess i should make an appearence tomorrow to resolve the matter. But for now i am really tired i'm just going to hit the hay guys see you tomorrow."

"Sure i'll walk you back." Draco called.

We walled silently back to the slytherin dorms and just as i walked into my dorm room i heard draco call.

"I'm really glad your alright."

I spun round with a smile on my face.

"Its going to take alot more to get me down. Good night.



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