I'm bored; I had an idea while watching 'Chuck' so here it goes.
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It was a dark rainy night. She had made the decision of following her boyfriend because she was curious to know why he disappeared every night. Was it another girl? Was he cheating on her? Her mind was all over the place, so she followed him. She found herself lurking behind an upright.
"Where the fuck is it?!" a blonde male screamed at two other men, who looked like they were about to wet themselves. The blonde male pushed one of the men, so he fell towards a wall. He walked up to him and grabbed around his throat "I told you to bring me the chip before midnight. Here we are and I don't see the chip anywhere!" he yelled and sounded a tad desperate.
The third man came towards him " Tell Mr. Lockwood, that we have the chip. Let Jimmy go, please," he said in a nervous tone while coming closer to the blonde man.

A dark haired male approached the crowd with a gun in his hand. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" he smirked and walked up to Jimmy and pulled an earpiece out of his ear. "Whom do you work for? FBI? CIA?" Jimmy stood with a straight face, trying to be brave. Lockwood was known for his murderous persona, so he knew that he was dying. Lockwood grabbed the suitcase, checked if the chip was there, he smirked. Then he pulled a gun and shot both men. "Worthless shit," he muttered to himself. He heard a sound and saw a blonde standing about ten feet away with her hands towards her mouth and teary eyes. Before she said anything, he pointed his gun at her: "Caroline, you shouldn't fucking be here! ... What the fuck are you doing here?" he screamed at her while walking closer and closer towards her. She kept on walking backwards. "I-I.. Tyler.. I… You.. You shot them!"
Caroline couldn't believe it. Tyler Lockwood, a murderer? Sure, he was a giant douchebag but not a murderer. Caroline couldn't figure out what she should do. She witnessed a crime, but Tyler was her friend. Not only friend, he was her boyfriend. She started to run. She heard Tyler growl at her: "Caroline! Come back here! NOW!"
She heard a gunshot. She fell to the ground and she felt the blood pouring out of thigh. Tyler was gone before Caroline understood what just happened.

Lockwood was known for not leaving any witnesses alive, but it was Caroline. Surely, she wouldn't tell on him. 'I just shot Caroline. Caroline!' he thought and disappeared like only a Lockwood can do.


It was early, a little too early for Klaus' taste. He waited impatiently by the coffee machine. "Tough night?" Mr. Nielson said and winked at Klaus. Klaus smiled a sarcastic smile, poured some coffee and walked away.
"Hey, hey! I wasn't done with you, Klaus!" Mr. Nielson shouted and ran after him.

Klaus barely sat down before Mr. Nielson was in his face again.
"I have a case just for you," he said while laying a heavy file on his desk. Mr. Nielson was a grey haired man in his early 50s, he wore round glasses and he always wore a bowtie. Klaus started looking through the file and smiled at the picture of Tyler Lockwood. "I hope we catch him this time," Mr. Nielson said while scratching his hair. "It's been five years since we could connect a crime to him, he made the solid mistake of keeping a witness alive,"
Klaus smirked and took a sip of his coffee. "Let's catch him," Klaus said in confidence. "Who was the witness?"
"Caroline Forbes," Mr. Nielson said while showing Klaus a picture. Klaus couldn't help but stare at the picture. 'What a genuine beauty' he thought. "Caroline Forbes, twenty-five and spoken for by Lockwood. He shot her,"
Klaus smirked "Then I don't think she's spoken for anymore," he laughed. "What's her story? Is she involved in organized crime as well?"
Mr. Nielson shook his head. "Not that we are aware of, she's has a major in psychology and has a part time job as an event planner. Go talk to her yourself. I trust you with all the resources you need. Just take him down, Klaus!"
Before Klaus could say anything Mr. Nielson was out of his office. Klaus kept looking through the file of Tyler Lockwood, even though he had written most of it himself. 'What is such a beautiful girl doing with such a douche?' he wondered while looking at her picture once more. Time to go see miss Forbes.

Just a oneshot. Not sure if I should continue or not :-)