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Chapter 2.

Caroline got home and went straight for her bed. It had been a long day but she wasn't ready to sleep. In fact she couldn't sleep. She had too many thoughts and worries. She was attracted to a new man already. How did that happen? She needed girl talk so she picked up her phone and called her best friend.
"Caroline, hey"
Caroline smiled at the voice of her best friend.
"Elena, I need to talk. So I'm going to say it all and then we'll talk when I'm done, okay?"
Caroline looked at herself in a mirror and let out a sigh.
"Okay, so... Tyler is an asshole and I'm meeting him tomorrow. I still have no idea what I was thinking when I invited myself over there! I don't want anything from him; I just want to forget that I wasted years on that douche. HE SHOT ME! And then there's this FBI agent... Elena, I swear to God, he's so handsome I feel like banging my head into the wall just for thinking about it!"
Caroline heard Elena giggle on the other end. She couldn't help at smiling at how idiotic she must sound.
"I mean… Sure, you want to catch my ex, but let's screw first! I've only just met him today and… And he's so arrogant. He was like: sure, you've talked to other policemen but I'm way better and way too important to even think about talking to them," Caroline impersonated Klaus with a really bad English accent and Elena giggled again.
"Oh, and we decided to call Tyler for Woody when we talk about him in public. What is up with that?! We just met and we already have a inside deal going on… UGH! So what are you up to?"
Caroline was impressed with Elena if she understood anything of Caroline's babble.
The doorbell rang and she told Elena to hold on while humping towards the door. She opened and an olive skinned brunette stood outside with coffee and smiled.
"I thought you might needed more than a talk over the phone," she said and smiled. Caroline instantly hugged her. "You know me too well!"

The girls sat down on the couch with their coffee. Caroline needed this, just to hang out with someone who wasn't forced to see her. Elena was a good person, she was kind and caring. Caroline couldn't imagine Elena hurt anyone, except for the two brothers she was caught up in between. But that was another story. Caroline was caught up about her own thoughts about Elena.
"So FBI? Why are they in this?" Elena asked with curiosity.
"I think Tyler is a bigger villain than I thought…" Caroline said quietly. She had no idea why the FBI was in on this. She reminded herself to ask Klaus… Agent Mikaelson about that.
"I just don't get it. How can a person live a double life like that…"
Caroline shook her head. She didn't understand either but she tried not to think about it.
Elena understood the blonde's silence and changed the subject. She pushed Caroline gently on the shoulder and mocked her. "Spill it about the agent!"
Caroline giggled and took a sip of her coffee. "There's not much to say! He's handsome, English and a prick!" she sat quietly and looked at her feet. There was something about Klaus that made her interested; she wasn't sure what it was. How can a person you just met have such an impact on your thoughts? She wasn't even sad about losing Tyler anymore.
"And I'm going to spend a lot of time with him since I've agreed to help him catch Tyler," she whispered. Elena glared at her and looked worried at the blonde.
"Wouldn't that put you in danger? I mean, he already shown you that he really is a bad guy who takes down everyone who stands in his way,"
Caroline knew Elena had a point but she wanted to help if she could.
"I need to know more about who Tyler is," Caroline said with sadness in her voice. "I need to know who he is. Clearly he isn't the man I thought he was. Helping catching him will bring me the knowledge I need to have,"
Elena understood and didn't ask any more questions.
The girls talked for a while about life and work before Elena had to leave.

Caroline didn't like to admit that talking to Elena about Tyler made her upset. She felt used and stupid. She knew Tyler had loved her but why wouldn't he let her know about his secret life? Would she even be with him if she knew? Even though Caroline was a good citizen, she actually couldn't answer that question. She did love Tyler but like she had thought before he was a safe choice, he wasn't the greatest love she'd ever meet. Her mother had always said that sometimes love isn't everything, and she knew that to be true when she was with Tyler. He made her feel good, beautiful, and safe. She knew that there was a future with Tyler. But she had always known that there was greater loves out there, but also that those loves might not make her feel as safe as the love she had with Tyler. She was caught up in her thoughts and she felt tears streaming down her face. She needed to talk to Tyler but she had to wait until the morning.

Caroline woke up at noon. She guessed that she needed the 12-hour sleep. She checked her phone and to her surprise the phone was practically burning from all the buzzing it must have done. 7 text messages, 2 voicemails and 13 missed calls. She checked through it all. Two texts from her mother and the rest of the texts were from Tyler, he was also the cause of a voicemail and 8 missed calls. She didn't know the second number but after she listened to the voicemail, it was obvious whom it was from. "Caroline, call me when you get this," in a beautiful English accent. She found herself smiling when she listened to it again. She wanted to slap herself of being attracted to this complete stranger.
She was going to meet Tyler soon and she had to get ready.

Ten minutes before her meet up with Tyler, she was getting cold feet. She was nervous at first then she decided to return Klaus' call while waiting in her car.
"Mikaelson," he said in a firm tone.
"Uhmm, hi. This is Caroline," she said softly.
"Hello love, finally awoke from your beauty sleep, huh?"
She giggled. 'seriously? STOP IT!' she thought to herself before getting it together. "You called me?"
"Yes. Can we meet?"
"I'm actually on my way over to see Tyler, so uhm.. After?"
"You what?"
"I decided I wanted to talk to him,"
"You decided?" Caroline could hear his firm tone coming back and she knew she was talking to arrogant-angry Mikaelson again. "How dumb are you? You're putting yourself in danger!"
"Seriously?" she said in a sarcastic tone. "I can take care of myself!" Caroline tried to sound full of confidence and gave herself a confident smile in the rear-view mirror. She heard Klaus sighing on the other end. "I will call you after, ok? Don't worry I won't tell him about you," she said and hung out.

Caroline got out of the car and walked up to the Lockwood mansion. She stood outside of the front door and she was indeed hesitating about knocking. "You are fine, Caroline. You can do this!" she whispered to herself. Before she could knock the door opened. Tyler.

"Caroline! Glad you could make it. Did you sleep in? You didn't return my texts or calls," Tyler said while escorting her inside the mansion. Caroline nodded and rubbed her hands together. She was nervous. He stood right in front of her and put his hands on her shoulders.
"Care, look. I'm sorry about what happened. It was an accident," he said quietly while looking deep into her eyes.
Tyler was a gorgeous guy. Her knees were getting weak but she had to be strong. An accident? Could it even be an accident? Caroline was naïve, but was she really naïve enough to believe this?
Tyler leaned his forehead against hers and pulled her closer. "I've missed you," he whispered. Caroline didn't know what to do or say. This wasn't going as planned. She had worked on a famous Caroline speech but this was nowhere near what she had expected. She got loose of his grip and took a few steps back.
"Tyler… I don't know what to say or do!" She said while tearing up. She started pacing back and forth. "You have a whole secret life I didn't know about! And when I found out, you decide to shoot me? I mean... Seriously, how could you?"
Caroline walked up to him and stomped softly in the ground. "I've been meaning to do something," she said firmly and slapped him as hard as she could. "That's for lying to me," she said and slapped him on the other cheek: "and that's for shooting me!"
Caroline felt amazing for standing up for herself but she also felt a little guilty for slapping him. Why was she feeling guilty? Caroline wished she could slap herself for feeling guilty. Tyler watched her with a shocked look.
"I guess I deserved that," he said and touched his cheeks. Caroline crossed her arms and looked away.
"Care, I know I kept secrets from you. But I did it because I love you. I didn't want to put you in danger," he said and took her hand. "I'll tell you all that I can,"

Caroline knew that was an opportunity to give Klaus all the information he needed. But could she do it? Wouldn't she just fall about into old habits? The old habits of Tyler Lockwood, the never-ending story by Caroline Forbes.

"But you shot me, Tyler. Accident or not, you did it! And I don't know if I can ever get pass that,"
Tyler let go of her hand and got up. He poured them a drink and clenched his jaw. He was getting sick of this. Why couldn't she just let it go and why did it bother him so much? He could find another girl to be his but it wouldn't be Caroline.

They sat in silence for what seemed like half an hour. She felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. She picked up her phone and saw Klaus' name on the screen.

How is it going, love? Is Woody being nice to you?
- Klaus Mikaelson

Caroline couldn't help but smile a little. Tyler noticed and shook his head.
"I see. Already another man between your legs," he said with grief in his voice. Caroline looked up and raised her brow. "Are you kidding me? I can't smile at a text before you accuse me of things?" She got up in a hurry, finished her drink and started walking towards the door. "For your information, it was Callie from work who is desperate because I've been gone for far too long because of YOU!" Caroline lied. She did get a text from Callie. Yesterday but she did get it!
"Wait! Caroline…," He yelled after her and she stopped up and looked around. She saw a black SUV parked close to the mansion. She could have sworn she saw a dark blonde male sitting inside watching. She sighed at turned around: "What Tyler? I've been here for over an hour and I still haven't gotten anything from you! Sure you're sorry and you claim it to be an accident. Seriously? Do the police believe that since you aren't behind bars? Did you expect that I would come over here and you'd say you're sorry and everything would be as they were? Well.. News flash, Tyler! You lied to me. Every breath you've taken with me was a lie AND you harmed me. You better start talking or I will walk of this porch and never talk to you again!" Caroline was proud of herself. She was hard, confident and she knew that she deserved more than this excuse of a man. There, she said it.

Tyler stood completely still and looked at her. Once again, he escorted her inside his home. "I'm not behind bars as we speak because I told my mother it was an accident, like it was, and she didn't want any trouble, so she took care of it,"
Tyler's mom was the mayor of Mystic Falls. Caroline was convinced that this whole town was corrupted since she did press charges and Carol Lockwood could make it disappear. Caroline's mother, Liz Forbes, used to be sheriff. Caroline knew that a lot of things were going on in the Falls that would never come out into the open. She remembers meeting Carol and Richard Lockwood in her childhood home several nights, and heard them talk about 'covering it up'. Whatever 'it' was. She also knew that her mother had no choice but to do so, otherwise she would lose her job. As a single parent, it was not an option. Liz quit last year and spent some of her savings on travelling around the world. She needed a break. Caroline understood that now.

Tyler kneeled in front of her and took her hand: "I still want to protect you from harm, so I won't get you caught up in my secret life. I've done things I'm not proud of. But they have all been necessary to keep my family safe. To keep you safe, Caroline. Please forgive me. I just want us to be together again"

He tried so hard to get under her skin. Caroline wasn't ready for this. What did she feel? Like she had thought so many times before. She wanted more than what Tyler could give her. Lies, double life, manipulation… Caroline wasn't too ecstatic with the thought of going back to that; but she also wasn't ready to cut him of just yet. Caroline shook her head and loosened her hand from his grasp. "Look, I'm not ready to just go back. I need to think and I need to think hard,"
Tyler got up and nodded in acceptance. Caroline grabbed her keys and signaled that she had to leave. "Does this have anything to do with the man you were having lunch with yesterday?" Tyler suddenly asked. Caroline sighed loudly and laughed a little. "And what if it does? He haven't lied to me,"
Tyler looked jealous but didn't say anything more about him. Caroline started to way out to her car. "And Caroline. If you get contacted by someone who has questions about me, please tell me,"
"yeah, yeah," Caroline whispered as she got into her car and drove away.

Just as Caroline turned up the radio and sang along to Taylor Swift her phone started buzzing. Caroline glared at her phone and picked it up.
"Hello?" She said exhausted.
"Hello. I am Olivia Grovberg, I was wondering if you were interes-"
"No!" Caroline interrupted and hung up. Before she got rid of her phone, it started buzzing again. The phone seller again. Just as she tossed her phone on the passenger seat, it buzzed again.
"For crying out loud, I'm not interested!" She yelled.
"I'm sorry to hear that, sweetheart," the sound of the male voice coming out of the speakers made her feel incredibly stupid.
"I thought you were someone else,"
"So you are interested,"
"I didn't say that!"
They chitchatted back and forth until Caroline parked her car and walked up to her old room and fell on the bed.
"Can we talk later? I'm exhausted after talking to Tyler,"
"Alright, sweetheart," Klaus said and Caroline could hear a car door slamming behind his last word. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.