Terra: I'm better than you.

Jinmay: No, I'm better than you.

Terra: People feel sorry for me.

Jinmay: People feel more sorry for me.

Terra: I was conflicted with myself. Do I truly belong to Slade or the Teen Titans?

Jinmay: I was controlled by the Skeleton King and his agent, my former pet monkey, Sakko into destroying Shuggazoom.

Terra: Well, that's the least of your problem. After all, they found you first before gorilla boy does.

Jinmay: Hey, Chiro is there to free me from their control and he successfully did! I was control in myself once again even in giant robot form.

Terra: Too bad you attacked him again.

Jinmay: That's because Sakko was controlling my arm to grab him while my mind is intact! In other words, I witnessed doing that and I tried to stop it, but he's too strong.

Terra: Hey, at least my actions involving attacking the Titans happen to be done by my own free will.

Jinmay: Yeah, but they beat the snot out of you the next you encountered them.

Terra: Hey, they caught me off-guard, that's all!

Jinmay: I don't think so. You see, because you showed your true allegiance to slave, they attacked you with no mercy including the best friend you ever had, Beast Boy.

Terra: Like I said, I was off-guard! I didn't expect him to attack me with no mercy like them.

Jinmay: I don't think so. Because of that demonstration, Slade is really punishing you badly.

Terra: At least Beast Boy never loses his faith on me. By the way, you got reprogrammed by the Wild Five gang.

Jinmay: At least one of their gang members, a pig, freed me. After all, he's not evil, unlike you.

Terra: How would Chiro feel about that after you attacked him under their control, huh?

Jinmay: He said it's okay because he knows that isn't the real me; the real me would never hurt him.

Terra: You two really make a cute couple after all.

Jinmay: Yeah, unlike you and Beast Boy.

Terra: You get the picture. I turned into stone to stop Slade once and for all.

Jinmay: Even though you're back, you don't have a memory of your previous and live as a school girl. By the way, why am I arguing with you like this? I thought your memories of your previous life are gone.

Terra: I don't know. Maybe I'm so better than you.

Jinmay: Are you picking a fight with me?

Terra: Uh, yes.

Jinmay: That does it!

Terra prepares her power in taking control of the large boulder for her to fly while Jinmay grows into a giant robot to the size of a skyscraper.

Terra: Let's finish this.

Jinmay: Yeah, we should.

They charge to each other as their fists are about to go on their direction.