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All I ever do is fix things.

Day in, day out...

Something is laid out in front of me... broken, with no life... no personality. And then it leaves again, fixed. Looking new and fresh. Bursting with life.

They're only inanimate objects, but I pour my heart and soul into making these items shine once again. A child's teddy bear, ripped to shreds by a jealous sibling. I sew it back up and they have their bedtime companion back. An old widow and a music box that her late husband had given her, it's the only thing she has left to remember him by. Scratched and dirty, too broken to ever sing that sweet tune again...

I fixed it. I brought it back to life; I made it beam out that tune once again so she'll never feel lonely.

And yet, with these hands of mine that can fix so many things... that can mend the emotions of others. Why... am I broken? Why can't fix myself? Moreover, why can't I fix my father?

I don't go outside, I'm not allowed too. When I do go, it's only brief. All I can do is sit back at my bench and stare out of my small window, looking out at the sky. I long to be free of this room, to go and live outside with normal people. To run in the grass, paddle in the rivers and explore the country side.

But the only thing that gets in my way is him...

My name is Amy. Amy Millington. Can you fix me?

Millington and Co is one of London's leading shops for repairs and maintenance. From small and simple things like teddy bears and clothes to the more eccentric and difficult things like machinery and jewelry, we do it all. There are only three of us in the shop: me, my mother and my father, and we work hard to deliver the standard that the company has built up... well, I do all of the hard work.

My father, Louis, is a slave driver. He only cares about making money and building up a reputation. He yearns to be up in the social chain with the nobles, to live in a mansion and have servants to cater to his every whim, with mountains of money just to lie back on and do nothing for the remainder of his life. Why he set up this type of company? I don't know. My father, he's... not what you would call 'gifted' at repairing things. He doesn't have the natural talent… Basically? He's shit as his job. The amount of times I would watch amused from behind the door as he 'attempted' to fix something, it was the only time I could laugh at him without him knowing. He broke more things than he fixed.

My mother, Elaine, is a gentle woman. I love her to bits. A lot of people just call her Ellie and she's popular with customers who come into the shop. My dad uses her for exactly this purpose though. She is very easily manipulated by him and isn't allowed to talk back to him. She's a very good seamstress and handles a lot of the material work, though her eye sight is starting to deteriorate recently so that work is starting to get added to my ever growing load.

Me on the other hand? Well... what can I say? I've just turned 19 and I've lived hidden away in the shop for six years. I rarely venture away from my work bench, because I'm not allowed to. He's told me... so many times how embarrassing it is that his own daughter has more talent than him, how I stole the ability to repair things from him. Because of his own jealousy, I'm banned from showing my face to anyone. I live a sheltered existence away from the world. Because I don't make much of an effort, I'm not what you'd say 'elegant' or 'womanly'. I don't wear nice dresses or pretty clothes; I wear dirty overalls and rejected men's clothing. I look like a boy, not a girl...

My father likes to make everyone believe that he's the one that has produced all the fine repair work. To compensate for his own failure. From my room, I hear them all praising him.

"You never fail to disappoint me, Louis!"

"Thank you Louis, I thought it'd never work again, now look at it! Works just like new!"

"Thank you Mr. Millington, a splendid job."

I'd cry constantly from those words. This was my work... my hands did those things, not his! No matter how much I cried, it was the same... every day. My mother tried to comfort me all time but it never worked, we were both broken people... We knew there was no way we were getting out of the drab cycle of a life that we live right now. The cycle of sitting behind closed doors, not to be noticed. To be kicked around like animals...

Oh, did I forget to mention? My father loves to talk with his fists. And he talks loud and hard. He is... a cruel man. Why did my mother marry him? Why... was I born into this life?

Please... I beg you! Someone save me from this...

Someone please save me... and fix me, so I won't be broken anymore... so I can perhaps shine again?

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