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Tall and domineering, that was the best way to describe the building that was rolling into my view. Old fashioned but standing proudly from the rest of the agriculture around it, the Funtom factory was a spectacular piece in it's own right. The spacious building took up a lot of the surrounding area, with several smaller settlements packed close by, the fancy lettering of 'Funtom' in gold hanging high on the main building. Of course, Ciel owned it all and it wasn't hard to see that he was somewhat proud of it. I had to admit, I was both excited and nervous to visit the factory for the first time, but I was also confused as to why I was suddenly invited with them on the little trip. Ever since the circus I've been less and less involved in their trips and cases, not that I minded because I hardly cared that much in all honesty, so being asked- well, actually more like demanded- to come along was a bit out of the blue. Needless to say, I couldn't say no to my master and boss.

The carriage rolled to a hault through the iron gates of the establishment, instantly the demon butler slipped from the carriage and helped the young master out as usual. I, of course, never lost old habits and hopped out the carriage like I usually did. Sebastian had pretty much given up offering a hand in politeness so didn't give me much of a second glance.

Standing in front of the factory, I was even more in awe of the scale of it. How did people even make these buildings anyway? I wouldn't even know where to start on a thing like this.

"Quit gawking and let's go, Amy."

The young master snapped from behind me before heading off towards the entrance of the factory, Sebastian in tow. With a sigh, I caught up with the two and clung to them like glue, because hell knew that if I got lost in this place it'd be the last of me.

"So why are we here again?" I asked loudly, as soon as we entered the building I was instantly hit with the loud sounds of people, and machinery, at work.

"I'm here for the monthly inspection of our products." He started, talking loudly over the sounds of his employees at work. Following the boy through the hallways, the sounds gradually became more muffled, which instantly made it easier to hear what he was saying.

"Also we have a problem that I need your opinion on."

No shit. Really?

I blinked in surprise, feeling myself become embarrassed.

"Ah I see, I guess...well, let's hope I can help out then..."

I still didn't see why I had to come out here personally, I mostly did things from the comfort of the manor, but hey maybe this is a step up in life? I said nothing for the remainder of the walk, following the duo as we all headed into what looked like offices. Inside, there were a few people moving in and out the rooms, pens scribbling on paper ferociously. All of that stopped when the arrival of their manager momentarily halted their work. Instantly, a tall man with a wiry moustache stepped forward from his desk and welcomed the young lord, boasting how his presence today was a welcome sight.

"Lord Phantomhive! It's a pleasure to have you come here today."

He does own this place you know. Kiss ass.

"Of course it is, this is my establishment after all."

He seemed to voice my thoughts perfectly, waving off the man with a look of disinterest. The mans friendly demeanour took a hit after the comment but none the less, kept up his front if he wanted to keep his job.

"Let's not dawdle any further, please tell me about this months activity."

Instantly, the young boy was flooded with papers and files, words and diagrams sprawled all over as several workers began speaking of numbers and sales figures. I had to admit, I didn't miss his kind of hassle that came with my job, the whole crunching the numbers of sales and all that was never my thing. Taking this small interval, I glanced over to the demon to see him casually flicking through what looked like blueprints of a toy design. His crimson eyes scanned over the pages quickly, moving onto the next one with equal speed. For a second, his eyes broke away from the files and bore straight into mine, a smirk curling it's way into those pale lips.

Instantly, I blushed and looked away quickly, feeling like a sudden nervous wreck. Ever since that moment so many nights ago...I felt like he was deliberately teasing me. Despite being so confident back then, I felt like a complete fool some days. Not another word was said much that night, other than Sebastian bidding me goodnight and leaving before I could register what happened. I thought I had angered him and made things awkward, but instead the jerk thought the whole thing was an amusing game.

He seemed to understand my feelings and was using them against me, making me feel nervous and flustered whenever he walked by. He'd say snide little remarks that made my face burn and whisper things that made my heart palpitate, and he knew what affect it was having on me. I'm not sure where that leaves us now, but it seemed that we came to a silent agreement that whatever happened that night was never to be spoken of again, I mean everything.

Lately, I'd been feeling exhausted more easily and general exercise left me breathless. My episodes where becoming more frequent too, but people were still oblivious to it. Sebastian hasn't said anything about my condition, but I didn't mind it, it was better not bringing it up. But every time I did cough up blood, whenever I saw him next...he just seemed to know and never said a thing about it, merely asking how I was. And I guess I'm happy with it like that.

Ciel, by now, had finished being bombarded by information and waved his hand as if to shoo away the unwanted people.

"Very good, the figures are a little lower than I was expecting but we can sort that out. Now, what about the sweets market?"

Thirteen...he's only thirteen for crying out loud. Boys his age aren't supposed to be wealthy owners of world wide companies.

I'd pretty much lost interest in any and all conversation around me. While people were engrossed in their work, I took a small walk in and through the conjoining rooms, seeing for myself the scale of the company as it really was. Ciel really does work hard to keep this place up and running and successful, plus baring the burden of other things in his life. Even if you disliked his attitude, you had to respect in some way how he's able to keep things in order. But then again, having a demon as your servant is a major benefit.

My attention was caught when I noted a large rounded object situated in the corner of one of the rooms. A large round ball stood fixed on a wooden frame while the outside of the ball sported very a intricate picture. I'd never seen anything like it before, the structure of it was different. Was this a new toy? It didn't look like one, in fact it looked far too old to be in a place like this...too dated. Curiosity got the better of me, striding over my hand instantly reached out and gave the ball a push, the spherical shape spinning in it's place easily. Ok this was definitely not a toy in any way.

"You never cease to amaze me with your fascinations."

I almost jumped completely out of my skin by the sudden cool voice whispering from my left hand side. Sebastian just chuckled in response at my reaction, no doubt that's what he wanted.

"W-What do you mean by that exactly?"

"Even now, you still seem to find even the most normal things amazing and wondrous."

...You call this thing normal? Eh...I guess I still get captivated by everyday things. It's not my fault I just find them all fascinating. Looking up at the butler quietly, I glanced back over to the spherical object, gesturing my hand towards it as I spoke.

"What is that anyway?"

"It's called a Terrestrial Globe, it's a model of the world."

A...globe? Wait, a model of the world? That was actually pretty interesting. So this is what our 'world' looks like?

"So these..." I started, pointing at the diagrams drawn onto it, "are these other countries?"

"Correct." Sebastian nodded, looking mildly amused as I spun the globe again and began reading out some of the names that were written.

"In-di-a. Hey that's where Prince Soma and Agni are from!"

Sebastian nodded quietly. This was actually quite a fun model, who needs toys when you had this?


Lau and Ran Mao, that's their home country right?

"Heh...how odd, this one looks like a boot kicking a stone or something. It-a-ly? Didn't we have a guest once from there?"

"We did, yes."

"I can't find Britain. Where are we?" I asked him eventually, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. Sebastian quietly reached over and turned the sphere ever so slightly before pointing to a somewhat average sized island that seemed to have separated from a large part of land.

"This is Great Britain."

Ouch. That wasn't what I was expecting at all. The way everyone acted, with the talk of the 'British empire' and all, I kinda thought we'd be bigger then that and more inland. But then again, the furthest I've ever been in the country was Houndsworth so it clearly shows that I still don't know much at all.

"It's...not what I was expecting."

"What were you expecting?"


"There you two are. Stop dawdling and let's move on!" Ciel spoke when he suddenly appeared in the doorway behind us. Accompanied by the tall man he was talking to earlier, Ciel moved on to another room, Sebastian and I quickly appearing at his side in no time. Oh right, I almost forget that this was technically a 'business' trip, not a jovial one. Once we entered said room, other employees greeted the young master with similar respect. I noted their choice of attire, they weren't dressed as nicely as the others we'd encountered but they weren't exactly dressed like they worked in the muck all day either. It was sort of a mix of the two. On a table close by I noted several wooden toys laid out on a white cotton cloth, they looked like they were in the early stages of being made.

"This is Amy Millington."

I snapped back to attention when my name was mentioned, body stiffening when the unfamiliar faces in the room all began staring at me.

"She's the one that repairs the faulty products and is here to help with your dilemma."

"Pardon me sir..." One of them interjected, making me raise an eyebrow in interest, "but...she's the specialist you told us about?"

The look the employee was giving me spoke volumes. Basically, it read 'seriously you? You don't look like you know what you're doing'.

Tch, how rude!

I was about open my mouth and blurt out any smart-ass comment that sprung to mind but Ciel beat me to it.

"Yes, she is. And she needn't be here if you knew how to do your jobs properly."

That shut him up, while making me smile instinctively. Needless to say, the matter was dropped as soon as it started. Some of the other employees lead us over to the table with the toys on.

"So these are the faulty ones?" Ciel inquired, picking one of them up and inspecting them with a look of distain.

"Only some of them sir." One of the men corrected, picking up another piece. Ciel looked at it a little longer, before handing it to me and basically passing the baton to me now.

"What do you think?"

I swallowed slightly, my voice faltering only slightly when I felt all eyes on me, "w-well, it's not hard to see that the wood you've used has rotted. This type of rotting is actually pretty common in certain types of trees, brought on by disease."

With a small tug, the piece I was holding broke in half, the inside completely revealed to us. The crisp brown wood was overcome with black decay in the inside. Seriously, where the hell did they even dig this from? I'd seen a lot of this around, and that was the common cause of most wooden items in the shop. Seeing this, Ciel turned up his nose with a look of disgust. Seems he was thinking the exact same thing I was.

"Honestly, this is no good. You're supposed inspect each material throughly before using it. How did this pass standards?"

"A-Ah...well..." One of the men stuttered, scratching the back of his head nervously. Even in successful business such as this, you still get mistakes happening quite frequently. I rolled my eyes slightly at that lack of reason but I felt some sympathy for them all. Throwing the rotten pieces back on the table and, ungracefully, wiping my hands on my coat, I piped in again.

"As far as i'm aware, it spreads from the inside out so it's pretty easy to miss when you can only see what's on the outside."

There, I saved your hide. Happy? A wave of relief washed over the employees when Ciel seemed to take my words into consideration, letting out a small 'hm'. I, on the other hand, couldn't help but flash a smug smile over in their direction. What'cha think of me now, eh?

"Also another thing I might add," I chimed in once more, taking ahold of the momentary silence, "I suggest maybe using another patch of land to harvest the wood from, since the whole area where this stuff came from most likely will be infected too."

"It's also wise to test the area before use." Sebastian piped in finally, breaking his silence. I nodded in agreement, folding my arms over my chest in an almost arrogant manner. The other people in the room muttered amongst themselves before asking Ciel on his thoughts on the matter. I was pleased to hear that the little lord agreed on what Sebastian and I said so needless to say, that's the was the new plan going forward. I ain't going to lie, I felt a sense of pride deep down with this little trip. I mean, the fact that Ciel trusted my opinion on such a matter meant something right? I'm not going to get cocky about it, far from it, but it's nice to feel appreciated for once.

As Ciel set about putting this new idea in place, both Sebastian and I hung in the background quietly, waiting for our next move. My eyes wandered the room once more, before settling on a neat row of stuffed toys alined on a shelf nearby. Each was of various shapes a sizes, not to mention of different animals as well. Some I recognised, some I didn't but the one that caught my attention the most was a large white rabbit. Curiously, I stepped over when the others were preoccupied, scooping up the toy in my arms. It wore a neat little waste coat that had a lot if detail on for a mere toy, and it also sported a very familiar eye patch.

"So cute~" I cooed under my breath, "it's like a rabbit version of the young master!"

Ciel, having heard me and glanced in my direction, merely cut his eyes at me, as if to say 'no really?'. Sebastian let out a low chuckle.

"That's Funtom's most popular toy."

"I can see why, it's pretty adorable actually."

Feeling the soft fabric beneath my fingers, I realised I missed out on such things growing up. Still, it had me at ease and I wasn't all that bitter about it much. I don't care how old I was, I suddenly wanted one of these. Ciel finished up the final business and tapped his cane on the floor lightly before joined his butler.

"That's all business taken care of, we will be leaving now."

"Yes, sir."

I smiled to myself, giving the toy a squeeze before placing him back down on the shelf and joining the duo as they headed back out towards the exit if the factory. I always had a fondness for rabbits like I had with dogs. Actually...

"Hey Sebastian-"

He seemed to have read my mind, hardly looking at me as he spoke.

"No. We're not getting a rabbit."


"Aww...you're such a kill joy, Sebastian."

"Personally, I think a rabbit would be pretty nice for the manor."

"As I've said before, the answer is still no."

"Finny could help me look after it, he loves animals! I don't trust Bard or Mey Rin though."

"They can barely look after themselves let alone an animal." Sebastian scoffed, turning his eyes up in irritation. I couldn't help but laugh at his comment, knowing full well that it was actually true, but I wasn't going to let him know I agreed with him.

"Oh ye of little faith, you'd be surprised what animals can being out in people."

This time, it was Ciel's turn to chime in.

"Did you forget about Pluto?" He asked, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly while a smug smile crawled it's way onto his lips, "he'd have that animal by the neck before you could even blink. Then what would you do?"

At the thought, I paled visibly. Oh, he was right, I almost forgot about the demon hound. When he was in his human form (which he was more often then not) it was easy to forget that he was still a dog. God, he'd see the poor bunny as an easy lunch. With a final glance between the two, I sighed in defeat, holding my hands up slightly to exaggerate the gesture.

"Alright alright, I give up you win."

Ciel rolled his eye as a final response, Sebastian simply shaking his head along with him. I sighed and glanced out the window, watching the familiar sight of the country side roll by us. I'd been up and down this route so many times now that it was easy to tell that we were close to home. As my two companions began conversing with one another, my thoughts drifted off as I took in the scenic route. What to do for the rest of the day hm...well, for me today was just another day but I suppose I should have been celebrating, right?

Up until recently, I never really knew what people did on their birthdays.

Seeing Ciel turn thirteen was my first experience at watching how others reacted. And boy was I in for a shock. It was just one big celebration that was filled with excitement and joy, a total contrast to how I knew things. Granted, I went though the day with a smile but all I did was follow everyone else's lead. I should have been sad, well I was sad, but I was more curious than anything, intrigued perhaps at how people made the occasion so important. Now that my own birthday has come to pass I just feel...well, normal I guess. I don't feel happy or sad, I just want to finish my work for the day. That's it.



"Amy. Please pay attention"

"...huh?" I blinked, looking at the now empty carriage. I'd been so lost in my thoughts that I'd failed to notice that we had arrived. Standing at the open door was Sebastian, looking at with a raised eyebrow. Blushing, I slipped out from the carriage quickly, taking ahold of his hand which he has surprisingly offered me.

"Sorry, I was miles away..."

"Indeed I noticed." He said, closing the door to the carriage and heading up the stairs where Ciel was waiting for us, "Something on your mind?"

Glancing up at the butler, I shook my head and flashed him a calm smile, "not really, just thinking of things that's all."

With a brief pause, he looked down at me again, "is it about your condition?"

"..." I shook my head again, "oddly enough no, it had nothing to do with it..."

'But thanks for reminding me.'

Ciel was looking at us with a curious expression as our short conversation vanished instantly. He didn't say a word though, and neither did Sebastian either. The young lord still knew nothing, but sometimes I felt like he has some sort of inkling that something was amiss, but never lead on that he did. Entering the manor, I was relieved to see that everything was still intact, just like it had been when we left, but the sudden silence was a little surprising to say the least. The butler took off the young lord's coat, hat and cane, as per usual, excusing himself to go and put them away in their proper place. I was about to head off back to my room to start any work that had been placed into my care, but was subsequently stopped when Ciel cleared his throat.

"Don't leave just yet, I have another task for you."

Blinking, I opened my mouth to speak but was silenced when the young master began walking away from me, beckoning me silently to follow him. Of course, I couldn't really say no, so I upped and followed him without much hesitation.

"May I ask, what is this task?" I asked him, following him down the brightly lit hallway. Ciel barely looked at me when he spoke, something which I wasn't entirely surprised about.

"Its just something in the dining room I need you to take a look at, that's all."

"Oh ok..."

Off the top of my head, I couldn't think of what could possibly be wrong in there for me to take a look at. The remainder of the walk had me reeling at it could be, I mean as far I as know things were fine since we left.

...actually, speaking of things breaking, where were the disaster trio anyway? I'd yet to hear a single sound of smashing or yelling since we arrived back. Even Tanaka's 'ho ho ho' had gone unheard. Had they popped out or something?

We stopped outside the entrance for the dinning room, grabbing ahold of the doorknob and twisting it open. I stood to the side slightly, allowing the young master to go through first before I followed suit.

"So, where is-"


I yelped, barely holding back a scream as I clutched my chest and jumped on the spot. My heart began beating rapidly against my chest at an unbearable pace. I blinked at all take smiling faces looking at me, trying desperately to fathom what had just happened.

"W-What the-"

"Happy birthday Amy!" Elizabeth cooed from besides the table, clapping her hands gleefully, "we've thrown you a party to celebrate!"


I must have looked like a fish out of what, mouth agape and all, when a I felt a pressure underneath my chin, pushing my mouth closed.

"It's unladylike to gawk in such a manner." I heard Sebastian muse from beside me before sauntering into the room and joining the others. No way...they...they've done all this for me? All for my silly little birthday? Why? Finally, after what seemed like forever, I found my voice again, albite I struggled to find the words.

"Ah...a-ah...you guys...y-you really shouldn't have, you really shouldn't..." I croaked out, looking at each one oh them with wide eyes. This is just too sudden...

"Don't be silly!" Finny smiled at me, "you deserved this."

"Yeah, plus it's your first birthday here with us so we've made it more special for 'ya." Bard grinned at me and gave me a thumbs up, Mey Rin nodding in agreement beside him. The table behind them was decorated with lovely looking foods, as well as ribbons and other colourful decorations, no doubt courtesy of Lady Midford here. Right, it had only been about a month after my last birthday last year...that packed up and moved here. Has it almost been a year already...?

"This is...I'm sorry, this is just such a surprise..." I choked out yet again, feeling tears of happiness welling up in my eyes. My cheeks burned badly, temperature rising by the second when it finally dawned on me that they'd done all of this for me.

"Ah..." childishly, I grabbed the top of my hat and pulled it down over my eyes, "Ah...! You guys, you've made me an emotional mess here!"

Despite not being able to see them, I did hear them laugh briefly. What I said was true though, I was an emotional mess. I seriously wanted to break down and cry right here in front of them all. I was...happy, so very very happy right now. I was apart of something that many people dreamed of. I may have only been a servant but here, at the Phantomhive manor, I didn't feel solely like one. It was funny actually, it's was like we were some sort of very strange family. My body relaxed as I headed over to the table, the array of foods were eye catching and smelt wonderful. It must have taken ages for them to make all this stuff.


Looking at Ciel dead in the eye, which caught him off guard, I said in surprise, "is this why you invited me out today to the factory? Just to get me out the manor?"

The smirk that lined his perfect features said it all, but of course, he wasn't going to admit it that easily.

"Perhaps, but then who's to say it wasn't?"

I pouted in response, as it seemed that was the end of that topic, but then broke out into a smile. Elizabeth then seemed to fly across the room, embracing her husband-to-be instantly, almost knocking the poor boy off his feet.

"Ciel! You look as dashing as ever today!"

I snickered, deciding to leave the young couple to their own agendas. I was caught off guard when an arm roughly slung itself over my shoulder, shaking me slightly in the process.

"What do you think?" I looked up at Bard to see him grinning wilding, "do you like what we've done? Man, you wouldn't believe how long it took us to do all this."

"I like? I LOVE!" I cried out, wrapping my arms around his bulk frame and giving him a big hug. Bard was taken aback by my sudden gesture, letting out a nervous laugh and patting me on god back instead. I could have sworn I'd seen a blush on those rough features of his.

"Thank you guys so so much for this! I never expected it, not at all...I mean, I don't feel like I deserve it."

"Don't think like that," Mey Rin scolded me, but the smile never left her lips, "we've all had a celebration like this so it's only fair that you do to!"

Finny nodded from beside her before flashing me his trade mark smile. Letting go of Bard, I proceeded to hug the other two at the same time, slinging my arms around their shoulders and pulling them close. I didn't really care if it seemed uncouth to do this in front of the young master and lady, I was too happy and excited to really think of my actions.

"I love you all for this. This...is the first time someone's done something like this for me. It's the first time someone's made my birthday seems so...special..."

Gradually my voice got lower, almost a whisper.

"It's the first time that...I actually feel happy to be born..."

I know I shouldn't...I shouldn't have these thoughts right now, it's just too easy when things are going right. Talking a deep, I pushed those thoughts away and let go of my fellow servants, beaming joyfully and I clapped my hands together.

"Sorry, enough of that moping business! But I really do love this, thank you, everyone."

"How old are you today anyway?" Mey Rin suddenly asked, as if to drive me away from previously sour mood. Pausing thoughtfully, it came crashing down on me like a sack of bricks when I realised just how old I was today.

"Twenty years old...wow..."

Twenty years...I had been in this existence for. It seemed so long ago and yet everything went by so quickly. It's scary to think, my earliest memories were of when I was a young child, and now here I am, an adult. We were cut of from anymore conversation when a loud banging was heard from the front entrance.

"Sebastian, go get that." Ciel spoke up from his seat at the table, unwrapping a small boiled sweet from it's casing.

"Yes, my lord."

With that, Sebastian headed off out the room. Elizabeth finally managed to break off from Ciel and headed over to me, her bright green eyes sparkling with delight.

"So? What do you think? Do you like it? I made it nice and pretty in here!"

From behind her, I saw Ciel visibly cringe at the bright decorations. I held back a laugh, leaning down slightly so I was near enough Elizabeth's level.

"I love it, it's very nice. Thank you so much for being here Lady Elizabeth, I am most grateful to you."

The girl giggled happily, clasping her hands together.

"I've got you a cute present too!"

Oh lord have mercy.

"Ah...well, you shouldn't hav-"

"Ciel! Can I give it to her now, please?"

Ciel, looking up from his seat simply shrugged his shoulders lightly, giving his fiancé a slight smile, "if you wish to."

Elizabeth then bounded off to the other side of the room, humming happily to herself. I had a bad feeling that whatever this present was...it was going to be pink and colourful, and I had to accept it no matter what. The doors to the dining room opened up and in walked two new visitors, their thick accents greeting my ears.

"Ciel, we're here now!"

Smiling, I headed over to the Indian prince and butler, surprised to see that they were still here.

"Prince Soma! Agni! It's nice to see you both here!"

Prince Soma laughed boastfully, placing his hands on his hips, "I enjoy celebrations like this, we're happy to be invited."

At this, Agni placed his hands together and bowed, "happy birthday, Amy."

I couldn't help but blush once more. Seriously, I wasn't used to this much attention. It was kind of nerve wracking actually. Still, I felt a pulse of life through me, the daunting fact that I was dying seemed momentarily forgotten. As Soma made a beeline straight for Ciel, much like what Elizabeth did, said lady proceeded to surprise me when she shoved a wonderfully decorated box into my hands.

"There we go! Open it, open it!"

"T-Thank you, lady Elizabeth." I smiled down at the girl, grasping the present firmly in my hands, "but maybe we should wait until we've eaten ok? Then it'd make it more of a surprise."

Elizabeth, at first, didn't seem to like the idea. She pouted and pulled a face, making me slightly worried that I'd offended our lovely lady, but eventually she gave in and nodded. I placed the present on another nearby table, away from all the food and drink I might add, before turning to see everyone in the room. Ciel looked bored as Soma spoke to him, Agni was conversing with the disaster trio and Elizabeth was admiring the cakes on the table, while Tanaka sat back as usual with his cup of tea and friendly smile. There was only one person left, and that was Sebastian who remained close enough to the young master as possible but also far enough from everyone so he could watch over them quietly from afar.

Smiling, I slid up to him and gave him a soft nudge with my arm, resulting in a small glance from him.

"Hm? Something the matter."

"Just thought I'd say thanks, for all of this." I opened my hand and gestured around the room, "but you really shouldn't have gone out your way just to throw me a silly birthday celebration."

"I didn't have much of a role in all of this. It was those lot who came up with the idea" Sebastian said, nodding his head over towards the disaster trio. I shook my head, smiling once again. I don't think I've smiled so much then I have right now.

"But..." He started once again, looking down at with his his usual closed eye smile, "I wouldn't reject the hard work they've done for you here. After all, this is the last birthday you'll ever have."


He...was right.

He was completely right.

This was going to be my last birthday ever. My time was slowly ticking, I barely had a number of months left as it was...and here I was, acting like my old self who didn't deserve anything and walked on egg shells.

The truth of the matter hurt, and the fact Sebastian said it so bluntly didn't help either, but that's life. That's how it goes.

"You're right, it is the last. Better make the most of it then, eh?"

With a bounce in my step, I happily made my way over to the table, admiring the lovely food that had been displayed upon it. Like Ciel, I had a sweet tooth as well, so it mainly consisted of desserts or sweets of some kind. Scones, tea cakes, parfaits...it looked so good. No doubt Sebastian made this, as much I liked Bard, I knew he couldn't make this stuff up within a few hours.

Everything just seemed so...perfect...really perfect to be exact. Today, I felt like someone. I had friends, I had people here who cared about me...and I had a life...

Caught up in my bliss, I failed to notice Sebastian leave the room. His apparent short disappearance was only made known when he returned back with a somewhat blank expression on his face.

"Pardon me young master, but it seems we have another guest."

'Another' guest? Who might that be I wondered? The look on his face, though, had me unnerved. Ciel looked at his butler in confusion before his one blue eye furrowed in suspicion.

"Who is it?"

Before we could even utter a word, a body moved behind the demon. Moving from my place at the table, I stood up, feet moving as if they were in a trance. The person behind Sebastian came into view, hand gripping their chest in apprehension while the other cradled a perfectly wrapped present. The others around me fell silent, obviously unsure on how to react to the stranger that was now in front of them.

But they weren't no stranger...

I couldn't speak, and my body felt like a heavy weight had been pushed into it. Dull hazel eyes caught mine, a pale smile being sent on my direction.

"Amy...it's good to see you."

...I almost couldn't breath, tears threatening to spill forth from my eyes as my body shook from any and all emotion I was experiencing right now.


A/N: I've been on vacation. Mmmhmm. Sun, sea and cheap arcade games that I wasted my wages on. That's the life. Also I'm pretty sure I saw a Ciel cosplayer In the arcade and the club. I wanted to talk to them and confirm my suspicions but my shyness got the best of me. Plus I didn't want to come across as a creeper.

Anywhozers, we're now getting down to the nitty gritty stuff here. I wonder what will happen? Tune in next time to find out! 8D