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Chapter 1

"So you think I should leave him?"

"I think you know the answer."


"There is no but. You only live once and you deserve to be happy."

"I guess."

"Good. Thanks for calling. Before we take another caller, just a reminder that my new book Trust your instinct will be released next month. The book signing schedule will be announced later this week. OK, let's move on to our next caller. Hello this is Dr. Robbins."

"Hello Dr. Robbins, my name is Lexie."

"Hi Lexie. What is on your mind?"

"I'm... um... seeing this guy. He's a senior at work. I like him a lot, but I'm not sure."

"Not sure of what, Lexie?"

"He wants to marry me, wants to have kids with me, like right now. But I'm not sure if he is serious. And even if he is, I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a mother, or if I want to have kids with him."

"What make you think that?"

"He's about 15 years older than me. He's had much more life experience, and he's had lot of girlfriends. All short term relationships. People joke that he's a manwhore. How do I know that he'll really able to settle down?"

"Has he done anything to make you have doubts about him?"

"He hasn't done anything wrong since we we've been together, I mean, he's never cheated. Still, how can I know he won't go back to his old ways if gets bored?"

"There are no guarantees."

"Right? And he wants to have kids like now, but I have a career to establish. I'm only 25. I don't want to get married or have a baby yet. I can't put my career on hold right now."

"It seems you're really clear on what you want, Lexie."

"But I like him. What should I do?"

"You like him, but do you love him enough to sacrifice your goals? You're young and you have a bright future ahead of you. You have to decide if you want to focus on havng career success or if you want to be a good mother. I am not saying you can't have both, but it is not easy. Some women do lose their passion for achieving career goals once they have a baby waiting for them at home. They don't want to work long hours because they'd rather be home with their little one. When their babies get sick, they aren't able to focus on anything else."

"Do you think I can tell him I don't want to be a mother yet?"

"Of course. Talk to him. Tell him your concerns. Communication is very important in a relationship. Tell him you aren't ready. Give him a timeline - say a 5 or 10 year plan. See if he can accept that. As you said, he is 15 years older. He may not want to wait another 5 or 10 years."

"Then what should I do?"

"If 2 people want different things from their relationship, sometimes it's better to let go, to give each other a chance to find someone that wants the same thing in life."

Callie's POV

A tray dropped on the table with a loud thud, making me jump and drop the Sudoku book in my hand.

"What the hell, Mark!" I leaned over to pick up the book from the floor.

The defeated man sat down with a groan and the most annoying pout on his face.

"Lexie is avoiding me."

"Mark, grow up! She broke up with you weeks ago. Be a man." Not again. Mark has been bugging me for weeks, since he proposed to Lexie and she broke up with him in response.

"It's been 16 days. I mean, I'm sure she'll change her mind..."

"She made it clear that she's not ready for the things you want. She has no intention of being a mother within 10 years, and you don't want to wait to be a daddy until you are 50. Really, breaking up was the only solution." I said a little harshly, growing impatient with his moping.

She'll change her mind eventually, " he exclaims.

"Yes, in 10 years!" Mark is my best friend, but his immaturity was really getting to my nerves. I tried to focus on my Sudoku again.

"That wasn't Lexie talking, you know. It's all from this witch." He picked up a magazine from his tray and threw it in front of me. "Dr. Arizona Robbins. What kind of a doctor tells a woman to break up with her boyfriend? We are real doctors. We save lives. Her? She's a quack! And what kind of name is Arizona? I bet her parents are Washington and Georgia, and she has a sister named Montana and a brother named Michigan."

"Mark..." I didn't even pretend to be interested. My Sudoku was much more fun than Mark.

"Look at her, all cocky and confident. I wonder how she sleeps at night." Mark poked at the magazine. Apparently the quack was on that magazine cover. I chanced a glance but his finger was hiding the face on the cover.

"What do you know about her?" I asked before I went back to my game.

"I googled her and I read the interviews in the magazine." I gave him a stunned glance.

"What?! I need to know who ruined my life."

"Let it go, Mark. Little Grey doesn't want anything to do with you. That's her choice. Just accept it. Or at least don't let your personal feelings affect your work. She's taken 2 weeks vacation to get away from you."

Just then, my pager saved me.

"Incoming in ER. I have to go. Stop whining. Be a man. Grow up." I turned my back on him, running toward the ER.

"Dr. Torres, Trauma 2, 34 years old female, MVA, dislocated left shoulder, broken left ankle." I took the chart from my resident and walked toward the trauma room, pulling open the curtain without looking up from the chart.

"OK, Miss Robbins." The name on the chart is Arizona Robbins. I realized I'd heard the name before. My head snapped up and I gazed at the patient on the bed.

"Dr. Robbins." The woman looked back at me, obviously in a lot of pain. Her blonde hair was a bit messy, and her face was scrunched up but her blue eyes were still breathtaking.

"Oh sorry, Dr. Robbins. I'm Dr. Torres. Let me have a look, ok?" I placed my hands on her shoulder gently. She winced at the touch. I nodded to myself and then moved to her foot. I could tell by looking at it that wasn't good.

"Dr. Robbins, you have a dislocated shoulder. I'm going to pop it back in place now and then we'll need to get an X-ray and a CT on your ankle, ok?" I asked before picking up a syringe. When once she agreed, I gave her the pain killer and waited for it to take effect.

"So, what had happened?" I put my hands back on her shoulder with tenderness.

"I was rear-ended by a truck. He pushed me forward and I smashed... Oh my! FUCK!" With a smooth move from my hands, the shoulder was back in place in a split second. It still hurt a lot, I knew.

"Well, it hurts less when you don't know it's coming." I smiled sheepishly.

"It still hurt like a mother!" She whined, glaring at me. I just shrugged it off. After all, she's the one in pain, and she looks cute.

"The intern will take you to X-ray now. He'll also take care of the cuts on your arms. I'll come back to you after I get the results of the tests." I exited the room before she said more.

As I steped out of the room, a hand pulled me backward around the corner, into a trauma room. I almost lost my balance and falling towards onto that person who grabbed me. As I turned around to see who it was, I wasn't surprised to see Mark. I just didn't expect that he'd come so quickly.

"What had happened to the witch?" Mark put his hands of my shoulders and asked with excitement in his eyes.

"Mark, you're not 12 anymore. Can you stop the name calling?" I sighed, shrugging off his hands.

"She made my girlfriend break up with me. She's a witch. Now talk." I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Why am I friends with this person?

"She was in a car accident, I fixed her dislocated shoulder. An intern is taking her to x-ray. I think her ankle is broken."

"Just like that? Nothing's fatal?" His face fell. Is he really a doctor?

"Mark, that's horrible." He was seriously annoying me. "She seems nice."

He mumbles something under his breath.

"What did you say? Really Mark, you have to stop it. I can't handle your bitchiness any longer, especially I while I'm in such a bad place. Have you seen moping around? No, because I have to get on with my life. So do you." I scowled at him. I was close to exploding because he's being so annoying.

"I said, you think she's nice because she's a lady lover. Of course you found her nice." Mark wrinkled his nose in a grimace. "Ok, I hear you, I'll stop whining. Happy now?"

"Thank you!" I nodded to Mark.

I was about to leave the room and suddenly it hit me. "How do you know she's a lady lover?"

"Told you, I googled her." Mark deadpanned, a smirk starting in the corner of his mouth.

"What?" I frowned. I know that face.

"Nothing. Just go. You have lives to save." He pushed me out of the door. I sensed that he was thinking something, but I didn't really care, tired of bitter Mark.

As soon as I approached the nurses' station, Hunt pulled me to consult on another trauma. It was a non-surgical sprain but still took me almost 2 hours to finish the work. That's the downside of working in a teaching hospital. The interns are morons and I have to give them a chance to learn and get better. Sometimes it seems like an impossible task.

Less than a minute after I sat down at the nurses's station to take a break, one of the interns bashfully brought me the scans of the ankle broken blonde doctor who was waiting in a room. They should've been back over an hour ago. Yep, morons.

Arizona's POV

Holy hell, I never thought a doctor could be so hot. Well, I'm a doctor myself and I know I'm hot. But for a hospital doctor in scrubs and lab coat to look that hot is surreal.

Or was it because of the pain killer she gave me? I didn't know anything anymore.

The frightened looking little woman in light blue scrubs rolled me to have my X-ray and CT. She didn't try to make any small talk with me, which was fine because I was in so much pain. But after everything was done and she was taking me back to the exam room she turned into a chatty little girl.

"You know, you are in good hands. Dr. Torres is the best in all of Washington state. She's passionate in her work. You won't find many doctors who like breaking bones, uhm, I mean mending bones as much as she does."

I wasn't paying attention what she was saying. Since the pain killer kicked in, I was pretty out of it and I had a hard time focussing enough to respond politely to her. I was stuck in my own mind, thinking about the hot doctor in scrubs. I kept remembering the soft yet strong hands that examined my shoulder and ankle. I could still picture the raven hair that flowed over the shoulders while she bowed her head to write in my chart.

I couldn't remember arriving back in the exam room or what she said to me before she left. I didn't know how long I was in the room. As I waited for further treatment, doctors and nurses came in to check on my vitals. I was impressed by the care I received. Every one of them assured me that I was in good hands. Apparently Dr. Torres was highl respected.

"I am sorry to keep you waiting Dr. Robbins. I just got your scans." Suddenly, the Latina doctor burst in the room. My goodness I thought, is she for real? She looked even more gorgeous than before, when my shoulder was dislocated.

"OK let's see. Just as I thought, you're going to need surgery. There is a fracture in your tibia, another one in talus, and I'm a little worried about the anterior tibiofibular ligament here and here. I'm going to put a rod..." Her face scrunched up every time she pointed to something on the x-ray.

I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help staring at the woman standing in front of me, holding an X-ray to show me my broken foot. There was a look of cocentration on her face as she furrowed her brow, her beautiful brown eyes sparkling as while explaining the procedure. I am lost... in her.

"Do you have any question, Dr. Robbins?"

I snapped out of the thought but I was lost for words. I shook my head. I must have looked like an idiot, because Dr. Torres chuckled before she packed up the chart. "Great, the intern will come to prep you, I'll see you in the OR."

I didn't say anything but followed her with my eyes. She's about to leave but she turns around and asks me "Is there anyone you want to call, to contact before the surgery?"

"Oh right, I forgot, I should call Theodora." I almost forgot I should fill her in. I blame the pain, the pain killer and the hot doctor. Wh kidding? I won't blame her for anything.

Maybe I'm imagining things, but her smile seems to fade when I say this.

"Give the number to the nurse. She'll call Theodora for you. See you, Dr. Robbins."

Callie's POV

The surgery was a success. Mark entered the scrub room while I was drying my hands, with a shit eating grin on his face.

"What's up, Mark?"

"How did the surgery go?" The grin on his face tells me he is not really asking about my work.

"Excellent, of course. It was a simple procedure. I could do it with my eyes closed," I answer coldly.

"Good good good..." He still had the grin on his face as he walked with me out of the room.

"Am I your best friend, Callie?"

I casted him a sideways glance.

"Tell me I'm your best friend." He pulls me to a stop and ducks to look me in the eyes. I sigh heavily, "Yes, you're my best friend."

"Great. As your best friend, you have an obligation to help me," he says. Given the sly tone and an evil smile on his face, I was pretty sure he was up to something, something bad.

"Tell me what you have up your sleeve first."

"I want revenge. I need you to get close to that witch and break her heart." He resumed walking, as I stood there in shock.

"What? You are insane." I blurted out.

"No, I have everything planned out. I had people running around her to tell her how amazing you are." He looked to his side and realized that I wasn't following him, so he walks back to me. "Now all you have to do is flirt with her, flash your million dollar smile, flutter your ridiculously long eyelashes, oh and occasionally show her your cleavage." He held out a hand to adjust my scrub top, I slapped it away and glared at him.

"You are far more crazy than I thought. What kind of a person do you think I am? And what makes you think she would fall for me just like that?" I was almost yelling in the hallway. A couple of nurses stopped working and stared at me, so I lowered my voice before I continued, "She's beautiful. I couldn't even keep Erica around. How can I possibly make a woman like her fall in love with me?"

"Erica was stupid. She just had to make a dramatic exit. I'm sure she's beating herself up for leaving you. You're an outstanding woman Callie. Anyone would be blind to not see how amazing you are."

I glare at him. "Everything I said is true. You need to realize how amazing you are. And you're my only hope, Callie."

I stayed silent.

"I haven't loved anyone as deeply as Lexie for a very long time. I have to get her back, and I know the only way I to change her mind is to prove to her that this Dr. Alaska Robbins is a quack she shouldn't be listening to. If this Robbins wanted men, I could do it myself, but no, she prefers women, so I need your help." Mark's eyes show me that he's genuinely desperate. I noticed that he appeared to have tears in his eyes so I caved.

"Fine, I will try for you! But I think she has someone named Theodora. I don't know if she'll be interesting or not. No promises."

"Thank you Callie!" He pulled me in for a tight hug and kissed my cheek. "But please do your very best, don't get sloppy just to brush me off. I need you to bring your A game."

I hissed. In my experience, my A game never got me anything.

I walked down to the waiting room, as a nurse told me that someone had arrived for Dr. Robbins. I had to go to talk to them and update them on the situation. I never liked talking to patients' families, even after simple surgeries like this one.

"Excuse me, is someone here to see Dr. Robbins?" I looked around and a slim woman with ong dirty blonde hair stood up and answered me.

"Yes, I'm. How is Arizona?" The green-eyed beauty strides in front of me, worry written all over her face.

"She's fine. I'm Dr. Torres, her surgeon. And you are?" I reach out my hand to shake with hers.

"Oh, I'm Teddy Altman, a friend of hers. I know you aren't supposed to reveal the details but her parents aren't around. I'm the closest person to a family that she has here. Please just tell me." Still holding my hand, Teddy stares at me with big green eyes that appear to be on the verge of tears.

"You must be Theodora then, she mentioned you." I say with a tight smile.

"Yes, but I prefer Teddy." She chuckles, the tension lessening a bit. "She could talk, so that means it's not so bad, right? So how is she?"

"She had a dislocated shoulder, I managed to pop it back in the ER. And her left ankle was the main problem. I had to operate to mend the fractures and stabilize the ligaments. The surgery went well and she's in recovery right now. I'll keep her here for a week, and if the healing goes as it should, she'll be discharged and we'll schedule the physical therapy accordingly."

Teddy releases a breath and relaxes.

"She should be in her room now, do you want to see her? I am heading there myself." She nodded even before my sentence was finished.

As we walked to her room, I thought to myself that this Teddy woman obviously cares about Dr. Robbins very much. She looks pretty and classy. There's no way Dr. Robbins would dump Teddy for me. I mentally slap myself. What have I gotten myself into?