A super quick one-shot I thought up, and actually wrote in the copy-n-paste bit, instead of typing it out in Word. XD Anyway, I got inspired to write this, since we're studying Shakespeare, and I had to do my own version of Jaques's 'All the World's a Stage' speech. Enjoy!

Pippin, Frodo, Merry and Sam sat at the dining table in Frodo's house, enjoying their second breakfast. As Pippin drained his cup, he thought about the fact Hobbits have so many meals in a day.

"Quite interesting, really," he said aloud.

"What is?" Merry asked.

"All our meals."

"How so?" Frodo queired. Pippin shrugged.

"All the world's a Hobbit meal, And all the men and women are merely feasters:
They have their breakfasts, and their suppers.
And one man in his time has many courses...

"At first is breakfast,
The most important meal of the day.
And then the second breakfast,
tiding you over until the next.
And then elevensies,
A mid-morning meal to keep you going.
Then luncheon, a mid-day meal,
Good for guests.
And then tea, a simple, lazy meal,
for sitting in the garden.
The sixth meal is dinner,
a light meal to enjoy,
while the sun goes down.
Last meal of all, supper.
The final feast of the day.
So that by the time you are in bed that night,
Your dining room would be sans* full plates,
Sans filled cups,
Sans empty bellies."

"That was beautiful!" Sam whimpered, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Yeah, it was interesting..." Frodo agreed. "There's just one thing..."

"What?" Pippin asked.

"What does 'sans' mean?"

And there's my pointless, silly little one-shot, a parody of Jaques's 'All the World's a Stage' speech. If you have never heard of said speech, I can post it in another chapter, if you like. Just review, and let me know!

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*Sans = without.