Sorry, still not done! :)

Even though the story really is finished now, I'm reluctant to let go of the TGF. And since I hope you all enjoyed the story, I hereby declare The Great Request Show open! *fanfare*

And yes, I actually called it The Great Request Show. (I'm so horrible at titles it isn't even funny.)

If any of you have an idea for a one-shot you want me to write that is featuring our dear (ex-)thief and the team, write me and I'll see if I can put it on paper (or my keypad, depending on which is closer).

I have a few ideas myself, so write me if you want to see any of them realized:

1. Merlin and Arthur are invited to the TV show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". Merlin thinks it's hilarious, of course.

2. The team finds out that Merlin never celebrated his birthday before and sets out to throw him the best birthday party ever.

3. Merlin gets dragged into a Theme Park because he never went to one before.

4. The team suspects a gang of bank robbers to raid a bank, but something goes wrong and they are still in the building to take precautions when the bank raid starts.

5. If wished, a closer look into the daily lives of the team members can be arranged, too.

Sooo, just write me a review or a PM and I'll get started!
(Chances are that I'll probably write at least one of those ideas anyway, but encouragement is always welcome. :D)


As you can all see, I updated this story. After I finally got my great beta back, I decided to replace all the uncorrected chapters (10-Epilogue) with the corrected ones. Therefore the update.

I also thought since I'm already fiddling around with the story, I might as well tell you how the results of The Great Request Show turned out. (Jesus, what was I thinking!? This name is ridiculous!)

I'm already writing the first one-shot, which is the suggestion 4. It got 12 votes. (And it's already longer than 4,500 words. So much for being brief...)

I hope we'll meet again once I get off my backside and finish the one-shot! Until then, goodbye.