Title: Arabian Nights
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Warnings: Male x Male Relationships, Smut

Description: Shizuo is a lowly street rat that wants nothing more than to live in the luxury of the palace. While strolling through the vendors, he is given a dusty old lamp that contains something much more valuable than rubies. AU. Smut. Shizaya.

PLEASE NOTE: This story is collaboration between Cloudsofsand and the Shizaya M-Preg God, Seliphra. Shizuo is written by Cloudsofsand, Izaya & Delic are written by Seliphra.

Shizuo backed up in the corner as he watched a figure emerge from the pink hued smoke. What the hell...?

He fixed his eyes on the vapor as a darker magenta area started to form in the center. Caramel eyes scrunched together to focus on the figure before it finally started to take shape. The smoke began to take shape and finally... a hot pink genie appeared.

"Oh yes~! Smell that sweet air! Ahh~ it's been too long!" The pink air started to fade and a hot pink male took its place. The person actually looked a lot like Shizuo, except with pink skin. It wore a very odd attire. Something Shizuo had never seen before. He wore a white suit white a pink dress shirt with black stripes. He had odd looking headphones around his neck, something that was completely foreign to the blonde street rat. The pink figure looked over at Shizuo with his pink eyes.

"Oh? Hello, you're the one who woke me up~" The look alike said, turning to inspect Shizuo now.

The pink person immediately had his face get collided with a fist before he could fully turn. The person stumbled back a bit and grasped his face. He glared at the blonde male would had just punched him in the face. Shizuo was feeling a mixture of confusion and anger.

"Who the hell are you?! Get the fuck out!"

"No." The pink person said straightening up and brushing off his clothes. "Is that anyway to treat an all powerful genie~?" The pink man asked after smoothing his clothes with a coy smirk on his face, "Name's Delic, and you woke me up which means you get... THREE wishes~! Ah, with some limitations of course... no wishing for the dead to come back to life, no wishing for someone to love you and no wishing for more wishes~" He explained exuberantly.

Shizuo proceeded to punch the pink male again. He was really annoyed with 'Delic's' happy attitude.

"I said get out!"

Before Shizuo could make contact with his face, the genie stopped Shizuo's punch with one finger.

"Geez, you don't catch on quick do you?" He asked with an amused grin.

"I'm a Genie get it? I came out of the lamp?" He pointed at it, a trail indeed leading back to the metal trap.

Shizuo make a 'tch' sound as he glared at the other male, refusing the let up the pressure of his fist against Delic's finger. "I might be poor as shit, but I'm not a fucking retard. There's no such things as genies!"

"Eh? When did people stop believing huh?"

"Get. The fuck. OUT!" Shizuo said through gritted teeth. Delic glared at his new master.

"Go ahead, wish for something you think is impossible and I will prove myself to you~"

Shizuo contemplated for a second. This whole thing was so fucked up that it had to be a dream.

"No." The blonde said stubbornly before plopping himself on his side and turning away from Delic. The genie was shocked. Never, in his whole existence, had he met a human that didn't want wishes. Nine times out of ten, the human would become greedy and power hungry. Delic floated over to Shizuo.

"But master, you have to make wishes~" Shizuo glared at the genie.

"Go away, I don't need any wishes." Delic smirked.

"I can't go away until you make wishes~ Come on, everyone wants something~ Money, Jewels, Power…what is it your heart desires Shizuo?" The blonde street rats eyes widened.

"How did you know my name?" Delic gasped.

"Ehhh? You want me to call you master instead? Haha I didn't take you for the kinky type~" Shizuo's face became red.

"Shut up! Just how did you know?" The genie shrugged.

"Just…genie intuition? We just do…we also take form of our master…dunno why. But hey, I ain't complaining. At least your attractive~" Shizuo rolled his eyes. Guess the annoying genie wouldn't go away until he made stupid wishes. This was all fucked up. There was no way this was reality. What could be something that he could wish for that would be impossible to come true? After a moment of thinking, he got his answer. A cocky grin spread across his face as he regained his posture. "Fine you want me to make a wish? I wish I was a prince."

Delic gave a booming laugh at that and cracked his knuckles.

"Stand back and get ready for a slight tingling sensation~!" He said in delight. This guy sure didn't start small, but that was no difficulty.

In no time at all, Shizuo was now dressed in the finest silks, and a tunnel opened underground to his new wealth. After all, it would be suspicious if the whole broken down apartment were suddenly a palace and Shizuo had wished to be a prince, not for a palace.

The old, shabby building that he lived in become as beautiful as a palace and food everywhere.

Shizuo blinked and looked down at his clothes in disbelief. This couldn't be real...Things as great as this were never true. Everything came with a cost.

"How do I actually know I'm a prince?" The blonde asked the pink genie.

"Easy~, introduce yourself as Prince~, naturally there is no country I can make you prince of, however I can give you the clothes, the wealth and the animals and servants associated with princedom~" He explained. "Call yourself prince though, and all shall believe it~"

Shizuo scuffed. "Right? So I just call myself a prince and suddenly I'm a prince. What a load of crap. If I told people I was fairy, would that mean I'm a fairy too?"

"Well no, you wished to be a prince," The genie replied with a chuckle, "Basically you've the status of a second son really... but it means you can marry other royalty now, even make yourself comfortable in the palace if you wanted to go and introduce yourself~"

Shizuo sighed. "I must be fucking high or something." The blonde male started to walk out of his room and, to his surprise, every OTHER room looked like the inside of a castle as well. He had to be hallucinating...He was about to walk out of the building when he noticed that the genie wasn't following. "Hey! Pink guy, ya gonna come?"

"Heh, I can't, the lamp is still there~" He pointed to it. Indeed around one leg a chain was clasped, disappearing into the lamps spout.

"Wait...you ...errr...what?"

"Well I am chained to the lamp, and while it is in your possession, you are my master until you run out of wishes." He said, almost saddened by this.

"So...what happens after I use my wishes?" Shizuo asked, noticing the slight drop in mood from the pink male.

"Ah that... I get locked up in the lamp for another couple of centuries I suppose... or millenia, depends on how long it takes right?"

Shizuo felt a tinge at his heart hearing that. Being a slave...that was something that pissed him off to no end. No body deserved that sort of treatment, no matter what. He looked at the pink male seriously and pointed at him.

"Then when this is up, I will wish for your freedom."

"Ahh? Really?" The genie grinned at that, "You really are one of a kind Shizuo. Generally my masters become power hungry…Well... time for me to disappear inside my lamp~, but that palace looks like fun no~?"

Shizuo raised an eyebrow. "What palace?"

"The one outside! Where the sultan lives! I was in a palace once you know, for a whole century! I couldn't see anything though since I was inside the lamp the whole time but wow! I bet it's nice in there!" He was a bit of a chatterbox.

"Wait, you want me to go there?!" Shizuo would never in his wildest dreams imagine going into the palace. Anyone who tried was executed.

"Well, why not? You're a visiting prince now, right? Everything you need to prove it is downstairs so let's go~! They would never turn away a visiting prince after all~"

Shizuo shrugged his shoulders and was about to walk downstairs, until he remembered the lamp. He walked over and picked it up. "Almost forgot." With the lamp in hand, he made his way downstairs.

Delic vanished inside it so that no one else saw him for now. The others who lived there had all been transformed now into Shizuo's servants though it was a better life than they'd had before.

The blonde male looked around in complete awe. "No way...Guess I am a prince huh?" Shizuo looked down at the lamp and felt that tinge in his heart again. He felt so bad for Delic...he clenched his fist and made a silent promise to wish for his freedom. But what would his next wish be? He had 3...right? Might as well use the 2nd first.

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