"Contact, left!" Duke shouted.

Anna rose her rifle, crouching to the ground as gunfire opened on them. She looked frantically for anything that would protect her from oncoming fire. There was a rock to her right that would provide perfect cover for her. Ducking her head she ran to it, her back hitting the rock as she reached it. Taking a deep breath she turned and opened fire towards the place the oncoming shots were coming from.

"Cover me!" Roadblock shouted as he too ran for a better cover point.

Anna kept her scope trained on the spot where machine gun fire had been lighting up. She saw a couple shots, and Roadblock hit the ground hard. "Shit!" he shouted, "Why am I always the first one?" Roadblock tore the headset from his head, and threw his game controller.

"You know I've asked myself that question every time." Anna said, pointing at the TV screen, "Especially when Duke decides to do the disco."

They all looked at the screen where Duke's player was spinning and hopping up and down, "What?" He asked, "Ok, so I'm not the best player, what's wrong with that?"

Anna snorted and turned off the Xbox, "Duke, you're the worst player I've ever seen."

"I'm going to have to agree with Anna on this one." Roadblock said.

"You're all jealous." Duke said, "My game moves are just too advanced for this game."

"Ha!" Lady J said as she flipped through a book.

"Whatever, I'm going to take a shower. Snake was pretty tough in practice today." Anna said, "I think something's bothering him."

"Well, you're his ninja assistant," Duke said, "find out."

She gave him an annoyed look, "Because finding out anything about Snake is so easy."

Anna left the room, making her way to her room, and eventually the nice hot shower to relax her muscles. Ever since she joined the Joes, she had been training with Snake Eyes, the mysterious figure in black. In the beginning he intimidated her, his presence alone demanding a sense of power. Not the bad power, where he thought he was better than her; the power that captivated an audience, made them watch his every move, at least that's the way she felt. His mask was the most intriguing thing about him, she'd never seen his face, and from what she'd heard, neither had any of the Joes. She'd gotten used to him, his powerful presence, his mysteriousness, and his love of making things tough for her. She knew, though, that he wasn't doing it to make her mad, just to make her better. She could tell by his approving gestures after practice.

Anna reached her room and grabbed a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and a black tank top, making her way to the showers. She passed two Joes and nodded to them, they nodded back with polite smiles. That was one thing she loved about the Joes, there were no men looking to win her over. There were no pervs, or big shots. Well, there were always those guys looking to prove themselves, but every single one of the Joes she knew were polite and not afraid to be who they were.

Anna stripped down and rubbed her arms, inspecting the bruises she had gotten from

Snake Eyes. The warm water felt like Heaven on her body, soothing her aching muscles. The shower was her time to think, where no one would interrupt.

But every good time had to end, and she reluctantly stepped out of the shower, dryed off, and got dressed. She began the journey back to her room, her dark hair wrapped up in a towel on the top of her head.

There was a wisp of air that passed behind her. To the normal person it would mean nothing, but to Anna, it was a sign. She whirled around striking her forearm out to block any blows that would come her way. A black fist contacted with her arm, and she struck out with her other arm to hit her attacker in the face. He moved his head out of the way and twisted his body so that he was behind her. Anna used all her strength to leap backwards in the air, using the assailants shoulders as support as she flipped over him. Anna landed on her feet behind him, putting a fist to the back of his head just behind the ear, a killing point, "Got you, Snake."

Snake Eyes turned to face her, placing his hands together and bowing. She returned the gesture, knowing he had made the attack easy on her, and said, "Well, you surprised me there." Snake stood there, like a statue, not moving or making any sort of noise. Anna sighed, "You sure do make conversations tough."

Snake tilted his head to the side, signalling he was asking her a question, "I was just taking a shower." she said, "I'm going back to my room, want to come for a cup of coffee? I even got Duke to buy me one of those Keurigs."

Snake stepped forward, allowing her to lead him to her room. He came there often,

though she didn't know why. All she did was babble on and on, telling him every story she could think of about her childhood. He had written on a piece of paper once that since she was becoming his assistant, he wanted to know about her. The other Joes said that was unusual for him, he had never showed any sign of wanting to communicate with them. He liked staying on his own, they said, he was a Joe, but he didn't really have any friends.

They reached her room and stepped inside, leaving the door open. She started up her Keurig and looked at Snake who sat rigidly at the end of her bed, "You want some coffee?"

He turned his head to look at her, at least she thought he was looking at her, and just

there. She sighed, "Okay, okay." she had tried to get him to take his mask off ever since she made the slightest friendship with him. Of course she was friends with the rest of the Joes, but she liked being with Snake the most, something about him just attracted her. Not a relationship attraction, but friendship.

"So, I'm running out of stories to tell you." She said, plopping on the bed behind him.

He didn't turn around to look at her, he just faced forward. She sat up, twisting to lay on her stomach next to him, "Maybe you should tell me a story."

Snake slowly turned his head to look down at her, and she smiled, "Still no?" he turned away telling her it was, in fact, a solid no. She sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes, "Well, you said I had to tell you about my life if I was going to be your assistant, right?" He looked back down at her, "Well, if you're going to be my boss or master or whatever you want to call yourself, why can't I learn about you?"

He bowed his head, clasping his hands together. He suddenly stood, taking her by

surprise and headed towards the door. "Snake!" Anna called after him, "Snake, I'm sorry if I made you mad."

Snake Eyes stood in the doorway, his back to her. He reached behind his neck where he usually kept his swords, digging in one of the scabbards. He pulled out a red piece of cloth and turned around, holding it out to her. Anna took it, looking down at the small square of crimson cloth. She looked up, "Snake, what is-"

He was gone.

So yesterday, my boyfriend took me to G.I. Joe Retaliation. I loved Snake Eyes in the first G.I. Joe movie, and he was still the coolest character in Retaliation. I've wanted to make a story about him for a while, so here it is! I hope it isn't too bad, so reviews and messages and all that jazz are quite appreciated. If you do criticize it, try not to make it too harsh, I'm bad with criticism. :P