Hi Elijah and Bonnie fans! I can understand the Elijah and Katerina relationship, after all we saw how it began in all those flashbacks in season 2, however I always wanted Elijah and Bonnie together (or Kol and Bonnie or Jeremy and Bonnie properly or Damon and Bonnie – Bonnie doesn't have any proper relationship storylines). Basically, if I were Julie Plec, this is how I would do it...

Oh, and I'm really not digging this whole Silas storyline that much, maybe it'll get better but I won't really be focusing on it that much...

Bonnie returned home from shopping for her prom dress. It didn't take her as long as it normally would have because she really didn't care. Her mind was always on Jeremy and her Grams and how to get them back. The prom was tonight and the only reason she was going was because she hadn't seen Elena since she came back from her trip with Damon.

She walked into her room only to find her best friend Caroline sitting at the foot of her bed waiting for her and looking anxious.

"Is this about the witches again? Care, I told you, when Silas and I break the barrier to the Other Side they will return. They didn't really die ok?"

Caroline swallowed nervously at the mention of the witches – the twelve humans that she killed to save her best friend. Then her nostrils flared as the anger of her friend's stupidity emerged for the millionth time since Bonnie came back from the island.

"That's a load of BS and I think a part of you knows Bonnie, but no, that's not why I'm here. I am hanging by thread here ok? And I need you. Not the 'I can save the world' you, I just need you." Caroline began to pace up and down Bonnie's room floor.

"What is it? Did Klaus do something?"

"No, just listen ok, and don't freak because I'm freaking out and there's only room for one freaker outerer here ok?"

"Ok-ay," Bonnie agreed uncertainly as she crossed the room to sit on her bed.

"Ok," Caroline took a deep breath even though as a vampire she didn't need to. "According to Stefan and Damon, Elena is doing a great impression of Katherine. Bonnie, she killed a waitress right in front of them – on purpose. She snapped her neck, just to prove that she didn't care."

Bonnie rose to her feet in shock. "What?"

"Damon should have never commanded her to flip the switch, now she doesn't care about anything. I thought it was bad when she almost killed me but, this, this is different. She killed a human being for no reason but to show her power. It wasn't because she was pissed or hungry. She just wanted to prove a point."

Bonnie felt a slight sting in her eyes as the tears begin to form.

"Caroline, I can't fix this." She said in a panic. "The woman's soul would have passed on. I can't bring her back from the light. I can only bring back those trapped on the Other Side.

"I know," replied the blonde vampire as she reached out to hug her friend. Caroline longed for the days before Silas entered the picture. Jeremy wouldn't have died. Elena wouldn't have cut off her emotions, Bonnie wouldn't be encouraging the deaths of innocents and she herself wouldn't have stopped twelve beating hearts. She even longed for the days like the day Elena admitted to sleeping with Damon.

"What do we do?"

Bonnie sniffled then broke away from the embrace. "We convince her to feel again! We've known her since forever - out of everyone it's us who can get her to feel again. And we'll do it tonight!"

That night, Bonnie was heart-broken to find Elena immovable. Nothing worked. Elena may as well have been Katherine Pierce.

Bonnie had cried herself to sleep that night. She felt like a failure. She was convinced now more than ever that she needed to find the cure so that she could shove it down Elena's throat. As far as she and her friends knew, Katherine still had it.

"Can't you just use a spell to track her so we can find the bitch and steal it off her? Damon asked. "You tracked Elena that time Rose and Trevor took her."

Bonnie didn't like how he was talking to her as if she were stupid and didn't know the lengths of her own magic.

"It's not as simple as that Damon. Even with expression magic, I can't track a corpse. Technically Katherine is dead. Her blood is dead except for the blood she feeds on which not her actual blood. I can only track a beating heart."

(Author's note: I have a feeling that expression magic would be able to track a vampire but let's just that it can't simply because that is what works for my story).

"Elijah," said Stefan.

"What about him?" asked Caroline.

"If we find Elijah, we will be that much closer to finding Katherine. Caroline you need to ask Klaus where Elijah is."

"Why would Elijah know where Katherine is?" Caroline began to feel panic because she noticed a flicker of excitement within herself at the mention of seeing Klaus again.

"Oh didn't we tell you? Elijah and Katherine have been doing the horizontal mambo lately," said Damon with a slight grimace.

Bonnie's eyebrows raised in surprise at this information.

"So he fell for her crap and has added himself to the list of sorry bastards who she chews up and spits out." Bonnie chuckled slightly. The idea of a heart-broken Elijah warmed her heat a little. He after all, was the reason for her mother's death.

"Ok Care, let's go see Klaus! We can go together ok?" Bonnie was on a mission. She wanted Elena back.

Caroline swallowed, "Now?"

"Yep, the sooner we talk to Klaus, the sooner we find Elijah, the sooner we find Katherine, the sooner I kill her, the sooner we get the cure, the sooner we get Elena back.

"You're going to kill Katherine?" Stefan and Damon asked in unison.

"I have the power now." said Bonnie darkly.

Stefan and Damon exchanged worried glances. This annoyed Bonnie. Did they think she couldn't see them?

"She killed Jeremy!" she spat out aggressively. "And as an added bonus, Elijah will be devastated. I get two for one! Let's go Caroline". She whipped around in anger and made her way to the front door of the Salvatore boarding house.

Bonnie soon found out that the cure was closer than they realised.

Preview of next chapter:

"You have the cure." Bonnie exclaimed in realisation as she locked eyes with Elijah. "I-I can sense it on you."


Bonnie and Elijah goodness in next chapter, I promise!