Spoiler Alert for 4x20... Yes! Everyone saw that right? Elijah left Katherine...sort of...and avoided kissing her by kissing her on the forehead and not the lips! Now if only he would turn his attention to Bonnie, all my dreams would come true! Ok so I'm possibly deluding myself.

So obviously since my story is set after episode 4x18, things like the idea of Bonnie forgetting the stuff inbetween the island now is not going to work – though I am so glad that happened! I hated brainwashed Bonnie. Spoiler Alert for 4x20...And this whole idea of Marcel and the Originals moving to New Orleans and the whole thing with the baby may or may not fit into my story – I'm still deciding!

Spoiler Alert for 4x19...Also this whole Silas thing won't be in my story very much. I won't be including the bit how Silas has the cure now. I'm really hoping that Bonnie and Silas WILL NOT become a thing eventually – that whole bit at the end of the episode where we see a bit of his mangled face was a bit too much like the Beauty and the Beast "come into the light" scene for my liking...

So anyways...basically I'm going to pick and choose what I put in and leave out...enjoy chapter two...

Bonnie looked out the window and watched the houses pass by as she and Caroline drove towards Klaus' place. They became blurry as tears formed in her eyes. She sniffled quietly trying to hide the fact that she was crying.

"Don't cry Bon, we'll get her back," said Caroline softly.

"I'm not crying." Bonnie said, annoyed.

"I have super hearing remember? Look, I know you miss her, I do too..."

Bonnie cut her off as she wiped her eyes and turned to face the blonde beauty.

"It's not that!" She said aggressively.

"Then what?"

Bonnie stayed silent.

"Ok, don't tell me." Caroline wasn't the most patient person in the world.

Minutes passed in silence until they arrived at the mansion. Caroline parked the car on the street and unbuckled her seatbelt to get out, when Bonnie spoke.

"I want Elena back, and we will get her back. But I know what I'm giving up. If we give Elena the cure, Silas won't be able to take it and collapse the barrier to the Other Side. We won't be able to get Jeremy back or my Grams or the 12 witches and countless others."

Caroline began to panic. What if Bonnie changed her mind and wanted the cure for Silas?

"Bonnie if we don't give Elena the cure, we won't get our best friend back – at least not this century. It could take decades before she lets herself feel anything."

"I know," whispered Bonnie. "I just, I hate this and I hate her and I love her and I hate that she doesn't love us enough to fight through the evil in her to turn her emotions back on. She tried to kill both of us."

Caroline sighed. "I'm angry with her too, but Bonnie it's not that simple. Choosing to feel, when you're a vampire is not that simple. I'm not lying when I say that our emotions are multiplied by a thousand. In having so much emotion, sometimes it's just hard to even be. Elena has lost so much – more than either of us. Her parents, her biological parents, Jenna, Alaric and now Jeremy, everyone that made her feel safe - all in the space of a few years. I'm surprised that she didn't go insane actually. And it's not like she took the easy way out and cut her emotions off herself. That was Damon remember?"

Bonnie nodded and leaned over to hug Caroline. "At least I have you."

"Of course you do. Now let's go find the damn cure!"


Bonnie and Caroline stood at the door of the Mikaelson Mansion. Bonnie glanced at her best friend who looked slightly nervous. She didn't say anything though, she only had room for one crazy best friend so she refused to acknowledge the way Caroline changed around Klaus. First she had to get the cure for Elena, then she could deal with whatever was going on between Klaus and Caroline.

Bonnie raised her hand to use her magic to undo the lock of the door without breaking it but Caroline beat her to it by simply turning the door handle.

"Arrogant bastard leaves it unlocked," the blonde stated as she rolled her eyes.

The girls walked in. Caroline glanced at the grand staircase. Every time she came here she thought about how she and Klaus danced all those months ago at the Mikaelson ball. Bonnie on the other hand remembered Damon hanging from the roof being tortured by Rebecca and how she balled her eyes out after being forced to do the unbinding spell.

"Well, hello ladies. What a pleasant surprise." All of a sudden Klaus was by their side. "Please, mi casa es su casa". He then gestured to the living room, turned his back to walk there, expecting them to follow him.

They did.

"We can't stay long," Caroline called after him. "We're just here to ask a favour."

"Hmm," Klaus began as they caught up to him. "Wasn't my last favour good enough for you love? You did look stunning in that dress I must say."

Caroline shifted as she noticed Klaus look her up and down.

"Wait, he gave you your prom dress?" Bonnie asked in shock.

Klaus dragged his eyes away from Caroline only to laugh at the witch's facial expression.

"Yes, it was very much like something you would ask of a boyfriend, isn't it witch?"

Bonnie's eyes narrowed at his smug expression. She wasn't sure who she was more angry at, Klaus or Caroline.

Before Klaus could bait her any further Caroline interjected.

"Klaus we need to know where Elijah is."

Klaus raised his eyebrows. "And why's that love?"

"He knows where Katherine is and she has the cure. We can get it and give it to Elena – then you can have more blood to make your hybrids with and we can have our best friend back."

"Hmm, one problem there love. I no longer care about making more hybrids. I just want Silas gone. Once I shove the cure down his throat he will no longer be a threat to me and the wall to The Other Side will be broken and your beloved Jeremy Gilbert will be back. Isn't that what we both want witch?"

Klaus turned to look at Bonnie.

Bonnie looked down and thought about Jeremy and her Grams. She felt guilty for choosing Elena over them.

"Things change," she answered.

"Hmm, well I'm sorry, I can't help you. I don't know where Elijah is, but just out of curiosity, what makes you think he would help you?"

Unbeknownst to Bonnie and Caroline, Elijah was upstairs listening to their conversation.

"Well unlike you, Elijah has a false sense of his own honour. He seems to have this need to appear to be a good guy and he has a bit of a thing for Elena, that much has always been obvious."

"Has it now?"

Caroline and Bonnie whipped around, only to find Elijah leaning against the doorway, arms crossed with a slight smirk upon his face. Neither of them said anything. Bonnie felt the rage bubble up from within her. He was the reason Damon had turned her mother into a vampire, not to mention, the whole reason why Klaus was alive.

Bonnie hadn't physically seen Elijah since he had betrayed them by saving Klaus instead of killing him. She had however, fantasised about his slow and painful death often.

"It's been a while since I have seen you both, Ms Bennet, Ms Forbes," he greeted them politely as a man who lived through more formal times would.

"Yes," Bonnie put on a polite voice and plastered a fake smile on her face to mock him. "The last time I saw you, you were betraying us and breaking your promise when you saved your dear brother, who, stop me if I'm wrong, has been on a mission for centuries to kill the psycho whore bitch that you love so dearly."

Elijah placed one hand in his suit pocket and gestured with the other.

"And this is supposed to convince me to help you?"

"If you are the honourable man that you claim to be, you will help us. You've seen Elena, you know how far gone she is. She needs the cure."

"Ms Bennet, you know the reason why I saved Klaus was because I wanted see my family again. My family comes above all else. There is honour in that. Both Klaus and Rebecca want the cure. So, if I had access to it, don't you think my first priority would be to give it to them instead of Elena who will eventually be herself again?"

Bonnie didn't answer. Not because Elijah was convincing but because she could hear the sound of a heart beat. She stood still listening to it, confused.

Both Klaus and Caroline had been watching Bonnie and Elijah and were waiting for Bonnie's retort but it didn't come.

"Bonnie what is is?" Caroline couldn't understand the expression on her friends face.

"Shh," Bonnie whispered quickly as she looked around the room.

Elijah and Klaus exchanged glances, unsure of what was going on.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The heart beat sound was persistent. Bonnie knew that she didn't have super hearing and that it was the magical senses trying to tell her something.

"I don't understand, I'm the only one alive in this room, what does it mean? Why a beating heart?" she muttered, though all three vampires heard her.

"What are you talking about?" Caroline was beginning to worry about her friend.

Bonnie started to move around the room. There was a frantic air about her movements. She wanted to check the house. She turned to face Klaus and Elijah.

"There's someone else in the house isn't there? Someone alive." That could be the only explanation for what she heard. She started to walk towards the door to find them but as she walked away the beating stopped. She turned back around to face Klaus, Elijah and Caroline and it started up again, faintly. No, it wasn't a person. As she walked towards them it grew louder.

All three did not say anything, but simply watched the witch in confusion.

Bonnie stood in front of Caroline, but the sound didn't change.

She stood in front of Klaus, but the sound didn't change.

She stood in front of Elijah and the sound of the heart beat grew louder and in an instant she understood. The cure was life itself – pumping blood.

"You have the cure!" Bonnie exclaimed in realisation as she locked eyes with Elijah. "I-I can sense it on you!"

Before Elijah could reply, Bonnie raised her hand to use her magic to draw the cure towards her and into her hands.

Elijah took a step back as she made the motion of drawing out cure with her hand.

Nothing happened.

She tried again.


"What's wrong?" Caroline asked in a voice laced with panic.

"My powers," Bonnie said nervously. "They don't work on the cure."

"No," Klaus laughed in realisation. "They don't work at all. You're powers are linked with your emotional state aren't they love? You're best friend becoming a heartless bitch and trying to kill you can't be an easy thing to deal with can it?"

He did not attempt to hide his glee in any way.

Furious and in an attempt to prove him wrong, Bonnie raised her hand at a nearby vase and forcefully gestured for it to smash into Klaus' face. Her eyes grew wide in fear when it didn't move. He was right. She had lost her magic.

Caroline's eyes also grew wide, her eyes moved from Klaus' to Elijah's then in less than an instant she grabbed a hold of Bonnie and used her vampire powers to get them out of there in the blink of an eye. Her vampire speed was faster than the car so she left it there and continued to run holding on to her friend simply hoping that the original brothers wouldn't follow them and take this opportunity to kill her best friend.

Klaus wouldn't hurt Bonnie right? He knew that she would never forgive him if he did. And Elijah wouldn't either. As he had said, his motivations were about his family. He wouldn't harm her unnecessarily.

But she couldn't be sure of either of their intentions. Caroline didn't stop until they reached Bonnie's house and were inside.

"Bonnie, we have to get you out of here until you get your powers back. You're a sitting duck here.

Bonnie promptly answered by collapsing on the floor and vomiting. Vampire speed didn't agree with her.

Caroline however used it to clean everything up quickly and then placed a bucket in front of Bonnie.

"Use this. I'm going to call Stefan and pack up a few of your things." The blonde vampire sped upstairs.


"What do you mean she doesn't have any powers?" asked Stefan over the phone.

"What I just said. Everything with Elena has messed them up."

"But I thought expression was different."

"It's still tied to her emotions apparently. Look obviously there are going to be people out there who are going to want to take advantage of this situation and are going to try to take her out." Caroline was cradling the phone between her ear and her shoulder as she shoved some of Bonnie's clothes in a bag.

"You mean Klaus," Stefan stated.

"Or Elena," sighed Caroline. "I wouldn't put it past her, she did try to kill Bonnie just last night at the prom."

"I'm on my way over. We need to think of a safe place for Bonnie. I doubt any witches would be willing to hide her because of the dark expression magic."

"I know, I was thinking of that. I was thinking we could send her to Tyler. Even though he won't answer my calls he will listen to my messages and we can send her somewhere and he can meet her there..."

"No." Bonnie came through her bedroom door. "I'll go to my cousin Lucy."

"The witch who helped Katherine with the moonstone?"

"She helped us!"

"Do you even know where she is?"

"Yes. She's appeared to me in my dreams over the last year to check in on me. She lives with a coven in Vermont."

"Do you think they'll take you in?"

"Yes." Bonnie wasn't really sure, but she wanted to see Lucy. She remembered how she reminded her of her Grams.

"Ok, go brush your teeth because ew, and then help me pack and we'll have you gone within 10 minutes!"

Bonnie turned to leave but then stopped. "Caroline, if I lost my powers, how was I able to sense the cure on Elijah?"

Caroline looked up, confused. "I don't know."

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